May(de): Cool Colour

Dress: Igigi

Pashmina: Cashmere & Kaye

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Yeaaaaah…. In case you didn’t know it by know, I have ZERO self control when it comes to pretty dresses.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that this Igigi dress was numero uno on my lust list – the pleated details on the hips, the soft drapes and killer cobalt blue… yum!

I bought it pretty much as soon as I saw it come up on the website, and the moment it arrived I rushed home, stripped off and tried it on.

Verdict? Well, it’s good. Not great. The colour’s amazing, but the fabric is one of those super soft t-shirty jerseys that creases if you look at it sideways. The dress is fully lined, so the thinness of fabric isn’t to much of an issue, and the creasing isn’t too noticeable because of the draping. And the jersey IS lovely and soft, and feels much more natural than the jersey fabrics I’ve had from Igigi in the past. Maybe I’m just being nitpicky.

I followed the size chart, but I think the dress may be too big. The ruched waistband doesn’t cinch in my waist at all, and the (completely unnecessary) side zip buckles a little. The pleats on the hips are a little saggy, and my body takes on a surprisingly up-and-down shape. I get the feeling that all of those issues would be fixed with a size smaller. Or me a size larger (note to self: eat more chocolate)

But look, as you can see it’s still a lovely dress, and it’s actually surprisingly snuggly. The colour is killer, and I’ve had several compliments while wearing it, so I’m probably just being fussy.

For my May(de) post today I teamed my new Thelma Draped Dress with my Cashmere and Kaye rainbow pashmina. (For my original review go here)


26 thoughts on “May(de): Cool Colour

    1. Thanks Claire! I’ve been wearing the pashmina like crazy since Melbourne started to get cold. It’s great to roll up and keep in my handbag

  1. So lovely to see some colour on these grey days. Is the dress lined? It’s gorgeous on you. 🙂

    1. Yep, it’s fully lined front & back. Thank heavens! The fabric’s pretty thing, and I think it would look like a disaster without the lining.

  2. None of the size problems show up in the photos – it looks great and that’s a really good colour for you! Do you think it’s a dress that makes enough of a statement on its own or do you have plans for jewellery and accessories to wear with it? 🙂

  3. I love the color and the front draping! What size did you end up buying? Just looking @ trying to get my head around the sizing.

  4. The dress doesn’t look too big in the photos (at least to me). But, I do understand how you feel and I think that Igigi may run consistently large. I only have one dress from them. I followed their chart and it’s too big. I can wear it, but I’m conscious of not filling it properly. I haven’t ordered other things from them because I took their smallest size (one of the reasons I was keen to try them out is that I’m in that horrible no-(wo)man’s land between misses and women’s sizing and I loved the fact that they had a 12plus) so I couldn’t just order a smaller sizing.

    1. Yeah, I’m on their smallest size, otherwise I would have sent this one back for a smaller size. That “inbetweenie” thing is SO annoying, right? Try Eliza Parker – her style’s are very similar to Igigi (Jessica’s an ex-Igigi staffmember) but her size 10/12 is probably a size smaller than Igigi’s 12.

  5. Love the vibrant color and with the shawl it looks gorgeous! So nice on such a blah dull Melbourne day to have some color to brighten it up!!

  6. I think the dress would lose its lovely drape if it was tighter. It’s flatteringly perfect just as it is!

  7. You look great. I was wondering if you might give some detail on how you go about adding to your wardrobe. I would like nothing more than to work somewhere with a uniform but I’m trying to make myself care more about my clothes. I really really really have difficulty knowing how to add to it though, unless I just shop in one place. That was actually the best thing about becoming plus size. For the past I don’t know how many years, I just shopped at TS and their stuff is pretty mix and match.

    1. Well, I guess the first thing to do is decide on your style – are you a dresses girl? Do you prefer trousers? or skirts? Then buy some plain basics: Black trousers, a-line skirt, coloured cardigans, the kinds of things that can be mixed and matched. Read lots of blogs – most bloggers will shop around at lots of different stores and it’ll give you an eye for which stores do what kind of style. And be prepared to do lots of shopping online, the majority of plus size fashion can’t be found in bricks and mortar shops.

  8. Like you, I am a sucker for a beautiful dress. I own way too many Igigi designs (and love them all!) & they do run about a size larger compared to many other plus size companies.

    That color is gorgeous on you & paired with those shoes…perfection 🙂

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