Dress: Vintage from Miss Modular Vintage

Cardigan: Cocolatte

Belt: Target

Shoes: Imagination


I want to get to responding to comments and emails, so I’m making this really, really quick:

I’ve never worn this dress with anything but red before; red cardigan, red shoes, my red loveheart belt.

Works well, but it gets a little predictable after a while.

It never occurred to me to team it with anything else until I saw this gorgeous photo of Sarah Flack on Tumblr:

Brilliant! A new way to wear a favourite dress!


38 thoughts on “Homage

  1. You are the second person I have seen wear this beautiful canary yellow in the last day and it is really making me think that perhaps I should give this colour another shot. And yellow and blue never would have crossed my mind so thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love the color combo! It’s so bright and cheerful. Perfect for the dreary spring day we’re having here (on the other side of the world), but nice for fall, too.

    (Realized I’ve been reading you for months and never commenting — Hi! I love your style and it’s so fun to see all the great stuff you wear and recommend.)

  3. Get a yellow bag or shoes.. you will be amazed at all of the things that it goes with….Yellow is unexpectedly just like red, it looks great with so many things…. except it doesn’t look good with black… too bumblebee. Navy, jeans, and other bright color is just looks awesome.

  4. And now YOU have inspired me! I have a fab navy dress with white stars, it’s sleeveless so I’m always on the lookout for other ways of covering my big arms. This colour combo is great, I’m on the hunt for a yellow cardigan and maybe matching shoes too.

  5. I opened your homepage, and before it was already loaded i was sitting here with a big WOAH in my face. great great great. i love it! it fits you perfectly! and i imagined a few days before you had this nice carnival-cardigan and i said it would be better with a skirt, you answered maybe a red or yellow and i said directly YELLOW. yellow and darkblue is a smart and fresh combi.

  6. You look gorgeous! Yellow is my favourite colour. A few years ago I didn’t own one single yellow thing, now all I see is yellow. It’s impossible to feel sad in yellow.

  7. This look totally inspires me to go out and buy a bright, yellow cardi…and a navy blue polka dotted dress! I love this look! This hue of yellow, it would seem to me, would be perfect with plenty of other colors. Listen to me–and I don’t even like yellow! But this outfit is making me rethink my color preferences!

    1. Thanks Bella!
      I’ve been surprised at how much I love yellow, now that I’ve started to wear it a bit more. Such a great pick-me-up on grey days

  8. I just got a navy blue dress from City Chic and was trying to figure out what color to wear with it, and bought a bright yellow sweater, so this post is a great confirmation of my instinct. I didn’t want to go with red and navy, because it felt inauthentic to my own style.

    You look adorbs, as always.

  9. Love the blue and yellow combo!! I fall into those colour matching patterns osmetimes too, it’s great to find inspiration to shake it up.

  10. I thought I’d commented!! Man this week has been manic! This dress is my favourite of all of your dresses. I love it, I want it!! What a brilliant way to wear it. 😀

      1. I haven’t order it yet! I must get around to that…saving up is the main one. Although we’re not going to Japan now 🙁 mainly due to the situation out there so I should have spare cash!

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