Bags of Bags

Cardigan: Friends of Couture

Skirt: Eliza Parker

Stockings: Voodoo

Shoes: City Chic


There are a lot of things in my life I can’t do without: Kisses. The feel of Suki’s fur. Red shoes. Dresses. Chocolate. And handbags.

I don’t blog my handbags very often, but I’m a bit obsessive about them. They have to be practical, beautiful, a bit different but still classic. Enough room for me to carry everything I need, but not so big I can’t find anything in it.

I stalk handbags rather than impulse buying them (usually) which means that handbag purchases tend to be reasonably (for me!) few and far between.

This bag was definitely the exception.

Handbag: Wayne by Wayne Cooper @ Myer

Two weeks previously I had bought a gorgeous handbag from Tilkah which had proved to be a lovely looking but stabby and was scratching up the underside of my forearm with its shiny gold frame.

I was persevering with it, because it had been a ridiculously expensive bag purchase and I couldn’t bear to admit that maybe I should have just shelled out the extra $100 and bought the Nancybird handbag I’d had my eye on.

Then, one afternoon walking through Myer I spotted this Wayne Cooper bag. It fit all my criteria: It was big enough to carry a purse, two phones, a paperback novel and at least 32 lip balms. It did up with a flap, not a zip (because who actually zips a zippered handbag up again? I certainly don’t!). It was black, so I wouldn’t be rubbing my jeans off on it. Also, I liked the suede detailing on the front and that fact that the patent leather strap could be lengthened enough to wear the bag across my body.

I bought it on the spot (It was on sale. And I had a voucher. I’m not usually this reckless, promise!) and I haven’t regretted it for a moment. One thing to watch out for, and it might just be mine, by the lining’s fraying quite badly on the inside. I’m going to see if the folks at Myer will swap it over for another since the bag’s only a few weeks old, but if not I’ll definitely be fixing it myself; I haven’t been this happy with a handbag for years!

18 thoughts on “Bags of Bags

  1. Hey,
    I read your blog regularly (rss) but don’t know if I’ve ever left a comment. I really like it when you recommend shops like you do in this post, because I like your style, but I could never be bothered to find these amazing shops on my own, so thanks. 🙂

  2. soooo cute. I love handbags. I got a 2nd hand louis vuitton speedy bag from Hong Kong when I was there – a beautiful bag for a fraction of the price of a new one!!
    Love this ensemble.

  3. That handbag is lovely! I love the art-deco pattern on it, it looks so vintage and it’s just so pretty! (I love your cardigan and tights, too.) I confess, I am the same way when it comes to shoes as you are with handbags- but strangely enough only punk shoes. (Dr Martens, Dansko mary janes, chucks and vans)

  4. I loooooove that outfit.

    I feel the same way about handbags… I prefer cross body type, big enough that I can carry everything, something original. SO hard to find.

  5. I have a similar love for a similar style of handbag! I have very specific requirements for handbags and like you will hunt high & love for the “perfect” one.

    Also – FABULOUS outfit! I have loved the cardigan since the 1st time you wore it.

  6. My obsession is with BIG bags! Mine is giant; I can use it as an overnight bag but I can and do carry it every day. It also clashes horribly with my personal style, but I love it anyway 🙂

    This is a great outfit! I wasn’t sure about the polka dot tights in the context at first but the more I look at it the more I can’t imagine anything else there. Sooo cute. I wish I was brave enough to wear my cardigans with no underlayer sometimes!

  7. What a splendid outfit! Not being a lover of handbags, even I have to say I’m impressed with how nice this bag is! I like the suede detailing and the fact that it’s roomy but not overly so. It’s great of you to share another one of your passions with us!

  8. Oh! PLEASE post your bag lusts and possessions more often! We have very similar tastes in bags (cross-body, etc.) and I love finding new places to find them.

  9. waooouh your patent leather shoes are sooooooooo cute !! really love it !!

    thanks for the dedication on the last pic and the sideview of your heels 😉 you’re so lovely lilly

  10. I bought recently the same bag, but in grey colour, and I love it.
    It reminds me of my mother’s bags i played with as a kid.
    It has 3 separate compartments, visible from the outside, they look like 3 separate wallets. That’s how they used to make bags in 60-ties nad 70-ties. Today’s bags dont have that anymore.

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