Bags of Fun

Dress: Queen Clothing

Cardigan: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Chie Mihara (via eBay)

Belt: Target

Handbag: Asos


Gosh, I feel like I’m really letting the side down with my intermittent blogging of late!

You’ll have to excuse me, The Sophisticate and I have had a whirlwind few weeks, and stealing those precious minutes away in the evening to write something more in depth than “Umn. The weather’s cold in Melbourne. Do you like my dress? It came from here” can be a bit challenging.

Amongst the whirlwind of things that have happened is the unexpected news than I’m leaving my much-loved Walker Books after nearly eight years to take up an exciting new role at Hardie Grant. Still in publishing, but with fabulous fashion, art, design and food books thrown into the mix with some excellent kids books.

Of slightly more pertinent news on the fashion-front I recently received yet another order from Asos (it’s so hard to resist the free international shipping!). I was actually really pleased with everything in the order – except for the jeans which I’ll have to re-sell as they’re too big (my own fault for ordering a size larger than usual) – especially this fun little handbag.


Of course, I needed another handbag like I need a hole in the head, but I was so frustrated by the way the lining of my Wayne Cooper handbag constantly frayed away to nothing that when I saw this one on Asos was on sale it somehow mysteriously made its way into my shopping basket. Ooops! I was a little taken aback to discover it was decidedly brown, not black, but I still love it. I keep forgetting that Asos does handbags, but every time I remember and browse the accessories tab on the website I find at least 12 bags I’d be delighted to add to my collection. So my suggestion to you is not to tempt yourself. Oh all right then, go on.



20 thoughts on “Bags of Fun

  1. I ordered those jeans and did exactly the same thing – ordered the size up and they were too big! I really struggle with skinny jeans and couldn’t be bothered with faffing around ordering another pair so I just returned them!

    Good news about the job! I am waiting (waiting waiting its been 5 weeks since my interview!) to hear about an internal promotion…so frustrating!

  2. Very cute outfit! And I definitely understand about the rogue items pushing their way into your shopping cart….:P

  3. I want those jeans too! But the 20 is out of stock and I think that the 22 will be too big.

    Love the outfit, I must try and get away from matching everything with black accessories, but it’s a hard habit to break.

  4. Lilli, congratulations with the new job! This dress is a stunner! I love it paired with this cardi. I’m not really a purse person, but have to admit that this bag is quite appealing! As for your shoes, they’re Chie Mihara. No words are necessary! 🙂

  5. Well done on the job!
    HG is a great place to work as far as I have heard. Although I work on the dark side (corporate publishing) I did my postgraduate in publishing and met lots of contacts and admire the passion of the people involved in the industry, making such beautiful things.

    The jeans looks good – maybe you should do a auction with your readers, I would be happy to take them off you as I seem to be a size bigger than you by my estimation.


  6. Congrats Lilli..your new job sounds very exciting, and I am really glad that you will get to work in fashion/art/food in some way 🙂
    Love the dress, and the shoes and bags 🙂

  7. changes changes 🙂
    i keep my fingers crossed and hope that some of that glow of happiness will jump on me, dear 😛

  8. Adore the outfit! Love the dress and those shoes are just the most beautiful things!!
    Congrats on the new job! Life is pretty exciting at the moment!!!

  9. Because of you I checked out Dorothy Perkins – and I am addicted! Just bought a pair of highwaisted shorts in a size 20, which is a size or two bigger than I typically wear, but I think UK sizes are smaller.

    They are having an awesome sale right now, btw. So in love!

  10. Hi L

    Congratulations on the move… Little bit disappointed we may not see your smiling face at the shop… News there is that it has been sold – new owner takes over next week… Hopefully we will all still have some hours… I am like you I love a bag…. And I have had more than my fair share over the years I have been buying them… BUT I am always on the lookout for that PERFECT bag… Motto in Doncaster has some great ones – a wee bit out of a bookseller’s wage though – still nice to look at though… All the best for the future just in case I don’t get to see you (in person) again…

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