So I have some exciting news!

I’ve been invited to be a brand ambassador for my favourite denim line, Embody Denim
I know you’ve all heard me rave about Embody before, I bought my first pair of jeans from them years ago before I started Frocks And Frou Frou, and have been a devotee ever since.

(Me! In my first ever pair of Embody Jeans, the Tempt Narrow)
Embody was started by plus-size model Natalie Wakeling who was – and I’m sure all of us can attest to having similar experiences – completely and utterly fed up with not being able to find good quality stylish jeans cut for curvier figures. No elastic waistbands, no stonewash, no pretendy denim, or truckloads of spandex. Just good quality materials and workmanship, classic, contemporary styles and a fit that flatters.
I’ve got other pairs of jeans in my wardrobe, but none are as favoured or long-lasting as my Embodies.
Here’s some examples of the styles that I have in my collection:
Bella: Great wide-leg jeans in a strong indigo blue – nice wide waistband, and very suitable for generous thighs and for whittling a waist.
Fever: Good basic bootleg, no fuss no bother – slightly higher waistband, again, really good for generous thighs, and folks who like a bit more support around the old mid-section.
Bebe: My hot jeans. These are quite low-waisted bootcuts, and have the most gorgeous wash and my favourite flap pockets at the back.
My new Tempt Narrows, now that my old ones have finally had the thighs worn out of them. They’re my favourite pair of narrow-leg jeans, and make my butt look great. They’re tight in the thigh, but not uncomfortably so, and somehow, magically, manage to avoid muffin-topping me 🙂
So, that’s my collection – like what you see? Well, you’re in luck, because for one week Natalie’s offered Frocks And Frou Frou readers the opportunity to save 25% off everything at Embody. Just email her on natalie@embodydenim.com.au with your desired style & size with the word “Frocks” in the subject line, and she’ll send you a discounted invoice! Do it!

17 thoughts on “Embodied

  1. I wish I look as good in denim as you do! I have sworn off denim about a year ago…after years of searching for the right pair…I simply gave up. I live in my leggings nowadays now…every pair everyday of winter and autumn!

    You do look great though…shows off your lovely curves!! Especially your new narrow ones!

  2. That IS exciting, good on you!

    I have only ever found one pair of jeans that was even remotely flattering to my huge thigh-to-lower-leg ratio (black Rock&Republic straight legs, surprising since I detest most of their designs haha, but huuuuuge price tag and they haven't lasted very well, especially since I wear jeans so rarely!), I'll definitely be looking into the Embody range in the future.

  3. Embody jeans are fantastic, i stocked them in my store when i had it, and they were a huge hit.You look great in them.


  4. OMG, how exciting!
    I totally love Embody as well. I have all of the jeans you have, except for the narrow ones. The Bella jeans and my favourite ever, I just love them. I wish they'd make them in black so I could wear them as work pants!

  5. Congratulations! I'm currently on holiday so catching up on all the posts from the last 10 days or so. Love the backpack, the socks, everything. and I think I need to get me a pair of those embodies…

  6. I always admire those jeans, and that is so cool that you got this gig as an ambassador (and can help us out with a discount)!

    Are their size charts pretty accurate? A lot of times with jeans, I need to pick the size with hip measurements slightly smaller than mine, b/c they stretch so much.

  7. Oh you look fabulous. Being a very curvy lady I HATE buying jeans. Thanks for sharing, I came here via Sooz.

  8. Congratulations, Lilli!

    Have been eyeing off Embody jeans for a while…am off to purchase some with the discount. Thanks!

  9. Thanks girls 🙂

    Rebecca, one of the things I love about Embody is that they don't seem to stretch out that much – The size chart's pretty good, but if you're in doubt, shoot Nat an email, and I'm sure she'd be able to make some suggestions.

  10. wow, thanks so much for the great deal! have been wanting to try embody ever since your tip on svoboda worked so well for me. i just placed my order with natalie and can't wait for my jeans (fever and tempt) to get here! am a bit nervous about the australian sizes working out but fingers crossed…

  11. So glad I persisted trying to get onto the site, just got some jeans for $75!! Great deal thanks LIlli

  12. Congratulations! To be an ambassador for such a wonderful brand is just perfect.

    My tempt narrows have only just worn out on the thighs (they lasted much longer than any other jeans I've ever owned), and I love them so much. I'll definitely be buying some this week now I have a discount code, thanks!!

  13. Hi Lilli
    I rarely comment but THANK YOU!

    I took the plunge and ordered today – Natalie was super easy to corro with and helped me choose style and size.

    Here's hoping i love them as much as you love yours.

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