Perfect Girls Need Not Apply

Dress: LaMadeleine

Shoes: Chie Mihara


Look, there’s no easy way of saying this – but I haven’t been entirely honest with you all.

Whenever I post an outfit I will link to all the different components. Shoes, dress, cardigan… but there’s something I’m not mentioning. Something I’ve been keeping very quiet. It’s, well… it’s easier to show you:

Comfort shorts: Thigh Society

Lads (I know there’s a few of you out there) you can sign off now – this post isn’t for you. Same goes for all those lucky slim-legged ladies. This one’s for all those girls who look at Frocks and Frou Frou and go “Oh. I wish I could wear dresses and skirts. But I can’t. Umn. Because.”

You’re not alone.

I – along with a massive multitude of women of all shapes and sizes – suffer from inner-thigh chafing. And as the temperature has risen, so too have the number of emails I’ve been getting from readers asking what they can do about the dreaded “chub-rub” as it’s affectionately known.

Well, there’s dozens of “cures” suggested, and let me tell you girls – I’ve tried ’em all.

I thought today I’d do a bit of a run-down on the pros and cons of everything I’ve tried, and hopefully those of you who’ve avoided skirts, dresses and bare legs in the past will find something just right that will allow you to embrace them this summer.


So, first up, let’s start with the creams and lotions. I usually reserve these for cooler, less humid days, because it’s so easy to sweat them off. They’re good because they’re so discreet, but you have to reapply and reapply, so make sure you carry a tube in your purse if you’re going to be out all day.

NEAT 3B Action Cream

This is where I started. As a girl, and as a teenager I had no problem with inner-thigh rub. I would blithely pull on a dress or a skirt and skip out the door as free as a bird, without having to worry that I’d be hobbling home with welts between my legs. The first time I experienced it it nearly turned me off frocks entirely (horror!) until I saw the remarkably stupid ad that Neat did for it’s 3B Action Cream (animated anthropomorphic boobs and buttocks, coupled with an idiotic jingle) and thought I’d give the stuff a whirl. It’s a basic cream that doesn’t smell too unpleasant, and it works but is pretty quick to sweat off. I found it a bit sticky and it doesn’t really stop your thighs from rubbing together, but stops the chafing. I usually have to reapply, and the second coat is always less effective.


Body Glide Anti-blister and chafing stick

I saw that they’re doing a version of this especially for women now – It appears to be exactly the same, but with a pink cap, and presumably it’s $5 more expensive, but I just tried the regular stuff. I heard about it on the Fatshionista forums, and so many people raved about it that I hoped it would be the perfect cure-all. Well, yes and no. It’s less messy to apply than the 3B – almost like a little deodorant stick – and it’s completely fragrance free. But I found it difficult to find, and expensive to boot. An application leaves a kind of waxy layer over the skin that protects from chafing and like the 3B it’s kind of sticky, and has to be reapplied through the day, though not as often.


Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel

This is the new product that people are raving about on the forums, and I was keen to try it, so I bought a couple of tubes when I was in the States earlier this year. It’s popped up in Australia now, and you can TRY IT FOR FREE by filling out a very short survey. For me, this is the pick of the creams. It creates a nice, dry, powdery feeling finish that means your thighs just slide along each other without rubbing. Again – it wears off, and the second application doesn’t hold as well, but I find it more comfortable than either the Body Glide or the 3B.






If I’m going to be out for the whole day, if it’s particularly hot and humid, or if I just want guaranteed comfort I’ll wear a second layer. In winter it’ll usually be pantihose, but in summer I like to wear bare legs which means either leggings (which I wear all the time because I actually quite like the look of them peeking out from under a skirt) or “comfort shorts“.


Luvees Panty Cover-all… I haven’t tried the “Thigh Cover-alls” because they look so darn weird, and I’ve got to say that the Panty Cover-alls aren’t exactly the most glamorous items either. They’re a sheer stretchy lace with a slinky satin panel between the legs that (obviously) gets rid of chafing, and also the annoying “whsk whsk” sound you get with pantihose. They are cool and breezy, and easily my favourite hot-weather item. I wear them over panties, but you can wear them by themselves if you feel the urge. I’d recommend getting the longer leg styles (the pink and the nude) because I’ve found the shorter styles have a habit of riding up between the legs. And look, I’ll be honest, they’re not very attractive on. They look tired and worn-out after a few washes (though they last for AGES) and I’ve heard the customer service at Luvees is pretty dubious (I bought my two pairs off eBay, so I can’t comment one way or another). Also the lace can show under tight fitting skirts, and give an unflattering dimpled appearance. But they are as comfortable as all get out. They’re not constricting at all, and don’t muffin-top you, and they’re cooler and breezier than another of the other “comfort shorts” or leggings I’ve worn.


