All Heart

Dress: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Imagination

Stockings: Leona Edmiston

Necklace: Mushu (gifted by Lisa)

Yay for Saturday!

Less yays for having nothing to wear!

I had so much trouble finding an outfit this morning because I’d just bought an AWESOME new pair of stockings and the outfit I’d imagined them with when I was in the shower didn’t look as good in reality as it did in my mind.

Instead I paired them with a dress that never fails to make me feel great – my Eliza Parker Geneva dress.

You can’t really see the detail of the stocking here, let’s go to a close-up:

Tiny red hearts. So awesome, right? And they go perfectly with the dress. I was really pleased when they fit – I was taking a punt, because I’d never tried the Leona Edmiston range of hoisery before.

Also perfect with the dress was this lovely crocheted necklace that was given to me by my friend Lisa – She tells me they are handmade over four days by the mother of the owner of the Mushu stores in Sydney. It arrived in the mail during a very difficult period in my life, and with a card from Lisa saying it had been bought with love, and that it was to remind me that I was loved. What an amazing friend. I’m very lucky.



26 thoughts on “All Heart

  1. The dress is amazing, such a good fit! I also love the tights and the necklace is amazing. I also have a problem with the imagining of an outfit and then the outfit not quite working in real life. Glad I’m not the only one!

  2. All red is so gorgeous & so daring! It looks so classy on you & I those tights are a MUST MUST MUST for me… you are so lovely… ahh… what an inspiration 🙂


  3. The outfit is amazing, but what really grabbed me about this post was what the gift your friend got you. That was very heart warming.

  4. This is such an beautiful outfit, Lilli! The neckline on this dress–Wow! And the handmade necklace is a real stunner! I can’t believe how perfect it is with this dress–almost like it was made for it. The tights? What’s not to love about tiny hearts? You look utterly amazing!

  5. I love the way the dress nips in right under your braline. Shows off your hourglass figure. Did you have to take it in to get it to fit perfectly like that?

  6. Wow – I bought the same pair of tights 2 weeks ago, when I went into DJ’s to hunt down a pair of the Voodoo polka dot tights you wore a few weeks ago. They are gorgeous, and I was amazed when they fit perfectly – being 175cm tall AND plus size 14, I find it difficult to get hosiery to fit. I love that dress too, but am trying to resist the temptation to buy it.

  7. I love Leona Edmiston 😀 Those aren’t actual stockings though are they? I’m ALWAYS on the desperate hunt for nice stockings with seams. I seem (hehe) to spend more on stockings each winter than I do on clothes. They are so hard to find good ones. The LE vintage ones are great but I wish she would release some with a contrast seam.

    That dress is darling too – looks great with the tights 😀 And they will last you a while – I’ve found the quality to be exceptional.

  8. Red is definitely your colour and those stockings are divine! I just ripped YET another pair so perhaps I will try Leona Edmiston’s range, I’m so sick of ripped tights!

    Am LOVING you blogging more often BTW! x

  9. You look lovely! And those glasses are awesome, what brand are they? I need some new ones… please don’t say impossible-to-get-hold-of-vintage…. *crossing fingers*

  10. I heart those tights. Adore them! I want them now. I love Leona-she was the designer that made me realise sometimes it is worth it to spend more on a really well cut dress. That makes you feel like a goddess! The first time was for my 30th and there’s been a few more since then.

    Having friends who support and love you is one of the only things better than a leona dress!

  11. Once again, everything came together beautifully! I like everyone else love the tights. The necklace was gorgeous too. Lilli…you amaze!

  12. Goodness me I am rather glad we didn’t run into each other on that day, I has almost the same outfit on!

    Thank you for leading me to Eliza Parker in the first place xxx

    1. Yay! I’m glad you love it as much as I do! It’s the one dress that always makes me feel great, even when I hate everything else in my wardrobe 🙂

  13. Catching up on your blog…how did I miss this?! Loving that the necklace gets a mention – it still looks BEAUTIFUL on you! And love the red dress, too!

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