Wedding Day: Girl Time

The heat has broken, so as promised – here’s another wedding post!

I hope you’ll bear with me – there’s so many beautiful memories from the day that I thought I’d break my “one last” wedding post into three: The Salon, The Ceremony & The Reception. I’ll intersperse them with outfit posts so you don’t get wedding overload, and hopefully I can get back into the habit of posting more than once a week!

Terrara House offers a lovely Bridal Salon for the bride and her “maidens” to get ready on the big day. The space is light and bright and has everything from showers and baths to a massage room and magic swivelling mirrors so you can see yourself from behind without craning.

It meant that while The Sophisticate and his groomsmen were out playing golf (traditional, apparently) and figuring out how to tie windsor knots, us girls got to enjoy high tea and giggles in decadent rococo-style surrounds.

It’s also a gorgeous place to have photos taken, so I invited my friend Barb to join us with her camera. My extra special thanks to her for all these pictures.

A few days before the wedding my Maid of Honor, Fiona, rang me to ask how I’d like the bridesmaids to have their fingernails. I told her I couldn’t imagine being the kind of person who would have an opinion about that, which meant that everyone had free reign to do as they chose. Callie had red nails like my own, Bella went with a gorgeous blue that tied in with her dress and accessories. Fiona’s nails nearly brought me to tears though: the veritable nail artist (she painted cupcakes for my Hen’s. CUPCAKES) she had printed my name on her left hand, and The Sophisticate’s on her right. Isn’t she just the awesomest?

Between scoffing scones and gossiping, both Fiona and I took a quiet moment to pen our respective speeches.

Then it was down to the important business of Getting Beautiful.

This is the excellent Tia, putting the finishing touches on my amazing coiffure. She was just a genius, all the girls  looked lovely.

As I said earlier, bridesmaid Callie did everyone’s makeup:

Callie also took it upon herself to perform the dubious job of washing my feet before I donned my stockings. She’s the most experienced member of the bridal party, and thank heavens for her, because it wouldn’t have occurred to me otherwise. It did give me the giggles though.

Actually, most of the day was spent with me giggling, though it all started to come a bit unstuck after I presented the bridesmaid’s gifts. There was so much I wanted to say to my bridesmaids about how much they meant to me, how much I loved and appreciated them, and how happy I was that they’d agreed to share this special day with me. I started blubbering almost straight away, of course, but I hope they got the gist.

Then, it was finally time to Don The Dress.

Trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach in front of the magic swivelling mirrors didn’t help at all.

… but Mum’s arrival did.

Mum’s dress was also made by the inestimable Eleni at Hera Couture. The rose-red was an ideal hue for her, and the asymmetrical style was classically elegant. She look SO beautiful. I’m a leetle jealous that she gets to wear her couture dress again. My gown made me feel amazing, I wish I could wear it again and again and again! Is it too soon to renew the vows?

The Sophisticate’s Mom was dressed in a frock that was made for a country garden wedding and it suited her perfectly. I loved the soft tiers and dusky pink colour.

Some final pictures…

And we’re on our way! Next stop: the ceremony.

(I don’t look nervous at all. Right?)

28 thoughts on “Wedding Day: Girl Time

  1. Just beautiful! I love the photo of you guys walking outside…a line of cute red shoes 🙂

    Your friend did an amazing job on your hair!

  2. These are lovely! My favorite shots are of all the girls zipping you up, you in the mirror, & you & yr girls inside all ready to go. Each one tells such a sweet & lovely story! Thanks for letting us peek inside The Big Day & feel like we were there.

    Oh – and maybe go back & have a similar dress made in a pretty solid, maybe tea length or just below the knee? You could wear it for events, or just because. Or for a First Anniversay date… 🙂

  3. I love it! The “name nails” Fiona did were an awesome touch. I am loving all of your posts as one of my bff’s is getting married this year and I’m supposed to be a bridesmaid (neither she, I nor the other bridesmaids know anything about weddings, so this helps!)

  4. Trust me Lian, no one will get tired of looking at your wedding pictures and reading the amazing stories you write to go with them. You and your girls looked amazing. Looking forward to the next wedding post 🙂

  5. I’ve read your blog for a while now and never commented but I can’t keep it in any longer 🙂 Could I please have an exact wedding like this?? Everything looks amazing, your dress is stunning and it sounds as if you have had the perfect day you deserve!

  6. No such thing as wedding post overload! We’ll lap them up as long as you keep them coming! I love the name nails idea sooooooo much, I had a little tear while I was reading that! You all look so gorgeous and I just loved all the colour against your beautiful, beautiful, did I mention beautiful frock? If I still lived in Melbourne I’d have proposed to my boy on the 29th so I could go to Hera Couture! LoL

  7. You all look so gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it all with us.
    p.s. even if you post a headless/anonymous shot of The Sophisticate could we see what he looked like please?

  8. This is such a lovely post. I LOVE seeing the female aspects of marriage, like being with tose close friends and sisters. I am away from home and my sister is currently planning a wedding, so these posts are bring real emotions to the surface to me. THIS one is a big reminder to make sure I get home to see her and play with her before the big day. Your dress while you are getting ready is DIVINE and I think your wedding dress is amazing. SO beautiful and stunning. This post has made my day. x.

  9. Love this post! gorgeous girls, gorgeous dresses! (actually totally in love with the idea of bridesmaids in awesome florals) congrats on a beautiful wedding

  10. Oooo soo lovely. Love it. Love it all. Better than any wedding mag I ever read. Thank you Mrs Sophisticate.. Tee hee

  11. Dear Lily, you don’t know me and I don’t you, but itsn’t matter!! The only thing that is important, is the meanin’ of this message: I wanna whish you a really, really happy life, fool of love, smiles, childrens, laughts, suprises and spice!! Many wishLily, from the bottom of my heart,
    M. from Italy

    PS. Sorry about my terrible english!! Thanks to ur blog, my style form one year is really cool, but about my english… I think I must to work for too many years again, sob!! ç_ç

  12. any chance to see you and The Sophisticate together on the big day??? you look amazing by the way and thank you sooo much to share these personal moments with us.

    Baci from Italy
    Ylenia | Longuette

  13. Lilli,

    I absolutely LOVE reading about your wedding day. Everything was so beautiful! Please don’t feel bad about talking about it, showing pictures. We love them, keep ’em coming 😉

  14. Lilli, a beautiful picture story of your day! We are so enjoying the wedding posts! Thank you for allowing us to see what your special day was like. 🙂

  15. You all look gorgeous and I love that you got married in ruby slippers! I know I’m leaving like a gazillion comments but like I said before, I have a lot of catching up to do!

  16. Where did you get your hair piece? iT IS AMAZING! I have a wedding to go to comming up and would love to wear something similar!

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