Shirt: Bravissimo/Pepperberry

Cardigan: Cocolatte

Jeans: Embody Denim

Boots: Duo Boots

Belt: Fiorelli

I love the equestrian-chic combination of skinny jeans, knee-high boots and a crisp white shirt but I’ve never really been able to pull it off before because as the owner of an F-cup rack I’ve discovered that it’s impossible to find a white shirt that fits well around the torso but doesn’t gape around the bust.

Or IS it??

A month or so ago I finally took the plunge and ordered one of the basic white shirts from Bravissimo and miracle of miracles the thing fits. Perfectly.

It’s slim fitting through the body and arms, but has plenty of room at the bust and is cut with princess seams. Doesn’t matter how much wriggling I do, these buttons don’t gape. The french cuffs give it a very classy feel, and they look great peeking out from underneath a cardigan.

It’s not perfect of course. The fabric’s quite thin and cheap and it’s a complete pain in the ass to iron. I’d love it if Bravissimo decided to do it in a more wash ‘n wear friendly fabric, but until that happens I anticipate wearing the hell out of this.


24 thoughts on “Equestrian

  1. I just found your site! I love your outfits and particularly this one with those great boots! Thanks to you, I found out about Duo — what style of boots are those, if I may ask?

  2. I bought a white shirt at xmas, been too scared to actually wear it- worried someone will think I am working or a school child or something. This look I could totally rock. I might have to dig it out and actually wear it. I hope it still fits!!!

  3. I wish I could pull an outfit off like this! But alas I can never find boots wide enough for my rugby players calves or a shirt that fits as well.

    You – however – look as fabulous as ever!

      1. I think I will try boots for broads this winter. Its worth it to get some custom made boots! Will order them in Aug so they arrive in time! Thank you for your advice 🙂

    1. Claire,
      I too thought that until I tried on a pair of bennetts boots from here in Australia. My calf is 50cm diameter & I only need a medium width! Thats the highest a Duo goes from the look of their website. Check out their website for further info : http://www.bennettsboots.com Im sure you’ll find something for you 😉
      H xx

  4. Hello Lilli – love this look on you. I have ordered a white shirt like this off Bravissimo (love their bras) so I shall see if it can accommodate my vast rack!!! Also – thanks to you I have started experimenting with belts. I am a curvy size 14/16 but I don’t really ‘go in’ at the waist a lot, so always thought my waist was too wide for belts. But I am getting more experimental. It’s all thanks to your blog 🙂 Thanks for looking fabulous and inspiring curvy girls everywhere!

    Martine 🙂

  5. Such a great winter outfit! I was going to say… I tend to alter my shirts – buy them large to fit the bust, then take them in at the waist. It isn’t too hard to do! 🙂

  6. Classy look-love the boots over jeans!
    Hallelujah for a shirt that doesnt gape, fits the bobs and is fitted for the rest of you!

  7. Lilli, smashing outfit! I love the look of the belt! I hate ironing anything. I just send it off to the cleaners and let them press it. The French cuffs are just gorgeous! You look great!

  8. you pull this equestrian combo off so well
    my heart started beating faster.
    but now you tell us the good news about
    the no-gape blouse … hallelujah!
    i’m a C, and even that poses a threat to
    the modern blouse and button industry, it seems.

    no really, love your outfit.
    maybe, er, resuming lurker mode now.

  9. Hi Lilli,
    I have recently fallen in love with your blog and i was just wondering which style of Embody jeans these are, as i recently purchased the “Ice Queen Skinny” – based off a post i saw in your blog – but unfortunately they weren’t as tight as i had hoped!
    Any help on what the leg cut of these ones are would be great as i love how high they are!


      1. Thanks so much for getting back to me, I’ve been looking for a decent pair of jeans that won’t sag in the bottom! And at $90 I think that’s a great price for the embody quality!

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