I had thought that Thigh Society might be the more discreet and less embarrassing alternative to Luvees. As you can see they’re a little bike-short styled pair of briefs made out of an extremely soft bamboo fabric. They’re a little more hip than their lacy alternatives, but still cool and breathable, and again they don’t suck you in. Customer service was great and shipping was fast. I ordered according to hip size, and I think it was pretty OK size-wise, though I found that by the end of the day the seams of the legs (which had been tight enough to cut in a little at the start of the day) were loose enough to allow the shorts to ride up. I’d like to see them with a little hem of lace, and maybe a little longer, and have been thinking I might remix them myself to do that. To be honest, you could probably buy a pair of cotton leggings, and hem them shorter for the same effect. though the bamboo fabric’s pretty delicious.


Petti-pants. Otherwise known as a split-shift. These are basically the shorts version of a half-slip. They’re rarer than hens teeth in Australia, so I ended up going online and finding a vintage one on eBay. They’re a little more attractive than my Luvees, and the slinky fabric means that fabric doesn’t catch the way it does does on leggings, Luvees and Thigh Society shorts. The lace rubs a smidge, meaning I’m always a little aware of them, and for some mysterious reason the crotch always seems to hang around my knees, so for these to actually be effective against “chub rub” I have to wear the waistband somewhere around my bra strap. That said, they fit in with my vintage-inspired wardrobe, they don’t look to bizarre if a surprise wind blows my skirt up, they’re nice and breezy and they don’t ride up. Because there’s a bit of volume to them, they’re not perfect under slim fitting skirts, but under everything else they’re pretty good.




So, what do you all think? No more excuses not to wear skirts and dresses. I hope it’s given you a bit of food for thought, and I’d love to hear if any of you have other recommendations.

96 thoughts on “Perfect Girls Need Not Apply

  1. Hi Lillli!
    Thanks for the post about chub rub – my family all have the same shape of thigh although we are all different sizes..
    I tend to use talcum powder or spray antiperspirant when it’s getting too hot’n’sticky, and that works a treat, and it doesn’t mean splashing out on an expensive cream or lotion.
    Beautiful posts, beautiful dresses – thank you! x

    1. I’ve never tried just antiperspirant, Sooz, though I did try powder, and found it really difficult to apply – most of it ended up on the floor, lol! There’s must be some trick to it!

      1. The trick is to use a powder “puff”. Sprinkle the powder onto the puff, then use the puff to direct it onto your skin. A terry facecloth is a good substitute for the puff.

  2. You are a revelation. My little secret is right there on the screen – with more information than I ever dreamed existed about this problem I’ve kept quiet about for so long.

    Thank you.

  3. It is funny that it isnt something anyone talks about yet it happens to so many of us! Thanks for being honest and open-might have to check em out!

    1. I thought I’d actually see if I could make my own out of cut-up leggings, but with a stretchy lace hem to stop them rolling up (a la, the Luvees) If you’ve got access to a sewing machine that might be an option ? Thanks for commenting!

  4. You are so courageously awesome! Thank you for such a relevant, honest, funny blog post! I am “lucky” to have two bubs at home and an endless supply of nappy rash cream! Lucas Paw Paw Ointment is my “go-to” fix it ointment for anything from chaffing, to nappy rash, to cracked nipples (breast feeders tune in!) to cracked lips! There are tubes of that stuff all over the house, in bags, draws and in our car! Thank you, you are an absolute gem and you have killer legs!

    1. Thats a good suggestion, Sophie! Thankyou! That’s the one in the red tube, right? I think I’ve got a really tiny tube for lip balm, so I might give it a go some time.

  5. I like a girl who’s willing to get her Maidenform out! I recently read a post on this issue by Jessica ( where she recommended plain old roll-on antiperspirant – and it has Changed. My. Life. Works perfectly, even in this sticky Melbourne heat!

