Discounted Dressy

Dress: DIY

Shoes: Zensu

I was getting frocked up for a nice dinner a few weeks ago, and decided to wear this DIY dress, which I whipped up out of a few dollars worth of jersey material earlier this year. It’s probably one of the cheapest items in my wardrobe, but somehow the bare shoulders make it immediately dressy.

So much plus sized fashion in Australia seems to be strapless, which baffles me a little because goodness knows strapless bras are the most uncomfortable devices known to man, and I know a lot of girls aren’t that confident with their upper arms, too (I usually team this dress with a cardi or shrug to dress it down a little).

I always forgot that Lilli+Strapless=Overdressed… I even bought a summery little bandeau singlet in the Bravissimo sales, which has proven itself disappointingly formal.


It’s late, and I’m having trouble keeping my mind from wandering, so I’m letting this post be a short ‘n sweet one, but before I go check out this awesome blog. As someone who compulsively remixes her cardigans, this site’s proving to be a goldmine of brilliant ideas.

26 thoughts on “Discounted Dressy

  1. Gorgeous Lilli!!! Love this dress, Im not a huge fan of strapless either, always very self conscious about the arms!!! lol

  2. Oh Lilli, you look stunning! This strapless look on you is perfect! I can’t believe you sewed this beauty yourself. And your hair looks so pretty! It’s grown so much!

  3. Cute dress 🙂

    Someone on a blog somewhere a long, long time ago recommended layering a tee or blouse under strapless tops/dresses to get a bit more use out of them. Maybe that could be a solution – gives it a “secretary dress” kind of look.

  4. You made that dress?? Lilli I envy your talent at whipping up dresses… I wish I could do that!! I don’t think it looks that dressy (as in an overdressed kind of way!

  5. What a wonderful blog you have! I loved to know you here!
    I wish I have this nice way of dressing onde day! Hope it comes soon!
    Loved you blog, loved your description!
    I’ll come back sometimes… Loved this web place!
    Wish you the best. Here ends my first visit ‘n’comment!

  6. You do look fantastic and I can’t believe how you put this dress together with a wing and a prayer. I spend hours agonising over patterns and making everything just so, and here you go, just throwing it together and it looks so amazing. I’m sure there’s a lesson in this somewhere…

  7. Hey,

    Just wanted to add, for budget conscious readers, I’ve bought mens boxers from KMart for this very reason.. and they work a treat. just make sure you buy the ones with the longer leg – the shorter ones ride up abit and don’t help with the chafing 🙂

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