What a Pill


Top: Big W

Skirt: Asos

Shoes: Mollini

A few weeks ago I bought myself a good quality fabric shaver, so now I feel a bit more confident giving this skirt a positive review. The pilling on the sides of the skirt finally reached the tipping point between natty and tatty, and I knew if I wanted to go on wearing it I’d have to do something about it.

I bought the Classic 50 Fabric Shaver at the QVM for $50, which was well beyond what I thought these little devices would go for. And sure enough, you can pick up a little battery operated version for under $10, but I’ve spoken to a few people since and apparently they’re crapola, so now I feel better about having (accidentally) splurged on the rolls royce of the fabric shaver world.


The guy at the market was totally lovely and helpful. He shaved my sleeve for me, and when I told him the only reason it wasn’t pilly was that I’d given it a go-over with my fabric comb that morning he sucked his breath in through his teeth and told me that they were terrible, and actually made things fluffier, which made them MORE pilly, which when I think about it makes sense. He then gave me the rundown on this device: it’s mains-operated which allows it to have a little suctiony fan to pull the pills up into the grill for maximum de-pillage. The replaceable blades are wicked sharp, and I’ve discovered (from experience, sob!) that you have to be REALLY careful not to run it over a fold or you’ll risk snipping a little hole in your sweater.

After I de-pilled my skirt I was so excited I pulled out every cheap cardigan and sweater in my wardrobe, and spent a cheerful evening in front of the telly shaving every little pill off.

Bloody hell, does it make a difference!

before and after fabric shaver

Anyhoo. That’s my exciting story (not really) about how I made my old stuff look new again.

At Sixties and Sevens

DSCF5259_2 DSCF5263_2 DSCF5266_2 DSCF5269_2

  Rebecca Dress: MichyLouDotCom

Shoes: Chie Mihara via eBay

Check out the BEEHIVE, GUYS! The higher the hair, the closer to heaven, right?

No tutorial for this splendiferous coiffure, I’m afraid. It’s well beyond my meagre skills (not to mention my abhorrence for teasing and hairspray). Both hair and makeup were the result of Sunday’s stint modelling for Bombshell Vintage‘s awesome new line Atomic Bombshell.

That afternoon’s picnic plans having been cancelled due to inclement weather (oh, Melbourne) I thought rather than waste the glamorous hard work bestowed upon me I’d don the “Rebecca” dress that the wonderful Michelle Tan, (of the floral peter-pan collar blouse) sent to me to try. That way you could get the full sixties effect of beehive and catseye while you checked out how the unusual fit-and-flare/empire-line/princess-seams combo fares on a larger body.

Pretty bloody well, I’d say.

I don’t actually have a particularly curvy figure. My bust-waist-hip measurements are more “top-heavy pear” than “hourglass”. I wasn’t sure how this fit would work on me, as it’s a combination of styles I usually steer away from.

Princess lines are often a disaster on my figure as I’m quite short waisted, so I usually wind up with a little pouf of fabric sitting like a spare tire around my midriff. And of course, we all know that big boobs plus empire-line often equals “how far along are you, dear?” (Side note: unless a woman is in labor you should NEVER ask them if they’re having a baby.)

MichyLou’s special custom-style seems to bypass these issues with a couple of cunning tweaks.

There are six darts in the front and back panels of this dress, which – and I’m not not sure how – magically eliminate the fit issues I’ve always had with princess seams. The bodice fits my midriff closely; not clinging, but making the most of my waist before flaring out at the hips. It creates a gentler, and more flattering line than a skirt where the fullness starts at the waist.

The seam of the empire line doesn’t actually start immediately below the bust, but 1.5″ above the under-bust line. I was particularly interested to see how this would look, as I have bad memories of singlet tops where the “boob pockets” (my sister’s term for them) weren’t big enough to encompass The Ladies. The result is very natural looking. It elongates the torso, and gives the illusion of higher breasts.

I’m completely sold on the fit and style of the dress, and as before Michelle’s workmanship is exceptional. The fabric’s a cotton blend, and though I thought the fabric would crush beyond all repair if I so much as looked at it sideways, there’s enough lycra in the fabric that it’s not too bad. I’ve got my eye on the Sandra now, which is the fully-lined, wool-and-sleeved version of the Rebecca. I’ve had it on my wish list for over two years now, and knowing how well the style fits it might be time to take the plunge!

DSCF5304 - Version 2