    1. Hmn – that’s the second recommendation for plain old deodorant! Do you find it lasts all day? I’d love to find something that doesnt have to be constantly reapplied! Thanks for the comment – I’m glad you enjoyed reading 🙂

  6. I discovered that the carefree days of wearing skirts that I had during high school (obviously I had skinnier legs back then or something!) didn’t agree with me a few years back – working in an airconditioned store! Urgh, the first day that I wore a skirt “I’m in A/C! I’ll be fine!” – I made it through the day and took a taxi home instead of walking to the bus (and then having to walk home from the bus stop) because I was in so much pain. 🙁 I’ve resorted to cotton bike pants (Target’s short cotton ones) but have been looking for a fancier version for my wedding in April… so am thinking either the Thigh Society…. although I’d love some petti-pants! My dress is going to be just below knee length with a red petticoat, so I’ll need something that will “blend”…

    Thanks for the post, and calling out to all the silent sufferers 😉

    1. Thanks for commenting Lauren – here’s a suggestion for your wedding… I found these GREAT stay-up stockings from Secrets In Lace
      I find they stay up no problems, don’t cut in, don’t roll down, and sit high enough to eliminate chafing. I have a few pairs, but I save them for really really special occasions because I never seem to manage more than one wear without putting a run in the blighters.

      1. Ooooh they are so cute! Alas, I’ve got peeptoes shoes, otherwise I’d be all over this like a rash (har har, a bit of CR comedy for you… ;)) Will keep them in my back pocket for other fancy times! 😀

  7. Thanks for addressing this Lilli. No-one ever does, and it’s a problem I’ve had all my life but always suffered in silence. Thesedays I use leggings or boring cotton bike shorts. Good old baby powder is great too, but needs to be slapped on thickly if you’re doing lots of walking and sweating.

    ps. Your dress is cute as a button!

  8. Thanks for the post! Glad I’m not alone.
    I have had great success with lanacane cream, my mum bought it for me on a ‘save the day moment’ when I was a bridesmaid in 40 degree heat!
    I want to invest in some thigh society shorts too, as it is not always appropriate or timely to be running off to the toilet to reapply!
    Also carry talc free baby powder with me at all times, and have almost mastered getting it on without ruing my clothes or the floor!

  9. I don’t have chafing issues but have used body glide a lot when running and it’s brilliant. Sneaky marketing with the women’s product though.

    Btw, I was looking for the post you did a while back on buying boots and can’t seem to find it.

  10. I use a variety of things for this problem as well, depending on what I’m wearing — tights/hose, “yoga” pants or capris, an anti-chafing gel-powder [like the Lanacane, but this came first here:, HeatGear shorts [], sport tights [like these: [I’m in the US, but Under Armour ships to loads of countries, just change the region at the top of the page.] I know I linked to menswear, but I’m tall & women’s sport clothes tend to be cut for smaller [shorter and/or thinner] women — in this case menswear fits me better.

  11. first things first – I am in love with the fabric of your dress! it’s amazing 🙂 did you find the fabric somewhere, or did the maker have it on hand?

    and thank you for this post! all of my friends seem to have little stick thighs, and wouldn’t think twice about this… I’m on the petite side, but have large thighs and although I love dresses, in the summer it’s just too uncomfortable to wear them…. in cooler weather, I go to the outlet mall type places and buy shapewear a bit too big so there’s no squeezing, but no chafing either. but in the middle of summer, it’s just too hot! i never thought about using a creme/powder/antiperspirant, but it’s brilliant! i just requested a sample of the Lunacane, and one it’s nice and hot again here in the ‘states, I’ll be trying that along with some of the other tips here. i need to make some pettipants!

  12. Lilli – THANK YOU for this post! Its so nice to know that I’m not the only one who suffers from “chub rub”… 😛

    I have never used any of the creams and I wear leggings, shorts or shapewear to avoid chaffing. Tights in the winter, but only a certain denier. Having now read your recommendations I will also try the cream for the cooler days.

    Ps I LOVE your dress… gorgeous.

  13. Lilli~
    Thank you…..thank you….thank you. For showing us that it is OK to have a little help. I thought I was the only one to wear these items, but I love skirts and it killed me to give them up!!!! You are precious inside and out!

  14. This is great – and I laughed because you wrote about it so adorably 🙂

    I especially appreciate the luvees write-up as I wanted to order but haven’t yet. I have a real aversion to synthetic material (makes me sweat like a sweaty thing), so pettipants were a big NO for me. I tried some and wore them for a day and they were awful. They really work for some ladies though!

