French Kiss

Dress: Nina Kay

Top: JayJays

Belt: City Chic

Shoes: Imagination


I was glad to dust off this black wool dress earlier last week. It’s such a flattering shape, and I love teaming with a red and white striped top for an oh-so chic French-look.

I wore it with my new $30 shoes from Imagination, but spent the day tottering uncertainly around on my tiptoes. Like I should have expected with super-cheap shoes, the soles are so thin and flimsy that it took all my concentration not to go T over A every time I took a step on the slippy shopping mall floors I spend most of my day on.

The shoes are so CUTE, and otherwise remarkably comfortable so I’m tempted to do the ridiculous and get the re-soled. It’d cost more than the shoes did in the first place, but at least it would mean I could do more than stand stationary in them.


Also featuring today, is the love heart belt I bought many moons ago from City Chic, and thank goodness I did! I’ve not seen anything like it before or since, and I get SO MUCH wear out of it with so many different outfits.


I dread the day it finally comes to pieces on me (and I’ve already had to glue the heart back on more than once).

Meanwhile – Can I just throw a great big THANKYOU to everyone who reads and comments on the blog? I’ve been trying to keep on top of replies, and they’ve totally got away from me in the last week, but I want to say I read everything, and I really appreciate the time you guys take to tell me what you’re thinking. Even if it takes me a while to get around to saying so!


37 thoughts on “French Kiss

  1. Gorgeous outfit Lilli, I love the French look and that belt – well I have always loved that!!! Im always very cross with City Chic for closing my local store and now the closest one I have is 2 hours away!!!

  2. Very cute! I definitely know what you mean about cheap shoes. I have a pair I bought at Payless that are super adorable, but have NO traction. I wore them one rainy day to the supermarket and down I went. Luckily the only damage was to my pride.

  3. I think the stripe top is perfect. Updates the whole look and make it so unique. As does that FABULOUS belt.

    Question: Does the belt stab you in the stomach when you sit? Just wondering. I’m a curious type.

  4. Oh my gosh LILLI…I so want that top and dress! I am looking for cute stripped tops to no avail. Please find me one in the states….LOL! Everyday you amaze.

  5. I like that sleeve length with the dress, it balances it out well. P.S- did you end up getting the Leona Edmiston dress?

    I just got my first ASOS order and am so so happy with it! I bought a very flattering ruched black top with a sort of asymetrical neckline which flatters my big bust perfectly! And a leather-looking brown a-line skirt.

    Was so impressed with their service and how quick the delivery was. Will definitely order again!

    1. I did. (I’m soooooooo naughty!)
      Haven’t worn it yet, but you’ll see it – that’s for sure!
      I’m so glad your Asos order went well – My 3rd’s en route right now. Fingers & toes crossed 🙂

  6. Aww Lilli! I love you and your cuteness. Your dresses just make me smile when I click over here. I know I don’t comment enough, but I love your style.

  7. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to comment. It means a lot to me (and to the others who comment too) that you do reply to my comments. I take the time to do the same on my blog.

    Also I love that belt! I just had to bin one of my favourite belts so I know your pain. I adore that dress!

  8. Just when I think you can’t look any better than you do, you come along with a magnificent outfit like this one! Lilli, this dress is amazing! I love the flattering way it hugs your curves, lady! And those shoes are crazy cute! It’s a shame about the soles. However, given they’re so cute, I would be tempted to have them resoled as well!

    1. I feel crazy for spending more money resoling the things than they cost in the first place – but hell, it’s just nice to find a pair of black t-bat heels that fit my wide feet!

  9. I just discovered your website because one of your photos was posted on, and I LOVE your blog! Thanks so much for all of the fabulously cute ideas…now I must shop. 🙂

  10. Hi Lilli,
    I think this outfit is lovely, that dress is fantastic! I love how you’ve put it all together.
    Bye for now,
    Narelle xo

  11. I say go for the resole! I’ve had that done on a few lower-priced shoes; they end up lasting just as long as the ones you pay much more for 😀

  12. lovely 🙂

    i let you a little comment on your “bags &bags” post;

    you’re so lovely dear lilli !!!

  13. Love the dress!

    Wear the shoes of a rough road/gravel and rub/scuff the bottom of the shoes, it make them all rough which mean no more slipping over !

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