A to Zara

Cardigan: Cocolatte

Top: Zara

Pants: Harris Scarfe

Shoes: Diana Ferrari

Necklace: Quick Brown Fox


If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks in Australia you might not be aware that Spanish fashion “giant” Zara opened their doors in Melbourne and Sydney a week or so ago.

It’s one of those labels – like TopShop – that always seem to pop up on straight-size fashion blogs, but because they don’t really go above a size fourteen I’ve never paid much notice. I would have had to be blind not to have noticed the hordes of shoppers that were queuing to be admitted even five days after the grand opening though.

On Friday I happened past the store, and though the barriers were still up the security guard at the front was just moving shoppers in, so I thought what the hell, and went in to take a sticky beak.

Inside it was basically bedlam, the wait for the changing room was prohibitive, and the size ranges on the shelves were somewhat limited.

The clothes are nice enough, and reasonably affordable. Not a lot was available in an XL, which I’d estimate to be about a 16, but I did manage to find something I wanted enough to buy.

This little polyester blouse is printed with a smattering of navy blue stars, and will be a nice piece for the warmer months. It’s one of those voluminous shapeless pieces that are designed to hang off skinny shoulders and skim underdeveloped bosoms which means that the XL – though tight across my hips – more or less fits.

I like it teamed with a bright yellow cardi, and the sunny plastic necklace that I impulse bought from Quick Brown Fox a few days ago for $12.

35 thoughts on “A to Zara

  1. That is a pretty cute top – but polyester? how much did you pay for it? There’s something about polyester that my skin just hates – I’m miserable and itchy if I wear it.

    The top looks like it’d be super easy to make – there’s probably a number of patterns very like it – if you wanted to, you might be able to unpick the side seams a couple of cm’s and tidy it up so you have a bit more give/room to play with.

    and I got to say, yellow really suits your skin/hair colouring – lucky you to suit such a strong, summery colour! it matches the hairstyle – it all speaks of lazy late summer afternoons and the like 🙂
    also – loving the nails!! very pretty!

  2. I love this outfit! The yellow cardi really perks up the whole look, and I especially love it over the delicate print of that top. And the ankle skimming length of that pant is so flattering on you!

  3. You look lovely in yellow — I’m so jealous (I look deceased in yellow)! You have great style-sense, thanks for the fun blog. 🙂

  4. The last picture of you is STUNNING! I love Zara but I HATE how it doesn’t do plus sizes. Some would say I should loose weight and then I’d fit into the clothes! (seriously, last time I complained about Topshop clothes not fitting so commentator wrote “Well maybe you should loose some weight if you want to wear the clothes” – point being missed somewhat me thinks!).

    Anyway back to you – the blouse is lovely and that yellow cardigan is fabulous.

    1. Oh yes, what a simple solution: Loosing weight for Zara, H&M and all the Shops which only create Clothes for skinny girls! Why didn’t I hit on that myself? 😉 I hate such thinking. I thinking the commentator need a spank!
      I really like some things from Zara but mostly they didn’t fit me. I couldn’t understand that they don’t use the purchasing power of us plus size girls by designing good modern fashion in big sizes. They are so stupid, because they loose a lot of money.

  5. uhhhh, you are so lucky to wear yellow. great color on you. and i love your todays hairstyle. great.

    nearly every time when i am shopping i take a walk through zara. but most of the time i found nothing that fits me. and the second problem: polyester. i hate polyester because i am sweating in it and feeling dirty and disgusting. so, since some months i am going to eliminate as much polyester as possible from my wardrobe and every time i buy something new i look exactly on the label.

  6. I love the colour combination! I totally want to incorporate more yellow into my outfits but haven’t taken the leap yet! Thanks for the motivation!

  7. Oh wow – I didn’t have the energy to brave those ques!! It looked completely hectic in Sydney! Even now, a month after its grand opening, they have lines out the front on weekends and security at all the doors!

    But this top is lovely! Nice find.

  8. That is an AMAZING outfit and you look excellent. Which isn’t news, of course.

    My yellow Cocolatte cardigan has gone all pilly and now looks like seeded mustard instead of smooth mustard. Am I washing mine wrong? Should I shut up and just buy a new one seeing as they’re $7? Probably.

  9. I love your style lilli. Perfect 🙂
    I am also a huge fan of your hair too! Tell me how you did it! I would love to put mine up like that. 🙂

  10. this outfit looks farmiliar……love it as usual. If only I could look so great as effortlessly as you do.

  11. pretty and brigth. Makes me happy to look at.

    I do have the same problem with Zara and most of my friends, even the smallish ones. I once dared to ask if they have the piece I wanted in XL. The look I got. 🙂 But sometimes you can be lucky.

  12. Lilli, I love that last shot of you! Your hair looks so lovely like this! I have yet to fit into any Zara clothes. They are not curvy girl friendly and add a big rack and a bit butt, and it’s nearly impossible. Oh well.

  13. I love this outfit, I love your hair and the necklace is so nice. Most of all I love your smile!!
    You’re so beautiful!


  14. The yellow sets off the whole outfit so well! You could wear any other bright colours like this provided you match the accessories as perfectly as your yellow necklace matches the yellow jumper.

    Really cute outfit and I’ve looked through your past blogs and have joined the subscription! I need some help! =)

    Jewellery I can do, clothes? I’m better off asking my 8 year old for advice than my own!

    1. LOL, I’m glad you’re enjoying reading, Amanda! Jewelery I can be a bit useless at! I collect heaps of the stuff, but don’t seem to ever have enough time in the mornings to put it all together properly!

  15. Just checked out zara. Some nice things- will be better once it settles and isn’t so crowded! Saw your lovely top! I do like the yellow with it!

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