May(de): Brief Boots

Cardigan: Friends of Couture

Vest: Target

T-shirt: Target

Jeans: Levi Curve

Boots: Boots for Broads

Just a short one today because it’s neeearly midnight, and I’m a bit tired and cranky, and Suki’s been asleep under the radiator all day, so has obviously remembered some primal kitty programming that she’s a nocturnal creature and there is So. Much. Meowing. Happening.

Didn’t totally love this outfit. I always struggle with how to wear this cardigan, but I love the blue rose print. I’m actually tempted to do my signature sewing-up-the-front move and make it a mock-cardigan/sweater type thing like I did with my black and white FoC cardigan.

Still, at least I was comfortable. These boots – from Canberra-based custom-bootmakers “Boots For Broads” are pretty much the closest thing I own to a pair of ugg boots. I’m not sure quite what happened when I sent my measurements in, but the boots came in a few cms too big in the foot and calf. I put in a pair of wool innersoles, and usually wear them over jeans, and they are SO COMFORTABLE. Check out my original review here.

Now that the Australian dollar is so strong Boots For Broads isn’t quite as competitively priced as they were when we were buying our Duo’s from the UK and getting 35p to the dollar. Quality-wise they’re not a patch on store-bought boots, but these have survived numerous wardrobe culls, while newer Duo boots have not, simply because they are the first pair of boots I’ll reach for when I know I’ll be doing a lot of walking. Nothing compares.

11 thoughts on “May(de): Brief Boots

  1. Lilli, I love the cardi and the boots are wonderful! I’ve been searching for a pair of boots that fit my wide calves for as long as I can remember. The downside of custom-made boots is the price, unfortunately. Thus, I’m still on the quest to find a pair that is affordable and comfortable! You look great! I love the new hair! 🙂

    1. Thanks Bella, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pair of red wide calf boots. I got some made by Boots for Broads, but they’re a VERY bright red, and I would rather have a dark red. Le sigh. Maybe one day someone will start making affordable custom-made boots in ALL the styles and colours. I live in hope!

  2. After reading your blog recently, I have just taken the plunge and ordered a pair of custom made boots from the Bootmakers. They are so very expensive, but I am sick of traipsing around the shops to not even have a sales assistant offer to help me when I am looking at the boots because they just know they will be wasting their time. Moreover, I am really tall, and any boots that do do up are always too short, and the Bootmakers offer a range of heights. So, I am now waiting patiently, hopefully for my new boots to arrive. Fingers crossed they look as good on me as yours do on you.

  3. I like the outfit – love to hear your take on the Curve ID jeans. I am a similar shape/size to you and am struggling to find any jeans that flatter!

    1. I love them – It took me a few goes to find the right size and curve for me – I wear a Demi 32 or 34 now, and it’s GREAT. I have three pairs of Levi’s Curve jeans (skinny, straight & nearly-jegging) and they’re all fab.

  4. Love this outfit 🙂 How did I not know about Levi Curve? I checked out the site, but annoyingly the Curve jeans are all shown on skinny models, wtf? Grrr.

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