Cropped Cranberry

DSCF0713_2 DSCF0714_2 DSCF0717_2

Top: Victoria’s Secret

Skirt: Asos (remixed)

Belt: Sussan

Shoes: Diana Ferrari

As expected, I much prefer this Asos skirt cropped short to the original length, which made me feel a little dowdy.

The skirt could probably have been a smidgy bit longer, but it’s been SO hot lately, that when I took it to the clothing alteration place I was thinking more “summer” than “trans-seasonal”. Hasty, hasty; though I decided at the last minute not to give the second skirt I’d taken in for hemming the same alteration.

The shorter length doesn’t hang quite so heavily from my hips, and the colour – a deep, resounding burgundy – doesn’t overwhelm the other elements of the outfit. I love it with the yellow touches, and I’m already planning some outfits utilising my favourite mustard-coloured cardigan… once it cools down a little, anyway.

Remixed Mix

Top: Victoria’s Secret

Skirt: (remixed) Eliza Parker

Belt: Glassons

Shoes: Wittner

Check out the light! I took today’s outfit shot in the MORNING when we had some natural light flooding the corridor. Amazing, right?

I still miss the light from The Wall sometimes, but taking my blog photos in front of the – albeit gloomy – lifts will have to do until I can a) not get all shy and silly in front of an actual photographer, and b) not feel self-concious posing in a public place. (Or c) quit my job so I’m always home during the 10:30am magic-hour at Chez Lillipilli!)

So what’s with the “remix” in today’s blogpost? This beautiful, beautiful skirt started out life as a beautiful, beautiful dress!

It’s one of a pair of particularly lovely party dresses that Jessica at Eliza Parker at has sent to me over the years, but because this one – the Andorra – was SO similar to the Monaco every time I had a fancy event I had to decide between the two dresses.

The Monaco usually won out, because I found that the bodice on the Andorra got dragged down by the weight of the skirt, and I would spend all evening hoiking the neckline up.

I finally decided that I would get more wear out of the dress as a skirt, but because of the lining on the skirt and the wonderful deep pockets I wasn’t confident about doing the alteration myself, so I took it to tailor who put in an elastic waist that’s pretty utilitarian-looking.

Fortunately I have plenty of belts to cover it up, and I have to say: I LOVE my new(ish) Andorra skirt! It’s less dressy, but considerable more versatile.

Because of the heavy weight of the fabric it moves beautifully, and I found myself swinging my hips in a more exaggerated fashion all day to enjoy the swoosh of fabric around my legs. It looks great with the polkadot blouse, and I’m looking forward to trying it with a white blouse and a contrasting belt too. The navy and white print will go with pops of bright yellow or red.