    There’s an etsy seller (ALLIHALLA) that makes custom bike shorts with a high waist AND any color lace trim you want! I have a pair from her and she is just lovely, and they are great.

  15. I bought some Luvees a while back but they were too big (though I’ve gained weight since then, perhaps a revisit is in order…), generally I like bike shorts but in hot weather, it kinda defeats the purpose of wearing a skirt in the first place (that whole airflow thing). I like 3B cream because it’s antiperspirant so it puts a stop to (most of) the sweating on a warm day, and have found Lanacaine to be a bit too icky. I’m going to have a look out for Glide (though I won’t pay $5 more for a lady version – ridiculous) and also try a spray antiperspirant, because that sounds easiest of all!

    I had hoped for a glowing review of Thigh Society because I like the smaller, no waistband aspect of them. I might give them a go myself and see what I think. Thanks for the review.

  16. Thank you so much for talking about this! When I first encountered Chub Rub, I searched the web and found the bulk of useful info on bodybuilding websites! Needless to say, some of their recommendations didn’t really work well under pretty dresses.

    I’m loving the ‘luvees’ and am considering investing in a couple of pairs (I currently use comfort shorts from Evans in the UK).

  17. Great and useful post, thanks. I have a cream from Monistat, a “chafing relief gel”, that I swear by. It sounds similar to the Lanacaine one you mention, as it’s kinda silicone-y. (I don’t know if it’s sold in Australia, but I have a hard time finding it in stores here, so I order from On particularly hot or walking-intensive days I layer, with the bodyglide on bottom and the Monistat gel on top. And someone else mentioned talcum powder – I find that can help out on less intense days, although it doesn’t mix well with the other solutions as it keeps them from sticking. I apply it standing in the bathtub so I can just wipe it down afterwards. 🙂

  18. Great post. I’ve never bothered much with the creams and potions. I will use Monistat anti-chafing powder gel sometimes. Usually as an upper thigh after shave or for the chub rub around the pool or beach. It’s good stuff for that.
    For skirts and dresses on formal occasions I’ll wear the Spanx, but day to day I want the holy grail of non binding shorts that breathe and stay put. The best I’ve ever found were cotton bike shorts in the plus size line at Forever 21. They were stupid cheap and very low quality but if they ever come out with them again I will by every pair in existence in my size. For now I wash the two pair I have like they are the most important pieces of clothing I’ll ever own, because they kind of are.

  19. Followed your link on Fatshionista– love this review!! I’ve tried Monistat anti-chafing cream and BodyGlide (which is my current pick for days when I’m not doing a lot of walking or moving around). I’ve had Luvees on my wishlist for ages and when I get a little extra cash I definitely plan to buy them– and based on your summaries here I think they’d be the best fit for me.


  20. HA! I’m so glad you posted about this. “Chub-rub” plagues me in the summer months (I’m in the Southern US, so “summer” lasts about 8 months…). I usually just slather on some anti-perspirant on my inner thighs, and that usually works pretty well.

  21. I’ve wanted some luvees since you first posted about them but the price has scared me off. Yesterday, as I was choosing a dress to wear and rejecting the thigh slimming panties I bought as a cheap substitute to luvees I struck on a new idea. I pulled out a pair of opaque tights, cut the bottoms off and overlocked around the cut edge. The end product was a lighter than bike shorts, easily length adjusted, a great way to recycle tights with worn out toes, cheap and super comfortable, and it only took about 3 minutes.

  22. Ha, I did several posts about my hunt for the perfect chub-rub solution this past summer.

    I will say that I ended up getting Luvee’s based on an old recommendation of yours. They’re super comfy but I find them to be too long for a lot of my outfits – I like short dresses. Also they do have the worlds worst customer service. And for the record I tried the thigh cover-alls and I can tell you w/o a doubt that they’re absolute crap and roll right down.

    I used to be obsessed with Evans “comfort shorts” and they’re nice and cheap, but then Evans changed their design and the new version rolls right up on my thighs. Double fail. But they might work for other folks.

  23. I tried to buy some Luvees a few months ago, but their website only accepts credit card and the page where you enter your details isn’t secure, so I just couldn’t bring myself to risk it. I couldn’t find any on eBay at the time either – would love to know if anyone has found them elsewhere!

