From Little Things


 Cardigan: Boden

Top: Gorman

Belt: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: Asos

Shoes: Seychelles via DSW

We’re in the middle of some funny in-betweenie weather in Melbourne at the moment. It’ll be in one minute warm and sunny, and then the next the wind will pick up or the sun will go behind a cloud and it’ll be bitingly chilly.

I don’t mind too much because it means I’m getting lots of use out of my vast collection of cardigans. My pale yellow cashmere cardigan that I bought from Boden teams up well with the dove grey pleated skirt that I recently snapped up in the Asos sales, and which has rapidly become a trans-seasonal favourite in my wardrobe.

The skirt comes with the rather alarming warning that the ten bazillion pleats may have to be ironed back into place after washing, but they haven’t softened after repeated wears and don’t seem to smush flat after extensive sitting so I’m hopeful that it’s just Asos covering their bases.


It’s made of a soft t-shirtish jersey, and the vaguely heathered effect of the fabric saves it from being too secretarial. The waist band and fabric are quite stretchy, and it’s a pull on style. I bought the 16 and it’s almost too be for me, so size down, and then maybe size down again.

I’ve teamed it with a gold-polkadot tee from Gorman and yellow shoes to match the sunny cardigan. The extremely old bow belt from Dorothy Perkins defines my waist, and I added an acorn necklace that I literally bought off the back of the owner of Humble Beginnings in Randwick on a work trip up to Sydney.


It reminds me of when I was a little girl in Canberra. My preschool was in Yarralumla and the playground had a few big mature oak trees that dropped acorns into the grass. I used to love prising the glossy brown nuts out of their caps so I could pretend they were tiny bowls. My friends and I would fill them with (poisonous!) cotoneaster berries and leave them for the fairies.

Humble Beginnings doesn’t have a website, I’m afraid, but there’s so really lovely alternatives on Etsy:


Silver Acorn Necklace – from New Chapel St in Sydney, so fellow Antipodeans, you won’t have to pay a fortune for international shipping, and you’ll get it quickly! Yay!


From a Real Acorn Necklace – from xChupi in Ireland. Like the name suggests this is actually cast from a real acorn. It’s a little bit dearer, but it’s solid silver and comes with free shipping. Plus I love the way Chupi says “Every acorn holds a promise of all the wonder still to come”


Peter’s Kiss Acorn Necklace – from Dreams By The Sea in California. The name is a reference to the children’s book “Peter Pan and Wendy”: Peter offers Wendy a kiss, which turns out to be an acorn button which Wendy wears on a chain around her neck. This lovely little number is actually a locket too, so you can keep a little secret close to your heart.


Acorn Bangle Bracelet – from Emilina Ballerina in Missouri. If you don’t like necklaces you might prefer this dainty little brass bangle. It’s a steal at just US$12


Gold lapel pin with large acorn cap and NZ merino wool – I have a soft spot for these lovely boutonnières from RockRibbons in Brisbane. I want one in every colour really, but just one or two on the lapel of your coat, or pinned through the crown of your hat, or affixing your favourite scarf in place around your neck? So chic!

Up the River


 Top: Maison Jules at Macy’s

Belt: Dream Diva

Skirt: River Island (via Asos)

Shoes: Comfortview “Regina”

I bought this skirt some time ago from Asos, but haven’t worn it much due to the cold weather. I’m also having a bit of trouble understanding what best to pair it with (my dirty little secret? I mostly wear dresses because you don’t have to worry about what goes with what!)

I tried it with black t-shirts, and that didn’t work. Blouses and cardigan were OK, but a bit fussy-looking. I can’t find a blush top that works properly with the creamy blush of the skirt. I dream of wearing it with a blush and black striped top, but one hasn’t presented itself to me yet.

It seems to like pale grey though, so I thought I’d pair it with the cashmere owl sweater I bought over Christmas in New York. The dots are actually black, but with a navy belt and the navy detailing of the owl on the sweater I can sort of force an optical illusion to make suggest that the polkadots are blue too. Because – as you know – matching is important to me!

I don’t mind the skirt – I hadn’t bought anything from the River Island brand before, but took a punt that the size chart on their website was a better guide than the generic one on the Asos website which would mean sizing up, and I’m glad I did. They run about half a size (maybe a full size) smaller than Asos’ own brand clothing, but are very similar in style and quality.

The skirt is made of a non-stretch woven fabric and it’s a bit crush-prone, but it’s cottony to the touch and will be nice to wear on hot days when (if!) summer ever comes. The manufacturers seem to have made an effort to match the prints on the different panels of the skirt, so you don’t get that annoying thing where there’s half-dots on the seam line which I appreciate. Not all companies do this, and it’s annoying as hell and a hazard for people like me who a) shop online and b) like printed fabrics.

I didn’t actually realise until recently that River Island had their own website; I just thought they were a subsidiary house-brand at Asos. Actually Asos only stocks a selection of their full catalogue, so these days I’ve got River Island bookmarked for virtual browsing too. Like Asos they offer free shipping to Australia (on orders over $50) and regular discount offers.

Some of my favourite lust-worthy pieces at the moment include these:


Yellow 3D floral lace midi skirt


Striped Bardot Top


Navy Heart Print Roll Sleeve Shirt


Red floral tile boxy cropped jacket