Nautical and Nice

Asos Floral Skirt and striped topAsos Floral Skirt and striped top Asos Floral Skirt and striped topAsos Floral Skirt and striped topTop: Temt

Belt: Target

Midi Floral Skirt: Asos

Shoes: Lifestride Parigi via Shoebuy

Just a quickie, late on a Monday night before I put myself to bed!

I ordered this Midi Floral Skirt from Asos in the sales a couple of weeks ago, because I loved the full blown roses print and thought there was plenty of items in my closet it would go with.

I sized down, assuming that as it was a pull-on style it would probably be a similar fit to the recent scuba skirts that have been cropping up. The fabric’s a reasonably thin jersey, and that means there’s not as much volume as there would have been with a stiffer fabric, but the skirt’s a full circle so there’s still a lot of flare around the hips.

I love the combination of florals and stripes, and it’s something I’m seeing more and more of on blogs and in magazines. The stripes seem to lift an old-fashioned floral print into something a little more contemporary, where the florals pretty-up the minimalist simplicity of a nautical top.

I suspect this particular top is too loose for this outfit to be 100% successful, and the long sleeves create too even a balance between the two prints. In summer I’ll team the skirt with a closer fitting top that allows the rosy fabric to sing, without overwhelming it.

But of course, it’s winter, and it’s freezing, so this is what you get for now!

What a Pill


Top: Big W

Skirt: Asos

Shoes: Mollini

A few weeks ago I bought myself a good quality fabric shaver, so now I feel a bit more confident giving this skirt a positive review. The pilling on the sides of the skirt finally reached the tipping point between natty and tatty, and I knew if I wanted to go on wearing it I’d have to do something about it.

I bought the Classic 50 Fabric Shaver at the QVM for $50, which was well beyond what I thought these little devices would go for. And sure enough, you can pick up a little battery operated version for under $10, but I’ve spoken to a few people since and apparently they’re crapola, so now I feel better about having (accidentally) splurged on the rolls royce of the fabric shaver world.


The guy at the market was totally lovely and helpful. He shaved my sleeve for me, and when I told him the only reason it wasn’t pilly was that I’d given it a go-over with my fabric comb that morning he sucked his breath in through his teeth and told me that they were terrible, and actually made things fluffier, which made them MORE pilly, which when I think about it makes sense. He then gave me the rundown on this device: it’s mains-operated which allows it to have a little suctiony fan to pull the pills up into the grill for maximum de-pillage. The replaceable blades are wicked sharp, and I’ve discovered (from experience, sob!) that you have to be REALLY careful not to run it over a fold or you’ll risk snipping a little hole in your sweater.

After I de-pilled my skirt I was so excited I pulled out every cheap cardigan and sweater in my wardrobe, and spent a cheerful evening in front of the telly shaving every little pill off.

Bloody hell, does it make a difference!

before and after fabric shaver

Anyhoo. That’s my exciting story (not really) about how I made my old stuff look new again.