Wearing the Pants

Top: Miss Shop @ Myer

Cardigan: JayJays

Trousers: Queen Clothing

Shoes: Rocket Dog


Wide leg trousers, for a bit of a change!

I’m usually not a fan of wide-leg pants, because they create a lot of volume down below and I usually prefer a more streamlined silhouette. These wide-leg sailor pants are the exception that proves the rule though, and I think it’s probably got a lot to do with the high waist and the awesome button-flap fastening.

They’re a bit retro and create a lovely curvy shape.

Just a short one tonight, because I’m heading out to dinner in a moment, but I wanted to reel this off quickly. I’m endeavouring to blog a bit more regularly – can you tell? Hope I don’t run out of things to say, and spend every post going “Umn… so the weather’s a bit funny at the moment”.



32 thoughts on “Wearing the Pants

  1. please keep blogging more! i check in every day to see what you’re wearing, and of course, what you’re up to in Melbourne. the fact you work in kid’s books intrigues me…give us more info on that too! it sounds fun.x

    1. Hi Mangorose – it can be 🙂
      Sometimes it’s a bit funny, bookselling and publishing are not very happy industries in Australia at the moment, but I still love it.

  2. I check every day also so I’m stoked you are blogging more! I love the stripes/prints thing you’re doing at the moment. I can’t really seem to find anything in my wardrobe to make it work but maybe I’ll just buy some things with that in mind!

  3. Lilli,
    You pull these things off with such panache! I wonder, do you pre plan your outfits, or are they spur of the moment? Do you have times when you try 15 things on and discard them all?

    1. Usually they’re spur of the moment, Georgia. Sometimes I plan ahead when I’m in the shower but my mental outfits don’t always work in reality.
      And yes. I often have mornings when I try EVERYTHING in my wardrobe on, and hate it all!

  4. I check every day, too. You’re my fashion inspiration. (I just snapped up the last Bordeaux dress in a 14/16 from Eliza Parker because of you. I can’t wait to get it.) Love that you’re blogging more.

    I love the mix of prints. It’s so cute!

  5. this is a gorgeous outfit-the wide leg pants and bright little top look (and cardi) great together-really fresh and lovely!

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