Lust List: A Shabby Apple A Day

I wouldn’t normally do a lust list with frocks from only one shop, but I was linked to Shabby Apple through another blog some months ago, and since then I’ve just been sitting and drooling over their beautifully lovely vintage-inspired clothing.

Like similar stores Shop Ruche, and ModCloth they have a separate “Plus Sized” section, but their XL fits up to a 45″ bust, a 38″ waist and 48″ hips, so it’s good for us inbetweenies too.

Every dress on the website has its own little story too, making it the most wonderful site to browse.

I’ve been scouring the web for blogger reviews, and it’s pretty overwhelmingly positive. Oh! And they ship internationally, too (yeah, baby!)

Here’s some of my favourite pieces:

Red Fox

Ooh La La

Red Fir

Upper East Side


Washington Square Park

Grey Fox

18 thoughts on “Lust List: A Shabby Apple A Day

  1. Seriously 90% of these dresses are bookmarked on my computer! I heart them so bad! If I accidently rugby tackle you and try to steal the dress from you if I see you wearing it, you won’t totally hate me will you?

  2. I LOVE these websites. Am pregnant now, and not in love with the maternity they have to offer, but they are bookmarked for the future. They are SO CUTE! And I love that so many seem to be made of cotton, or jersey, easy fabrics.

  3. I just purchased the Gondola dress (Roamin’ Holiday) on the weekend and I am looking forward to seeing what the fit is like. They have such beautiful classic dresses.

  4. Hi Lilli,
    I love, love, love the look of Shabby Apple dresses too. I’ve ordered two dresses in the past (including the Upper East Side dress). I’m a pretty standard size but found the fit of the dresses was all wrong – super skinny arms and ridiculously tiny waist which for me is unheard of as usually i have to get dresses tailored at the wasit 🙁 Sadly the quality of the dresses was also poor – the cotton was very thin and creased in a millisecond. I was very disappointed as the shipping to Australia isn’t cheap. Maybe the dresses made of jersey or other material are of a better quality. Would love to see you review a dress if you get one…

  5. I love Shabby Apple’s website, but haven’t ordered anything yet. Also, ModCloth has cute things, but doesn’t have a separate section for plus sizes. It can be frustrating, because you just have to cross your fingers when you click on the picture, and hope that it is available in your size.

  6. Oh my! Oh my! I don’t know which to pick. I can live out my mad men Joanie fantasies here. Thanks Lilli!

  7. Hi Lilli
    I bought 3 dresses from Shabby Apple after seeing your blog. I got the red fox, and 2 others that werent featured on your blog. They are beautiful dresses – probably a bit small in terms of sizes. I would normally wear a size 12 dress and I ended up with the Larges at Shabby and they fit well around my bust and then are bigger around my hips.
    good site though – they have free delivery at the moment.

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