I Dream of Jeannie

Top: Dorothy Perkins (Remixed)

Cardigan: Cocolatte

Trousers: City Chic

Shoes: Wittner

If you’ve been reading Frocks and Frou Frou for a while you probably know that I’m not really a big follower of trends.

Through trial and error I’ve learnt what works for my figure, and I don’t tend to deviate. I can actually be a bit pigheaded and snobby about it if I’m being honest. Tie dye? Terrible. Suspenders? Pure doom. Harem pants? Not in a pink fit.

Then I started to see other plus-size bloggers wearing the wide-hipped, narrow-legged trousers that stores call either peg-leg or harem pants. And they looked goooooood.

When I saw NoOdles wearing the Military Harem Pants from City Chic on the Vogue Plus Size Forums I was absolutely sold.

The pants look great, and they feel better. The wide hips actually give me a more proportioned shape than I anticipated, and the tapered ankles are really flattering. They’re casual and ultra-comfortable to wear too, with a half-elasticised waist that make them perfect for Yum-Cha Sundays with the Sophisticate.

The fabric’s pretty disappointing, and it crushes quickly, but I’m definitely a convert to the Harem/Peg-leg trend. There’s a couple of cute pairs from Asos and Dorothy Perkins that I’ve got my eye on, but I’m a bit leery of buying online because this style definitely doesn’t work unless the legs are just wide enough to skim the calves without being too tight or too loose and my wide calves can be difficult to fit.




13 thoughts on “I Dream of Jeannie

  1. Hi Lilli, I am off from uni for a few weeks and thinking of giving my closet a much needed clean out..I was out shopping yesterday and were terribly confused about harem pants..I mean they look so darn comfy, thank you for embracing them..I might just give them a chance too 🙂 Btw I have been reading your blog since 2009, and I am already converted to wearing skirts and dresses, you have been such a positive influence on my personal style+body image.

  2. I bought a pair of harem pants a couple of years ago and they were perfect. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find another pair that fit me as well. I have tried, but as you say, if they don’t fit right on the calf they looks awful.

    Also I was of a similar mind to you – harem pants = mc hammer or worse – pooed your pants look. BUT I too saw someone looking fab and changed my mind.

    1. Could you send the pair you have to a dressmaker and have them make a replica pair? There’s a few items in my wardrobe I’ve been tempted to do that for.

  3. I remain a little unconvinced!!!! They kind of look like slightly more stylish trackie daks!!! But thats just me!!! Love the top half of the outfit!

  4. You really look fabulous trendy chic.! I just love the whole outfit, it really looks great and attractive. You combined the exact colors which made me more a interested to it! You really got a nice taste of choosing right outfit.. Great job:-)

  5. Lilli – I am a huge fan of yours, and follow your blog religiously, but don’t really comment. However, those harem pants are worth me coming out of my lurking shell. You look stunning in them; great style.

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