School’s Out

Blouse: Barkins
Vest: Target
Skirt: Tartanista
OK, I’ll be totally honest, I actually wore a different outfit out today (something a little less provocative!) but I couldn’t think of a better way to feature my new “Randoseru” bag from Hideo Wakamatsu!
The Randoseru is the very recognisable firm-sided backpack that’s used by schoolchildren in Japan, and they’re incredibly resilient and – let’s face it – adorable.
Mine came from Hideo Wakamatsu, a Japanese luggage company with a particular focus on traditional craftmanship and timeless designs (for the Grown-Ups they also have the most beautiful attache case I’ve ever seen)
It’s the most fabulous quality and there’s all sorts of little bits and pieces that come within, including a notebook and a keyring, but really it’s the quality of the workmanship that really sells it:
The back is wonderfully padded, so it’s comfortable, even when it’s full of, say, a purse, two phones, some sunglasses, lipbalm, business cards, a hairbrush, housekeys, the new Patrick Ness, and other assorted things that a girl can’t leave the house without.

I love all the little details, like the handy clasp on the side:

Check out the stiching…

…and the clever latch at the bottom of the bag!

Enough room for everything.
A few extra pockets at the front and a timetable in case you actually do go to school!

I’m wearing it mock-schoolgirl style in the picture, but it’s such a classic style that I think it looks just at home over jeans & a t-shirt, a little dress, flirty skirts… I’m looking forward to getting lots of use out of it.

13 thoughts on “School’s Out

  1. OMG I love that bag. Plus it would make a perfect travel bag (for flying) because it would hold EVERYTHING I like to drag on board and more. Though I'd probably have trouble finding it in the single compartment!

    My only concern – and it's a tiny one, but significant if you are of the larger persuasion, like myself – how long can you make the straps? Because in the photos it looks like not very long at all, and I hate them pinching around my shoulders when wearing backpacks. Can you measure them for me at the longest and shortest lengths?

    Also, what adorable socks! Alas, as I am turning 40 this month, I think I'm too old to pull off this look, but you look adorable and sexy in it. No mean feat. *applauds you*

  2. I found your blog this morning when I was googling red boots. You are an absolute gem, your style is beautiful and just the inspiration I need. Then I logged on tonight to find you've updated – I'm swooning! I have a toddler who's worn on my back daily. When he grows out of it, I'll miss it. I'll celebrate the rite of passage by buying one of these randoseru to wear on my back instead! Thanks for the fun, the finds and the encouragement.

  3. What a cute outfit!!!!

    I have that vest actually 🙂 It's very flattering on!

    I wish I were brave enough to try over the knee socks


  4. I was just in Japan and nearly bought one of these. But, schoolkids look sooo damn cute carrying them, I didn't think I could match it 🙂

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