Me Made May Day 8: Sculthorpe Pants & York Top

Top: York top from Seamwork Patterns (fabric from Marimekko)
Pants: Sculthorpe pants from Muna & Broad (fabric from Rathdowne Fabrics)
Shoes: TUK

Day 8 of Me Made May is a fully Me Made outfit, with Sculthorpe pants from Muna and Broad and a York top from Seamwork.

The pants were actually a wearable muslin that I made up from a super-cheap wool blend that I bought from Rathdowne Fabrics, and once I knew the pattern worked for me (and did it ever!) I splurged on a more expensive tencel-linen blend and made up a second pair – you’ll see them in a couple of days I reckon.

The fabric from the top is Marimekko again, and the gorgeous autumny colours go with stacks in my wardrobe. The cropped length on the top is actually ideal to wear with the Sculthorpes: short enough to show off the great fit around my hips and tummy, but just long enough to cover the elasticised waistband.

Me Made May Day 6: Maya Top

Top: Maya Top from Marilla Walker (fabric from Marimekko)
Pants: Taking Shape
Shoes: Empress

Day six of Me Made May is one of my most regularly worn own-makes.

This simple box top is Marilla Walker’s Maya top, and it’s a really good beginner’s sewing pattern. No set in sleeves, just a front and a back. you can even skip the sleeve and neckline facings if you’re being lazy, though I wouldn’t recommend it, as they give the top a much more polished look.

I made this top using some Marimekko fabric that I bought as a remnant from Make Designed Objects. I love Marimekko clothes, but they’re usually well and truly out of my price range, but the Maya top takes just 1.5m of fabric, meaning with just a little bit of time spent behind the sewing machine I managed to make a versatile piece of Marimekko clothing for less than $100. Hurrah!

I wore the top today with my favourite slim leg pants from Taking Shape and wide fit flats from Empress Australia (so comfortable, OMG).