Familiar Frock

Dress: Leona Edmiston

Shoes: Milu

I’ve always thought this was the perfect dress for anything to do with a wedding. The beautiful love heart print and the riot of colour is so joyful that it just lends itself to celebrating. This – coupled with the fact that the dress is basically a long (expensive!) t-shirt, wears comfortably, packs small and doesn’t crush – meant that it was a shoe-in for my wedding-weekend suitcase.

In the end I wore my much-loved rainbow heart dress to the rehearsal on the morning of the wedding.

Later that day, to my absolute delight, I discovered something among the guest books and gift cards on the reception table:

Look familiar?

It’s by one of my all-time favourite local artists, Able and Game, and was commissioned by my practically-sister San. I think it was such a nice quirk of fate that Annie (or maybe it was San) chose the dress that would be the secondΒ most important frock of the day to immortalise in the portrait.

I’ve been a big fan of Able & Game for years – Their wonderfully quirky cartoons seem to manage to capture the most heartfelt things you want to say to someone without descending into saccharine Hallmark territory. Like telling your best friend that being without them is like shopping for a bathing suitΒ or your new squeeze that you love it when they leave their toothbrush at your house.

My absolute favourite though?

Don’t you think that’s hands-down the most romantic thing you could say to someone you love? I do.

24 thoughts on “Familiar Frock

  1. Yes, it is!! I’m stealing it for my boyfriend πŸ˜‰
    Great present and great dress, you look so cute. I descovered we have the same Chie Mihara shoes!

  2. You look sweet and happy. I have been dying to see the sophisticate; I guess this is as close as we’re getting eh?

  3. Hi lilli,

    Beautiful dress and beautiful drawing! What a thing to treasure.

    What size are you in the hearts dress? I’m a similar size and if I saw it online i’d grab it.

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