Freezy Knees

Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Cardigan: Woolovers

Boots: Duo Boots


I’ve been very keen to “winterise” this dress because it arrived as the weather was starting to turn cool, and I hadn’t had much of an opportunity to wear it.

The deep jewel-like colours lend themselves to being layered with black really well, so I decided to team it with a warm cardi and a pair of boots. Ideally I would have liked to have added opaque black tights to the ensemble because my poor chubby knees look quite out of place, but they were all in the wash. Instead I’m braving it out with naked knees knocking.

Good thing I have this nice warm cardigan from Woolovers!

Reader Tracy directed me to Woolovers in April, and when I’d decided I’d had enough of my chilly polyester cardigans and needed something with a bit of protection again the cold they were my first stop.

They’re a bit like Boden (but affordable and Australian) with great knitwear in merino, silk, cashmere and cotton blends. The range is varied and fun; stripes, spots, sorbet colours.

I bought the basic crew neck cardigan in a cashmere/merino blend and though the fabric’s not as buttery soft as the cashmere cardigan I bought (for four times the price) from 8Inkerman it’s soft enough to wear against my skin and it’s certainly warm and snuggly.

Ordering was simple enough, and shipping was quick and easy. Many thanks to Tracy for the link – it’s definitely going onto my go-to online shop list!



25 thoughts on “Freezy Knees

  1. I can’t tell the difference between their Australian and UK sites ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway, I own a few different things from Woolovers. I’ve been really impressed with the quality considering how little I paid for my stuff.

    1. Sarah, even if you go to the Australian site, it’s actually the UK site with sales in AUD. Items are posted from the UK.

  2. I’ve had one order from woolovers – the service and quality is great, postage reasonable, but I find with a lot of UK brands, they’re not quite long enough if you’re tall (I’m 5’9″….and a size 18-20). I picked up a couple of cashmere/merino knitted short sleeve tops, gorgeous colours, would be perfect if they had just a couple of inches more.

  3. Love the dress! And you may have freezy knees, but at least they’re not so pale that they glow in the dark like mine do! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I really like the way you’ve styled the dress! I basically do this with all my favourite summer dresses – add a vest, a cardi, some tights and boots and away you go!

  5. This is a seriously funky outfit! The knees look great-it adds interest not having the black tights though its been soooooooooo cold that I feel for your knees! Will def check out the woolovers website. I love boden but to look at for fun but wouldnt order off them! Thanks to you-or you’re to blame-Im starting to consider buying off asos-especially as they stock NARS alot cheaper than here!

  6. Love, love, love this outfit!! And chubby knees? You’re kidding. You’ve got great pegs. Bet you stood out against the Melbourne black!

  7. Wow thanks for the info on the woolovers site. Just yesterday I was saying the same thing about wool . These prices are fantastic.
    Love your blog also you have introduced me and my bank balance (Lack of it now) to Dorothy perkins and others and you always look lovely.

  8. And you’ve done a stellar job at “winterizing” this dress! How wonderful! I love the bright colors with the black cardi and boots!

  9. Love the outfit. what size cardigan did you order ? I also have the F cup of doom and want a cardigan that covers my ‘”รกssests””.

    Love your blog, congratulations on your new job and your engagement!

  10. Great outfit, awesome dess but yes, I felt cold when I noticed your legs! I am in Tassie and wouldn’t dare step out with my knees uncovered at the moment – brrr! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for the headsup with Woolovers, wool sure does make the difference ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I love the colours of that dress. The worst thing about Victorian winters is the way the colour fades from eveyone’s wardrobe, but that outfit looks warm and fun. And the diagonal pattern is far more flattering than I would have guessed.

  12. Man I wish I’d bought this dress instead of dithering until it sold out in my size! It’s gorgeous! x

  13. I like woolovers range but their quality seems really low. Which is probably understandable given their price point but still the combination of pilling/seams coming open/holes forming has got me to the point of shopping around so I can find a cardi that lasts a lot longer. I figure black cardi’s are one of the ‘investment pieces’ those articles always mention… at least for me as I wear one about 4 days a week!

    1. ETA – I picked up some merino scoopnecks jumper at laura ashley for $29,95 in the sale and longline ruffled wool cardis’ for $24,95 this year.

  14. I love the dress too! And it does look great with the boots and cardi. Your knees are fine and your hair is looking very cute too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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