  24. I have some bad news – apparently Luvees has gone out of business – the eBay supplier told me so… Back to the drawing board on that front! I’m trying to make my two pairs last as long as possible.

    I often just wear spanx – they make a light version that’s perfect for summer. You do need to go a size up though are they are far more snug than the usual spanx: Or alternatively there is an Ambra version that’s okay but I find they roll up my legs a bit…

  25. This is a wonderful post! Not only is it informative, but you’ve provided us with solutions we can work with! How great is that! I love the fact that you are addressing this and creating awareness that this is not a problem one person has but one that many of us may share. Thanks for doing that!

  26. A few weeks ago I actually went back through your archives looking for your original luvees post because I couldn’t remember what they were called.

    I have a combo of options.
    Knee length shapewear is good for when I need a smooth silhouette from the waist down. Not always comfortable, but I try and get the really smooth stretch ones. Ive had a pair that have lasted me 7 years. NOt sure of the brand though, the tag has worn off.

    bike pants. The cheap, cotton variety from kmart or target. Great under black full-ish skirts

    3/4 leggings or even looser yoga-style pants: great under maxi dresses as you don’t get the hem showing on the thigh when you sit down, a problem with bike pants.

    Will now go and read the other comments for more ideas

  27. Hoorah! I have been mulling this over. I bought a pair of pants from Alihalla on etsy. They were cheap and she was great with helping me choose the right size. I LOVE them they are super comfortable. They have a no-elastic hem and stretch lace around the bottom so I don’t mind if they peep out.

    I have also been known to use talcom powder, or even just plain cornflour. I put it on in the shower cubicle. My mother used to do this with one of those big old fashioned powder puffs. I have one pair of short shorts that I love, but… they are so painful. The talc does ok but again, I sweat it off. I might ahve to try the deoderant!

  28. Lads can sign off? HA! my husband ( who is very “average” size) gets chaffing quite a bit, as we work in a kitchen with hot ovens etc. I’ll let him know he needs some lace trimmed petti-pants, I am sure he’ll be as pleased as punch lol. I may also mention the antipersperant tip 😉

  29. There is a cream called Silic 15 which works great for me. It was recommended as a barrier cream to help with allergies but it does mention chafing on the tube so I gave it a try. If I’m out all day may have to reapply once but no more than that. Doesn’t feel greasy on and I haven’t had any transfer to my clothes either.

  30. hi lili! i do so love your blog, and your dress, and your sense of style. and, as someone who limped into a venetian apothecary shop once, and tried to figure out how to ask for ‘thigh ointment’ as a person who spoke no real italian, from a tiny old woman who spoke no english, i greatly appreciated your tips. my only little quibble is with the title of your post– ‘perfect girls need not apply’. i think that you, and other ladies with the chub rub, are probably ‘perfect’ as they are. right?

  31. Love this post!! I’ve been wearing the Target brand shapewear in bike pants for a while, and find them fantastic. They’re meant to suck in, and I guess it would depend on what size you get, but I find that while they’re firm, they’re not too full on. Enough to smooth the lines under a dress or skirt, so an added bonus.

  32. On a side note, a handy tip I picked up long ago for pantihose is to wear them inside out. This stops the ‘swish’ sound. It has worked for me over many years and through different brands.


  33. I have no idea why this should be, but although I have massive thunderthighs, I have never suffered from the dreaded chub rub. I worked a Renaissance Festival for a couple of years and was probably the only plus sized lady there who didn’t wear bloomers under her skirt in the sweltering heat, and I did fine. I didn’t even know it was an issue that existed till recently! I guess I am lucky?

    The weird thing is–the thighs of my clothes don’t wear out either like I’ve seen on other large people (including my boyfriend who isn’t even all that big). What is up with that? They rub. But nothing happens.

    My thighs are magic <– dirtiest thing I have ever typed

    I have an assortment of other sartorial issues so maybe this is just the fashion gods having mercy on me. "We'll give you every problem in the book," they said, "except that you'll never thigh chafe nor need to pluck your eyebrows."

  34. Hi Lili – just to say, can’t believe how good your legs are in those thigh shorts … i say wear them out without the dress over the top and to hell with good taste ha ha… keep up the stylish posts, loving them from over in chilly england brrrrr! xx

  35. Too funny! My sister, Maxabella forwarded this to me. I can’t say I have ever referred to it as ‘chub rub’ (lol) but I am well acquainted with this problem! Have tried all forms of ‘anti-chaf mechanism’ (as I call them) and I reckon the old lady, nude bike shorts are the best solution. Thanks for the laugh!

