Frugal February DIY: Disco Fever

Dress: DIY!
So, I was looking at the construction of my Dream Diva skirt/dress and it seemed reasonably easy, so when I spotted this stripy 70’s jersey at Spotlight for just a few dollars a metre I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a stab at making a similar piece for myself.
It’s insanely basic: a circle skirt sewn to a boob tube, really. There’s LOTS of tutorials on how to make a circle skirt available online, and the boob tube’s just that – a tube of fabric large enough to squeeze your torso into.
I actually misjudged the length of my body somewhat, with the result that the top’s a bit too long, but it means I can drop the waist on the dress to sit on my hips like I did the top picture, and it’s easy to fix if I decide I need to.
I was tempted to add straps or little cap sleeves so that I can wear it with a bra, but I thought I’d stick to strapless and wear it with a bolero if needed.

I didn’t do a tutorial – sorry folks – mostly because I kind of started, restarted, did things differently, went back to the drawing board, etc etc, and a tutorial of that would just be confusing. If I make it again (and I might if I find the right fabric) I’ll do a tute then.

13 thoughts on “Frugal February DIY: Disco Fever

  1. That turned out great! perfect fabric for it too! Makes me want to dig out my sewing machine… or did you use a serger?

  2. Hey Lily, I have generous E cups.. and I remember reading somewhere on here you're an F cup.. just wondering if you can offer any wisdom about wearing strapless dresses like this? I can't get around bra-less, just wondering what you would wear (or not wear) with this dress? Do you have any tips? Ronnie 🙂

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