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Blouse: Modcloth

Skirt: Asos

Tights: Woolen Goods

Shoes: TUK

Sorry for the long absence – it’s been a busy few weeks, and so dark in the mornings and evenings that I haven’t been happy enough with any of the outfit shots that I’ve taken to want to post them on the blog.

I’ve been spending a lot of my free time sewing (it’s addictive!) so I’ve got lots of homemade pieces to show you, but today I’m wearing some old favourites from my wardrobe. I hope you guys don’t mind me wearing and re-wearing the same things over and over again. It doesn’t make for the most exciting fashion blog (and I know how annoying it is when you fall in love with something only to find out it’s six years old and you can’t buy one for yourself) but I guess it’s called an OOTD (outfit of the day) not BNOOTD (brand-new, etc etc).

Anyhoo. Every winter I go on the hunt for a pair of knitted-style tights that will fit. There don’t seem to be many plus-size brands who do them – and when they do they’re usually plain black. I had some luck a couple of years ago with (of all things!) Big W, but I think it was a fluke production, because I went back and bought heaps more pairs only to discover that were smaller & didn’t fit properly. Marks & Spencer did some in their ‘heat-tech’ range, but they got holey within a week, and they don’t look like they’re available anymore anyway.

I think I hit the jackpot this winter, though. I bought these marled grey tights off eBay a few weeks ago, and they arrived earlier this week. They’re apparently 80% cashmere…. I don’t know, maybe? They ARE warm though, and they fit comfortably around the waist without cutting in. The thighs are a bit snug, and I’ve been wearing them with plain knickers over the top to help keep them aloft, but I’m pretty happy with them overall. (I wish all tights could fit like Sonsee tights)

Meanwhile, last weekend I signed up for my first yoga class in, umn, far too long. And not just any yoga: AERIAL yoga!

Yoga teacher, and body positivity activist, Sarah Harry, runs a resource called Fat Yoga to help create inclusive and supportive classes for plus-size people to practice yoga without fear of judgement. Over the long weekend Sarah hosted a special aerial yoga class at Body Flow Yoga Studio, which is a lovely space not too far from me. It looked like fun, and something new, so I signed up to give it a try.

13344807_10154258372807171_3723796413291485351_nThe ‘silks’ are basically little hammocks suspended from the roof and they give the yoga practice a lovely liquidity. I found them a little uncomfortable in some of the poses – when your body weight is resting on the strip there’s a fair bit of pressure there, but some of the poses were fully suspended in a kind of cocoon, and that was nothing short of divine. (I’ve pinched a couple of photos from the Fat Yoga Class facebook page to give you a bit of an idea).


I had a ball, and I’ve already booked a second class; just a regular beginners class, not a body-positive one (though I’ll be joining another member from Sarah’s Fat Yoga group). If you’ve got the opportunity to give it a try, I’d definitely recommend it!

9 thoughts on “Chilly Cherry

  1. It so cool to finally meet you in person! I felt like a total fan girl but I *had* to say hello to you and let you know I had been reading your blog for what feels like forever! Oh and I love that you re-wear your clothes and re-blog the same clothes. I mean who has the cash to only ever wear/blog new clothes every time?!

  2. Hi Lillli!
    I have just discovered your blog ( after reading your review of the clothes book online) and you are a girl after my own heart!! I LOVE your sense of style and that you are into skirts and cardigans like me!!. I have gone back into the archives and have read every one of your entries. I have visited so many sites I never knew existed and have already bought patterns online ( who knew?) and some cardigans! Thank you for your generosity and wonderful blog. After fabrics, books are my favourite thing…I hope to meet you at Readings one day!
    Happy sewing!

    1. Hi Carmel, that’s lovely to hear – thank you! Good luck with the sewing, and make sure you say “hi” if you see me in amongst the shelves one day 🙂

      1. Looks like the class was proper yoga and not the acrobatics thing I did at Virgin. Beware the marketing hype LOL

        I have a great pair of knit tights from John Lewis (a few winters back) maybe give the site a look over? *when seasonally appropriate*

  3. I love this!
    I’m so desperate for Fat Yoga to come to Sydney! That looks so awesome.
    I also love your grey skirt! Looks so flirty and fun, a good wardrobe staple!

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