  36. Oh I can’t believe I missed this post!

    I bought two pairs of thigh society a few weeks ago and you would probably be interested to know that the beige pair – i.e. all cotton are *much* better than the white pair (bamboo). They don’t stretch as much and pretty much just stay put all day. The bamboo pair stretch and end up as rolled-up undies within a few hours. I think if I had ordered a size down on the bamboo pair I may be ok.

    I also bought some spanx at the same time (the lightweight ones) and they fit awfully and immediately popped a hole in the leg which was incredibly unbecoming. I’m thinking of writing back to them…

    Anyway as usual love your posts.

  37. Hi Lilli,

    absolutely love your blog, keep up the good work.

    Have read this thread with a great deal of interest, thanks for raising the topic, done with lots of charm and helpful advice. I went out today and bought two pairs of Target shape wear tow sizes up from my usual size. The fits nicely without being constricting and get rid of the dreaded rub.

  38. Hi Lilli,

    I love your blog and that you share all your super handy hints. I’ve been visiting frocks and frou frou for about 6 months now and did go back and read all your older entries which is where you introduced me to Luvees.

    I was so excited when I read about Luvees because it seemed someone had finally invented exactly just what I needed. I had been using the Neat 3B cream and it just wasn’t cutting it on Sydney’s summer days.

    I looked on ebay for some Luvees with no luck and finally ended up getting some from the Luvees website ( With the Aussie dollar as stong as it is at the moment they aren’t too expensive – US $27 for the Panty Coverall and US $22.50 for the Thigh Coverall with postage of US $15.95 for up the 4 items.

    I got two pairs of Luvees with the longer leg – one Panty Coverall and one Thigh Coverall to see which would work best. The Panty Coverall is awesome. In the two weeks that I’ve had them I’ve worn skirts and dresses more times than I have all year! Finally I can be comfortable and cool!!

    As for the Thigh Coverall – I’ve been wearing them around the house today to see how they go and they’re not as comfortable and the Panty Coverall. They are still preferable to chub rub and the associated pain but if and when I buy some more I’ll definitely get the Panty Coverall. The Thigh Coverall has quite thin elastic at the top which makes it dig in a bit and roll down. I know it has to be tight so that they stay up but if they had the nice thick elastacised lace on the top as they have on the bottom they might be a bit more comfortable. Also if I was to wear them with a slightly fitted dress then you’d be able to see where the elastic cuts in and makes muffin tops (is it possible to have muffin tops on your legs? lol).

    Well, my comment has ended up a bit longer than I thought it would but I just wanted to share my experience with Luvees.

    Thanks so much Lilli for your wonderful blog and for showing me a way to get out of pants and into my pretty skirts and dresses again =)

  39. I can’t believe I missed this post! *shakes fist* DAMN YOU, HOLIDAYS!

    I am so impressed you wrote this article – Very brave! The absolute horror of looking down at my rubbed-raw thighs after a night walking around the town in a cute little skirt when I was 18 has never really left me, and the chub rub became the bane of my existence – Thighs, underarms… Is no place sacred!?!

    I’ll definitely be trying out the Luvees, but two other things I have discovered in the last two years that worked so amazingly well for me I couldn’t believe it: In winter, I wear We Love Colors’ Nylon Lycra tights. The other We Love Colors type I find a little scratchy and rough, and the seams tend to rub at the most painful part of my thighs, but the nylon lycra tights are so soft! I’m at the small end of my size bracket so maybe they rub a little less that they would someone heavier, but someone mentioned turning them inside out and I’ve done this with other brands with great sucess. They get holes in them easily if you’re accident prone comme moi, but after one or two washes I find that zippy little phht phht noise that discourages me from wearing body shapers disappears.

    And in summer, I find Lush’s mody moisturising bars are the absolute best to rub over your thighs. They moisturise and actually leave a slight film on the skin that allows for them to easily slide against each other. Sometimes you have to reapply, but the moisturisers in the bars actually keep the skin so soft I can go five hours or more without even thinking about it.

    God, I love this blog! Where else can one wax poetic about the elimination of chub rub?

