Aussie Curves: Dark

Dress: Savannah @ Harris Scarfe

Shoes: Milu

Necklace: DIY

scorcher in Melbourne today! Forty degrees!

Don’t you find it funny how maxi-dresses seem to be such a great go-to for hot days? You’d think the longer hem and expanse of fabric would actually make you less comfortable in the heat, but I usually find it the other way round. Maybe it’s got to do with sweating, or chafing, or the heat of the sun on the skin, but when it gets really hot I’d take a loose, flowy maxi-dress over a teensy little pair of shorts every time.

I’m a brights girl (duh!) and as you know I wear a lot of colour. This week’s Aussie Curves challenge “Dark” was always going to be something a bit different from my usual ensembles just by virtue of the fact I haven’t got a HUGE amount of “dark” in my wardrobe (More than I have of shorts though. That’ll be a REAL challenge when it comes up in a few weeks!)

I think probably I subconsciously rail against wearing dark, because so much fashion that has been made to fit me used to be exclusively dark coloured. “They” say plus-sizes should wear dark colours because it’s slimming (that’s important, apparently). Personally I have my suspicions that it’s because it’s easier to hide in dark colours.

Anyway, when I wear black it’s because it looks good against my pale skin, it plays up my dark hair and eyes, and because it’s fun to accessorise with a blank palette. And I make sure I always get my colour fix.

Today’s colour fix is my tight-ass homage to the necklaces of Made By Emily Green. I’ve been lusting after one for years, but after hemming and hawing at countless craft markets over colour choices I came to the conclusion that they looked best in multiples… and I couldn’t afford two necklaces. So I decided to make my own.

They’re a little bodgy – you can see my fingerprints in the clay, and at least one has unintentional table-grit included – but buying the materials was a darn sight cheaper than buying the finished necklaces, and I have enough left over to make lots more beads for lots more necklaces, which means CHRISTMAS!

I’ll put up the DIY instructions tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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A Scorcher

Dress: Harris Scarfe

I’m having a seriously difficult time nutting out how to present the remaining “Big Day” photos, and today’s scorching heat wasn’t helping my brain’s operating ability, so I thought I’d step back and post a good, old-fashioned outfit shot instead!

I actually bought this jersey maxi-dress before Christmas, but I had it hidden away in the wardrobe waiting for a day hot enough to wear it.

There’s something about maxi-dresses that just work SO well in warm weather don’t you think? Logically the excess fabric should be less comfortable, but something about the ankle skimming hem lends itself to 30+ days.

It took me years to find a maxi-dress that would work on my figure – for a while there they all seemed to be smocked and strapless – but I’ve had better luck this summer. This one is a pleasure to slum around in, as floppy as a well-loved t-shirt, and a good blank canvas to load up with accessories.

I kept it simple for a lazy Sunday with strappy sandals so old the label’s worn off them and tribal turquoise jewelery.

The necklace I bought of a street vendor in San Francisco when The Sophisticate took me to the USA to meet his American family, the earrings came from his parents the following Christmas.