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My Mum and I went dress-shopping in August, which is – apparently – LAST MINUTE if you’re getting married at the end of January. It took us about three hours to find The Dress, and I had started the fitting process within a week, which meant I was left with months and months to worry about whether I’d made the Right Choice, and choose lots of frou-frou to go with it.

I didn’t really have a colour theme for the day (scandal!) but I knew I wanted elements of red because it symbolises good fortune and joy in Chinese culture (My Grandfather was Chinese, I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned that before). I had thought about swapping out the white belt on the gown for a red ribbon sash, but the moment I saw it I knew it just didn’t work. Instead I chose to introduce that element in my accessories, in the bridesmaids dresses, and in the flowers.

Obviously I had already started with the shoes:

Shoes: Princess Pumps

When I’d bought them originally I pictured them flashing prettily from under a full skirted tea-dress. After I’d decided to go with the longer gown I worried that they didn’t complement the “look”, but on the day that flash of red peeking out from under silk and chiffon was one of my favourite style elements.

Bracelets: Assorted vintage, from eBay

Ring: My paternal grandmother’s

Nail Polish: “Ruby Slippers” – China Glaze

I also wore ruby slippers on my fingers! After I’d decided to completely disregard every wedding forum post that said “You want to wear RED NAIL POLISH? What are you, some kind of HUSSY?” I hunted down a fresh bottle of my favourite sparkly red nail polish, aptly named “Ruby Slipper” from China Glaze. it’s the most extraordinary glittery red, and unsurprisingly matched my shoes identically.

On my right hand I wore my Nanna Hingee’s engagement ring as my “something old”, though my  vintage rhinestone bracelets – sourced from eBay – fit the bill, too.

My “Something Blue” was obviously my garter, made for me by a friend of my Mum’s who’s known me since I was a bump. She was inspired by my choice of footwear to make a garter of blue gingham and vintage lace, with a sparkly red heart bead, carefully chosen by her husband. Very Dorothy.

Under my dress I was wearing a Charnos Corsolette, which after MONTHS of trial and error proved to be the only piece of lingerie that: a) kept the ladies aloft, b) didn’t suffocate me, c) didn’t show under the dress, and d) could pass as “sexy”. Without even exaggerating, I bought eight – EIGHT – pieces of bridal lingerie before I found that Charnos. Hardest outfit element of the day. Good thing I had a spare set of Secrets In Lace stay-up stockings in reserve already. Secrets In Lace do a stocking that fits by thigh-width, which means they stay up, don’t roll, don’t fall down and don’t cut in. I like to wear them high which eliminates the need for Luvees or Lanacane. You know what I’m talking about.

Hair by “Absolute Hair By Tia

Hairpiece: The Honeycomb

My hair, and the bridesmaid’s hair, was all done by one magician named Tia. She had been recommended to me by my uncle’s partner, and at my trial I’d kind of described my dress (badly) and waved my arms around my head a bit, and twenty minutes later I was staring at the most perfect wedding hairstyle I could have imagined. She did it again – even better – on the day, and this time she was able to include the amazing hair clip that Blanche at The Honeycomb had designed for me. At the end of the night my notoriously stubborn hair still looked immaculate. Definitely a miracle worker. And I’m looking forward to re-wearing the clip for years to come.

Earrings: Overstock Jewelry

With all of my hair scooped up into a VERY gorgeous (and large) bun on the left hand side of my head my right-side profile looked a little plain, so I knew I’d have to get some good blingy earrings. I was google image searching “vintage ruby earrings” for weeks before these appeared. They’re just cubic zirconia and sterling silver, and cost me $60, but they’ve garnered a lot of attention.

My AMAZING bridesmaid Callie – in addition to being one half of the team that put together the best hen’s day ever, AND letting me borrow her fiance as our minister – did everyones makeup for the day. She knew instinctively that I wanted to keep it at a minimum, so I wore a BB-cream (my new skin-care obsession) from Shu Uemura as a foundation. It’s a moisturiser/primer/foundation and it had the added benefit of having SPF 30, so I didn’t have to wear an additional suncream. On my cheeks I wore a dash of Benefit’s “Dandelion” blush, and Callie used the only eyeliner I’ve ever found that doesn’t end up all over my lower lids – Dolly Wink – to give me wings. Not mascara, because as those of you who follow me on Twitter know, I spent a stupid amount of money to get eyelash extensions, which lasted three weeks, and were worth every cent.

I was so sick with nerves by the time the lipstick went on (Revlon ColourStay Ultimate in “Regal Rose”) that only Fiona’s calming touch was stopping me from shaking so much I’d ruin all of Callie’s careful handiwork.

 I’d actually been holding it together reasonably well, I’d thought. Though we’d all had a bit of a cry when I’d given everyone their bridesmaid gifts:

Bracelet: melt’m design studio

They were the very littlest gifts, but they were to symbolise an old Chinese legend that  states that when a child is born they’re connected by an invisible red thread to the people who will play the most important roles in their lives, their soulmates. I couldn’t imagine four girls who I’d rather be connected to than my sister Mae, Fiona, Callie and Bella.