  40. I am 36yo and have not worn a skirt/dress in summer since about age 20, because of chub rub. No matter where I go in summer, I’m in light trousers or jeans 🙁 When I have worn a dress, even around my home, I end up with chub rub. At its worst, I get big horrible red cyst like pimples and I’ve always been self conscious to the point where I don’t like lights on during sexy time 🙁

    Talc powder doesn’t work for me because in a few minutes it has come off. I’ll try deodorant but don’t think it will work for me either.

    I went to purchase luvees recently but stopped short because they do not offer secure connections during the payment process, so your credit card details are being sent unencrypted. I was really unimpressed with this.

    Thigh Society is just way too expensive for what you get IMHO 🙁

    Note to Aussie ladies, Target are having a sale startingThu. Jan 13 and bike shorts are reduced in price. I’m thinking of just getting a pair of those if they’re in a good breathable fabric, but I also want a white pair and so far I’ve only found black. I bought a pair of light coloured exercise shorts years ago but they have an obvious seam down the outside thigh.

  41. A very interesting post, keep up with a good work .Thank you so much for talking about this! When I first encountered Chub Rub, I searched the web and found the bulk of useful info on bodybuilding websites! Needless to say, some of their recommendations didn’t really work well under pretty dresses.

  42. Love your blog – I’m a frequent lurker!

    After reading this a while ago I tried ‘Mitchum’ roll on deo which worked a treat. I always keep Mitchum at home for special occasions, I don’t like to wear it all the time because 1. it takes too long to dry and 2. there is something creepy about the way it is hard to wash off – it really super-adheres to you and creates a true barrier that no evil sweat can get through – can’t be too good for you.

    Its very unglamourous – when you apply it you have to use the hairdryer on a cool setting to dry it because otherwise it just stays wet for too long.

    But once on, nothing is getting through that sucker.

    I’d never thought to use it to prevent chub rub, but it was awesome.

    Thanks for blogging on such a relevant and rarely talked about issue!

  43. I just ordered my first pairs of Luvees, and the customer service has been EXCELLENT! Anita emailed me to confirm my order. My order was a little too big so I need to make an exchange, but I need the product for a trip abroad quickly, and she is sending me new pairs in several sizes right away even though my return package has not reached her, just to make sure I have what I need in time. They have been available by phone and email and extra accommodating. I am very satisfied and fulling endorse this service as much better than dubious. Yeah Luvees!

  44. Lilli, I can’t believe you’re shy about your knees! you should totally rock a shorter hem, there’s nothing hideous about them whatsoever! In comparison, I can assure you that they’re much more prettier and petite than mine, I have scarring from a few bicycling accidents, AND I have dry patches and that funny roll that pops over the top when I have my legs straight.. my ugly old knees would beat up your pretty little knees any day of the week.

    also, those short/slips looks super easy to sew – I’m going to make a pair out of 100% cotton dress lining – I’ll let you know how the project goes and maybe post up a how-to somewhere


  45. Wow! I got linked this page on my Weight Watchers blog page and wow.
    I resigned myself to always having to wear jeans or leggings with all of my skirts, but your blog has given me faith that there is someting out there that will work for me against the dreaded chub rub. I will definitely be trying some of the creams and will be buying myself some baby powder.
    Now most of the time I don’t mind wearing leggings under skirts, when I actually do wear them, but like you in summer I like to have bare legs.
    Thanks for such an informative and helpful post, keep up the good work 🙂

  46. I remember reading this a long time ago and trying the 3B cream which works well but I have decided to wear skirts all summer and think I need something more reliable to avoid the pain of chafing. Coming back here was great – I think I may end up making some split shift type pants.

  47. Thanks for putting this out there, I only own a couple of skirts, for this exact reason….
    I’ve tried a few different solutions mentioned above. Something else I do (as I am a good bit bigger) is wear Pantyliners – the ones for women with pelvic floor problems…. they help when it is a hot sweaty day, absorbing some of the sweat.
    But I find the bike pants work a treat 🙂

  48. Dear Lilli, you and your blog are FABULOUS! You are a breath of fresh air! And your advice about what to do about inner-thigh rubbing is so useful! Last summer I got really fed up with my own “chub-rub” so I invested in some very nice shorts from Sloggi – they are called Long Leg Briefs and are made of very simple, comfortable cotton, plain with a slight frill of lace on the end. Unfortunately, the only place I could find them was ebay though! And it was a total revelation! I have to admit, I wore them all summer with lots of pretty dresses.

