Red, White & Blue

Top: Victoria’s Secret

Skirt: Chitra’s Closet

Belt: Kinki Gerlinki

Shoes: Wittner

I feel quite patriotic in this outfit! Between the red and white stripes on the skirt to the white spots on the navy blue blouse I could be a walking flag.

Throw in the green green belt, and I’m probably pushing the “colour” envelope a little too far, but with all the grey and rainy days that Melbourne’s been putting on to celebrate the start of Autumn, I’ve been feeling like I need a bit of colour to brighten the day.

I did downplay the shoes, though, with a pair of nude heels almost exactly the same colour as my pale, pale legs.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much my legs are in the sun – they never seem to tan!

11 thoughts on “Red, White & Blue

  1. Don’t worry – my skin refuses to tan, too. I prefer the pale look anyway!

    Unfortunately, I think your outfit is a bit too ‘busy’. Red and blue might work together in another outfit, but with the different patterns on the top and skirt, and the ruffle on the blouse, it’s just a bit much for me. It is definitely bright, though! 🙂

  2. I totally have the same problem with my legs. Someone at my work said last summer, “Why don’t you go out in the sun?” My reply, “I did, can’t you see my amazing tan??”

  3. Really like the outfit! That skirt is an all time favourite of mine on you! I keep trying to get a replica of it but so far failing. Spring keeps coming and going here … I pack my winter coat away and then two days later I’m unpacking it!

  4. Cute! I understand what you mean. The weather has been so horrible and grey here that sometimes I feel like I need to take it upon myself to inject some color into the world with my outfit/make up.

  5. Love the pattern mix! Looks like you got a haircut too – looks really pretty. After growing out my hair for my own wedding (years ago), it felt good to finally chop it off.

  6. I’m really loving that top – I ignore anything related to Victoria’s Secret, so I had no idea they made cute clothes! And as a super pale skinned lady, I get SO tired of people being rude about my coloring. I think you look lovely! And I was going to ask if you’d had a haircut as well – it looks fantastic! I cut mine off a week after our wedding & it’s never been as long since. 🙂

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