Top: Myer

Skirt: City Chic

Tights: We Love Colours

Shoes: All Black


The circus has come to town!

Aren’t these tights excellent? I wasn’t quite sure I could pull them off, but they’re such enormously good fun they’re definitely worth a whirl. We Love Colors has them in any number of different colour combinations, but I like the traditional black and white stripes. Very Burton-esque, and bordering on vaudeville.

They’re of the perplexing “one-size-fits-all” variety, and I had to do my trick of wearing a second pair of panties over the top to keep them up, but the hips and waist definitely have room to stretch.

I’ve teamed them with a pair of shoes that I bought from Nordstrom when I was over in the US. I was so impressed with the customer service – when they were too tight across the bridge of my foot, the sales staff offered to put them on the stretching machine for an hour or so while I went and had a coffee. Unheard of in Australia.

The box gave me the giggles when I looked at it later though:

22 thoughts on “Carnival

  1. Those tights are too cute! I ordered a pair of leggings from We Love Colors and ordered the largest plus size because they were longer. The leggings were marked as being able to fit someone up to 250 lbs (I’m 180), and they were so tight and gave me rolls that I didn’t need (I’ve got that covered already, no worries) that I haven’t gotten anything from them since. However, I’ve seen you and a lot of other stylish ladies liking them, so maybe I’ll give them another try…

    1. Hi Katie, I agree with you. I went on a buying spree and have about 8 pairs of we love colours tights which don’t fit or barely fit even though I bought a size bigger and checked the measuements!

      1. Hello Vicky and Katie. I am sorry to hear that you guys have had a less than pleasurable experience with us. Send me an email with your information and we will try our best to resolve any issues that you may have had.

        We thank you guys for your honest comments. It helps us to improve our products which is very important to us. πŸ˜‰

        Happy Holidays!


  2. I am soooooo looking forward to going shopping in the states – we’re going to New York for our honeymoon (passport arrived yesterday!) and oh the clothes! Boots and jeans are on my agenda.

    Love the look xox

  3. A very Burton-esq outfit indeed! I hope it’s ok but I’m blaming you when the husband finds out I’ve just spent Β£30 on tights from We Love Colors … The post reminded me to order some more from there! I already got a couple of pairs & I agree about the striped ones but I’ve just ordered 2 more pairs despite fact they fall down because I love the strips so much!

    Ps please drop by my blog & dress me in my new challenge πŸ™‚

  4. Fantastic! I love any black and white stripe with hot pink. It’s the perfect combination for fun.
    PS – Went to Best and Less today. They had shapewear underwear short bike pants in soft but firm material – $7! Sizes 8-26. They had pairs that sit on the waist or under the boob – but they were light enough to not full corseted in summer.

  5. i TOLD you they looked ace. we wondered whether it was a wicked witch of the west vibe or rather an alice in wonderland…either way – winners! also a great skirt. kate x

  6. Hi! This is the first time I visit your blog, and I love your style. It’s fashion, but in the same time it’s different and original. I think I’ll start to follow u (sorry for my horrible english, I’m italian:).

  7. I LOVE that T-Shirt!! I have 2 of those skirts.. and an ever growing collection of welovecolours tights!!

    You’re turning me into a monster!!!.. but a very well dressed monster πŸ™‚

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