Have a Little Heart

Top: Liz Jordan
Cardigan: Target
Pants: Ping Pong
I just got my second pair of boots from Boots For Broads in Canberra – this time the Kerrin’s in a rich chocolate brown – and they are insanely comfortable. I may not take them off for another couple of weeks, so you’ll just have to get used to them.
I’ve been looking for a really wearable pair of brown boots for a while now. The Reiker Boots that I usually wear are starting to come apart at the seams (seriously) and the Duo’s are just a bit too big around the foot, the ankle, and the top of the calf. And they’re not quite long enough. That’s the best thing about Boots for Broads. You get to have everything made to your exact specifications. So if you have wide feet (guilty!) narrow ankles (also guilty) overly shapely calves (uh-huh) and long shins (yep) then you still get great boots.
Also – I’m not sure if the ladies at Boots For Broads are using a different leather this time, or whether it’s just that they’re brown – not red – but the Kerrins are awesomely soft. It’s like they’ve been broken in for me.
They have this great seaming detail which is a bit tricky to pick out online and a great squooshy sole. Definitely boots that are made for walking.
On another note – put your glasses on and have a look at my adorable new necklace:

Necklace: Michelle Chang Jewellery
It’s the daintiest little matte silver heart strung on a gossamer light gold chain, and it’s a special gift from my adored (and adoring!) little sister. Thankyou bloss – I love, love, love it!

14 thoughts on “Have a Little Heart

  1. seriously loving your outfits of late…it is like you have gained a new sense of confidence and i tell you what, it looks great on you. just goes to show, every cloud has a silver lining…or something equally has corny. xx

  2. You have beautiful skin, like the other commenters said!
    Also, that necklace is really sweet and lovely. You have been posting lots lately. I like it!

  3. Adorable little necklace – too cute.

    Everytime I see your photos here, I think I maybe want to cut bangs again.

  4. Hey there Lilli pie!
    ANother lovely outfit – that shirt is a real winner!
    So continuing the trend of inspiration, I have started a blog much in the model of this here Frocks and Frou Frou…and I would love it if you would step over and have a look! You even have an honourable mention in the first post! http://city-gypsy.blogspot.com/
    Keep on a-posting!

  5. i LOVE your outfit! the blouse is darling. i was going to say the color is gorgeous with your skin, but scrolling down i see that's true of EVERY color. lucky girl!

  6. The Kerrin boots are on my must-get list. So glad to hear that they are super comfy too!

    Your outfit looks great.

  7. To be honest, not loving this outfit. Makes you look shorter than your height…must be the crop pant and boot combo?

  8. LOL, thanks Chantelle & Sarah. Good genetics! I scored Dad's asian hardiness and Mum's european pale!

    Thanks for that Bec – I definitely agree!

    Thanks Luinae! I have a bit of extra time now!

    DJ, the bangs are great, huh? I'd *never* had a fringe before this one (i.e. the first time I had it cut a few years ago) My hairdresser was so excited when I asked her to do it! It's not so windy friendly though!

    Thanks, Sandra!

    ana b. I'm a firm believer in more is more when it comes to bows! And as I think I've mentioned before I have lots and lots of 3/4 length cardigans. But it's winter so Must. Cover. Wrists!

    Thanks for that Hayley! I'll jump over now and have a squizz!

    Thanks for that theowls, I love wearing colour!

    Hi Michelle the boots are wonderful. And they zip up over jeans too which I'm delighted about.

    Hi Librarian. Fair enough! I bought an iron today so hopefully I can start wearing different trousers soon! I'm running on empty in the bottoms department. Sort of.

  9. eres muy linda pero se te vería mucho mejor la ropa si utilizaras calzado en punta y algo de tacón la punta cuadrada o redonda hace que tus pantorrillas se vean mas cortas además una mejor postura ayudaría a que tu look se vea mas elegante siempre.
    tengo tu talla y me encanta tu estilo

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