Brooch: Linda Gorringe

About a month out from the wedding, and after an unhealthy dose of the AMAZING series “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” I’d started to stress about how low-key my gorgeous dress was. No diamantes! No beading! Not even a little lace! I ended up buying this lovely little brooch and pinning it to the back of my waist. Unnecessary? Probably, but it made me feel a little more confident.


Last one! The flowers were done by Deb at Botanic Art, and they were gorgeous. I carried a bouquet of cream grevillea, lisianthus kangaroo paw buds, eucalyptus leaves and gorgeous gum blossoms. The girls had the same, sans the kangaroo paw and gum blossoms, and the Australian Native theme ran through the wedding party’s buttonholes too.

So that was my day in frou-frou. One last wedding post to come, if you’ll indulge me, then back to normal! I’d love to share some photos from the day, our family and guests, and of the wonderful time we had.

36 thoughts on “Frou Frou

  1. I am quite new to your blog but loving it. I’m getting in touch with my girly side pretty late in the day ( I’m none too slender and 59) and you’ve switched me on to so many new things that I really wanted to say thank you and that includes the link to the thigh chafe article!!
    Be happy:)

    1. Oh Lindsay you have NO IDEA how close we came to flooding the entire venue with tears. It was the most perfect gift and I’ve been wearing it repeatedly since and going completely sappy every time I look at my wrist. Lilli is the most gorgeous person out there, though we all know that. 🙂

  2. thanks so much for posting about your beautiful wedding. It’s such a pleasure to live vicariously through your posts of the day. 🙂

  3. I’m in love with all the beautiful touches you included. That bracelet is just so perfect and I love how you included your heritage in such a beautiful yet meaningful way.

  4. The details are just so lovely! I live the way you added your favourite color with the shoes, the hairpiece and those gorgeous gorgeous ear rings! And how beautiful that you’ll be able to wear them again and be reminded of your wonderful day! It’s wonderful to include your heritage into the day too. All so lovely and happy! I got a little happy testy with the bridesmaids presents and the garter made by your mums forever friend!

  5. You put everything together so nicely. You look absolutely stunning. Your post have given me some confidence that I could do the same thing. More wedding posts xx xx

  6. Your hair turned out particularly amazing. I fact I tried to do something similar for Valentine’s Day after seeing your first round of photos (though now that I see the side view, I wasn’t even close, lol) I think your choice to bring in the red in the ways you did worked perfectly. Not to much, and spread out enough that it flowed beautifully.

  7. Okay, I now officially need to get divorced so I can re-marry my husband & look as AMAZING as you!! So totally thrilled by all yr choices, & how *you* you were on the Big Day. Not on bit of generic “bride” blah, & it’s so inspiring! Congratulations on everything, & hope the post wedding is every bit as thrilling as the Day itself!! <3

  8. Oh, Lil, everything is just SO lovely! I absolutely adore your hairpiece! It’s so delicate yet substantial at the same time. And your bouquet?? Oh, perfection!

    I love seeing pictures of weddings… post away!

  9. Love all the details of the wedding! It looks like a wonderful day that was a perfect reflection of you and your sweetie.

  10. I’m so blown away by the natural beauty you were able to capture. Your dress was so elegant, beautiful, sexy but classy! YOUR HAIR…Oh that was gorgeous! The hair piece was amazing! I have never seen anything like it!
    The dresses your girls are wearing made me smile. They just beamed with joy. The colours, the styles…the shoes…oh what a day you created!


  11. Been lurking around for awhile and finally gathered enough courage to say something. You look absolute gorgeous! Your choices were amazing.
    Congratulations on your marriage!

  12. Love the way you are sharing your Special Day with us every detail is so special and wonderful and YES we want more. You looked so gorgeous and I love the meaning behind that sweet Red Bracelet.

  13. I hope you share about your wedding until you can’t share anymore. Bring it on, you’ll find my ability to handle this stuff is high! 😉 But honestly, I love this stuff.

  14. I have no idea how your blog got opened up in a tab in my browser, but I clicked on it today and read this post and had various reactions ranging from drool to drool to drool. Okay, it was all one reaction. But a good one!

    The shoes I especially love. One of my friends recently got married in bright blue shoes, and I was like, “Bad. Ass.” But glittery red? Even better.

  15. holy cow lady, you look AMAZING, more so than usual. 😀 really lovely and your hair!!!! i’ll be having my 10 year anniversary this september and pretty things like this make me want to re-do my ceremony!

  16. I love all of the touches of red! So gorgeous. Ruby Slippers is my go-to polish so I loved seeing that. I am stubborn, so that just makes me want to wear red polish in my wedding just to spite all of those sassy bridal forum posters!
    Your wedding looked beautiful…congratulations!

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