Cheshire Cute

Frocks and frou frouFrocks and frou frouFrocks and frou frouCardiigan: Gorman (similar here)

Tee-shirt: Uniqlo

Skirt: Basque via Myer

Tights: Sonsee

Boots: Ziera

What a novelty; I’m not wearing a single home-made item today, and every single item (except the cardigan) is currently available to buy! One of the problems with blogging less often than I used to (remember that one time I blogged every single day? That was a crazy time, huh?) is that by the time something makes it on to the blog it’s often no longer available in the shops… sorry!

I’ve hit that point in the season when I feel wholeheartedly uninspired by my wardrobe, so I’ve done an itty bitty bit of secret shopping, including this brilliant Cheshire Cat print tee-shirt from Uniqlo. It’s part of Uniqlo’s new Alice in Wonderland collection, and has a wonderful repeated pattern of chubby Cheshire Cats. It’s a collection based around the (frankly, terrible) live-action Alice Through the Looking Glass movie, but with the highly detailed black and white sketched style of the image I felt like it had more in common with Tenniel’s original Cheshire Cat than Disney’s stripey purple interpretation.

Frocks and frou frouNecklace: Made Bye Meg

Because a tee-shirt full of crazy cats wasn’t quite enough cats for me I added the cat necklace that my friend Pam gave me for Christmas last year. The coppery gold picks up the rich rust colour of the cardigan really nicely, and with grey tights (from Sonsee, naturally) softens the contrast between my black skirt and my brown ankle boots.

11 thoughts on “Cheshire Cute

  1. Lovely, as always!
    I know there isn’t one featured today, but, I thank you for continuing to share your sewing projects and your time with your readers/fans!

    1. <3 Thanks Jenn! I'm loving sewing more and more as I become more confident. I've actually sewn a couple of things for other people now, and they actually WEAR them, which is kind of amazing.

  2. Hi Lilli

    Love the outfit! But the thing that caught my eye ( and elicited an OMG! I DON’T BELIEVE IT!! ) was the ring you are wearing, because I have a mourning ring too just like that one! I HAVE to come in one day and meet you in person. You seem to love all the things I do.

    Thank you again for your wonderful blog.


    1. I do love my mourning ring – I treated myself to it a few years ago, and it’s one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. They’re so striking – I hope you love yours too!

  3. It amazes me how fantastic you always look. I have followed your blog for the longest time – I just had a squizz at your archives and was reminded of the hundreds of outfits you have put together and so generously shared. I remember those days when you posted daily!! You’ve always been a great fashionspiration to me! Thank you for keeping your blogging going through massive life changes and disruptions x

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