Frugal February: Little Ray of Sunshine

T-shirt: Giordano
Cardigan: 8Inkerman
Jeans: Embody
Shoes: Claude d’alban
Yay! Last day of Frugal February!
I hope everyone’s had a delightful weekend – I didn’t stagger home until well past 3am this morning as last night The Sophisticate and I went to see The Room which I can categorically say is the best worst film ever made. Seriously, it’s so bad it made my brain hurt.

9 thoughts on “Frugal February: Little Ray of Sunshine

  1. I love the colours of this outfit, and the little pins on your cardigan are cute!

    The Room really was a spectacular disaster, wasn't it? But also the most fun I've had watching a film in a long time!

  2. I looooove this look! Absolutely LOVE it! Yellow is one of my favourite colours and I absolutely love wearing yellow! 🙂

  3. Ooh, you've shown me how I can wear yellow. That cool tone mixed with the stripes and the denim is perfect.

  4. This cardigan couldn't get any better! Now I have to find one (though I think the 8inkerman ones are a bit out of my price range 🙂

    Where are the brooches from? Love them too!

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