A Scorcher

Dress: Harris Scarfe

I’m having a seriously difficult time nutting out how to present the remaining “Big Day” photos, and today’s scorching heat wasn’t helping my brain’s operating ability, so I thought I’d step back and post a good, old-fashioned outfit shot instead!

I actually bought this jersey maxi-dress before Christmas, but I had it hidden away in the wardrobe waiting for a day hot enough to wear it.

There’s something about maxi-dresses that just work SO well in warm weather don’t you think? Logically the excess fabric should be less comfortable, but something about the ankle skimming hem lends itself to 30+ days.

It took me years to find a maxi-dress that would work on my figure – for a while there they all seemed to be smocked and strapless – but I’ve had better luck this summer. This one is a pleasure to slum around in, as floppy as a well-loved t-shirt, and a good blank canvas to load up with accessories.

I kept it simple for a lazy Sunday with strappy sandals so old the label’s worn off them and tribal turquoise jewelery.

The necklace I bought of a street vendor in San Francisco when The Sophisticate took me to the USA to meet his American family, the earrings came from his parents the following Christmas.

8 thoughts on “A Scorcher

  1. I am loving the summer maxi. I got 1 free with the Cleo mag (at 42 a bit out of the target market) and being a size 18 usually don’t fit anything free or aimed at 16 year olds. It is basic and comfy and I went out and bought 2 more mags to get another black and pink one!

  2. Since I’m a modest dresser, I adore maxis. The shape has to be just right though, as I’ve wide hips and a small waist, so sometimes they can make me look bigger than I really am. This one is slimming on you! I really like those earrings too. 🙂

  3. I love the dress and will definitely be checking it out, but I’m totally jealous of your sandals! They look so cute and comfy and go so well with the dress. As a girl who spends all summer in flip flops, there’s something appealing about your more sophisticated sandals.

  4. I love how the dress looks like a top and skirt! I haven’t been able to find the “perfect” maxi dress. One I bought last summer was *almost* it but not quite.

    Really love the jewellery too. We’ve been enjoying unseasonal warm spell in the UK. Its been lovely!

  5. Lilli, I have yet to find the perfect maxi dress. This one looks lovely on you and the tribal jewelry is simply amazing! I love your hair like this! 🙂

  6. Love the return of the day dress post. The jewels are gorgeous. I’ve had some luck with eshakti maxis. I love that they are the perfect length.

  7. I know what you mean about longer dresses being nicer when it’s hot! I live in Arizona, and it gets ridiculously hot in the summer…I live in dresses and skirts, and maxi dresses are so nice! I need to add a few more to my wardrobe 🙂

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