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Many many years ago I ordered with eShakti and was very impressed with my wares when they arrived.They had a lot of gorgeous Indian-inspired clothing; long-line tunics in embroidered silks and cottons and fantastically embellished salwar-kameez, and offered custom-sizing across the board

In the time that’s passed their aesthetic has changed, and they’ve become the go-to place for Fatshionistas looking to satisfy their lust for Anthropologie-esque clothing. The website is packed to the gills with gorgeous prints and interesting and individual looking styles. They’re also now offering a comprehensive custom-made system where you can adapt the dress – neckline, hemline, sleeves – to your own individual preference.

Pity the overhaul of the site included taking international shipping off the cards.

Except, recently I heard a rumour that actually they will offer international shipping on a one-on-one basis directly through their customer service, so in anticipation I’ve put together a lust-list of what I’m craving:


Felted Wool Shift Dress

Contrast Collar Dot Print Dress


Graphic Print Illusion Bodice Dress


Tulip Hem Wrap Skirt


Contrast Trim Cotton Knit Dress

10 thoughts on “Lust List: eShakti

  1. Your list looks similar to mine. I have been hesistant to pull the trigger on an order because I have read some reviews that people were not pleased with their custom orders. Maybe when I get my bonus money I will have to do take the leap.

  2. i’ve had good and bad experiences with eshakti. my one bad experience was a shirt that came way over-sized and looked much different that the picture on the site, it has weird cutout sleeves. i like to call it my pirate shirt ha ha. but i do have one dress from them that i adore!

  3. That is so interesting. I’ve emailed them quite recently to ask them to pretty please consider international shipping. They swiftly and politely replied that they are considering no such thing at the moment. So please keep us posted if you get them to deliver to you… (But it would certainly be devastating for my economy if they did…)

    1. Hmn – Quick update. I just spoke to their customer service, and they said definitively “no” – which is different from what they told another of my Aussie Blogger friends a few months ago. Sigh. Still, they said they were in the process of making it available. (So’s UK’s Monsoon… and has been for two years.) Oh well… May credit card thanks me, anyway!

  4. That second dress is AMAZING! BTW, I would like to thank you for introducing me to Shabby Apple but my credit card does not!

  5. I ordered several dresses from there before Christmas and I was really unhappy with the outcome. I now have 7 dresses that are completely unwearable – unflattering, far too big and bulky, horrid itchy fabrics. So not worth the hassle I went through having them sent to a friend in the US and forwarded on to me. In the end I probably wasted close to $1000 on clothes and shipping for nothing. The stuff looks great on the website, but the quality just isn’t there.

  6. Ha, I just saw this entry after leaving my other comment. A forwarding service is really worth a try, though! I was extremely hesitant (it took me about 2 years to finally cave to trying one), but now I would never look back. As it is, I’m eyeing off other American websites that refuse to ship internationally/at reasonable international rates, haha.

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