Blouse: Barkins
Cardigan: Marilyn Seyb
Skirt: Sussan
Boots: Reiker Anti-Stress, via ShoeBuy

A sneak peek at what we’ve got ahead of us… I’m glad to be back in my boots and cardigans. Even just for today.

Sorry – really short one today – having a bit of a work disaster, and have to dash out to do some “Make It Happen” ing before tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Autumnal

  1. just sending hugs! you look ADORABLE! my PC is zombiesh and 3/4 of my free time i have to spend on recovering what was lost :/ buaaaa!

  2. I've only been following your blog for a week or so, but I'm already suffering from severe wardrobe envy!

  3. I wish we could find nice boots with fair prices here in Brazil… Love yours! Love all the look! Your beautiful!!

  4. I am happy to have my cardigans and tights again! But it seems like tomorrow is going to be HOT…grrr!

  5. You are truly inspirational – I love your look – thank you for showing me that I can look and feel great even though I am short and carrying extra weight. Keep up the fantastic work!

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