    Now we have taken on the chub-rub, I reckon we should go for the fact that it is nigh-on impossible to find sports clothes, like breathable running leggings, fitted tops (breatheable and not just cotton) and generally flattering sports gear that fits women over size 16 (UK). Perhaps things are slightly better in Australia, but it is in my experience so hard in the UK to find sports clothes that fit! And I am sure I am not alone in thinking this puts women size 16 plus from exercising comfortably, and the fact of the matter is the more fabulous and sporty I feel in my clothes, the more likely I am to go out and enjoy the sports I love and feel happier and healthier for it! I did not take part in a triathalon last year simply because I could not find gear that did fit. Rant over.

    Thank you so much for your beautifully written blog. You are fabulous and an absolute beauty! India

  49. I second the vote for Sloggi Long pants / Knickers. I wore them last year and wouldn’t be without them. I am worried they are going to stop making them so think I will stock up this year.

  50. Great advice thank you. It doesnt seem to matter how fat ot thin you are or how old or young – some of us just get this problem.
    Just a point to make about talc – it has been linked to ovarian cancer so make sure you have your knickers on before slapping it on your thighs, just to be safe girls.

  51. Pingback: Chubby Chafer
  52. I’ve used several different products also for my chub rub! I have found that this cream works the best. I also have just found these and purchase a couple of pairs to see. There are a lot of positive reviews with them. I will let you know when they come in! Thanks so much for your post! Its nice to know there are a lot of us out there with this same issue.

    1. Thanks so much Kelsey! Yeah, I’ve tried the bandelettes as well – love ’em. They’re way sexier than the leggings, thought they do tend to be slightly less comfortable on long days when you’re doing a LOT of walking.
      I have tried Monistat, but I’ve pretty much given up on creams now, unless it’s just for a short day.

  53. Hi Lilli! This is an extremely useful post, thank you! I get the inner-thigh chafing as well, and I have always hated the bermuda girdles, especially in the Summer, because after a short period of time you just feel soooo uncomfortable (plus the muffin top effect) so I have kept away from many lovely skirts and dresses during my shopping trips. I think I will try the longer version of the Luvees Panty Cover-all, because on my legs even the girdles ride up :\
    So, a major THANK YOU for this post!

  54. Oh. My. Life. You are an angel. I have had this problem forever and I cannot believe there is not more out there for us ladies! I’m loving the vintagey petti-pants which I did not know existed but always knew would be perfect (After many dubious Google search results for “long silky undershorts” and the like and even “bloomers” I was giving up hope!) I was on the verge of inventing them myself! I’m getting married in 8 months time and I was dreading the “chub-rub” on a day where I’m supposed to feel like a princess…. The petti-pants will be perfect under my dress and hopefully not make me feel too frumpy either!!! Thankyou so much!

  55. well I think I have to get sewing… I think I will just have to make some Petti-Pants! Love the look of them… thanks for the info
    I will have to find some bike shorts that are not too hot!!

  56. I also have no idea how I didn’t get chub rub as a teen – but now that I’m no longer in that age bracket it can be a disaster! For years I would wear what I call “suction cup underwear” which is pretty much spanks that hold everything in. Sure they work but even when I get the largest sizes available (3x or bigger) they are still a hot polyester mess! And there’s nothing like drips of sweat rolling down your legs that make you feel totally gross!

    I have come up with a cheap (and much cooler) alternative. I buy jersey cotton tights and just slice the legs off so they cover my inner thighs without showing in a dress! No need to even hem them and they have been going strong for me for a good 2 years now.

    Sometimes I need to throw a little diaper rash cream between my cheeks if it is a scorcher out too. I like the aveeno baby cream most because it’s super thick and doesn’t rub off easily.

    I also have a gal pal that just buys men’s boxer briefs to wear as undies in the summer which in sure is a nice breathable option as well!

  57. I want to thank you for the post, but oh my goodness, girl, you have BEAUTIFUL legs. I wish my legs looked like yours! They used to at one time, haha, so maybe I’ll get back there. But seriously, show them babies off! 🙂

  58. Try Jockey brand underwear called “skimmiies”. They are slip shorts and come in cool and wicking options. Very comfortable. Great colors! I live in Florida and wear dresses with skimmies all summer long.

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