Top: Liz Jordan
Vest: Target
Trousers: Jacqui E
Shoes: TUK
Oh Noes! We’re five days into August already and this is my first spring post and it’s not even a floral!
My apologies for the long break – I’ve been wearing lots of different outfits (obviously!) but either I’ve run out of time to photograph them, I haven’t liked the photos once they been taken, or it’s an outfit repeat from within living memory!
Speaking of repeats – are you sick of this blouse yet? This is the third time I’ve posted about it in less than two weeks. I’m loving it because there’s so many different ways that you can wear it. And also because it doesn’t crush. Because at the moment I’m sans-iron. The pile of clothes in the to-be-ironed section of my laundry cupboard is starting to teeter, so I may have to succumb soon. It would be a bad day if the ratio of clothes-in-wardrobe to clothes-in-laundry swung any further towards unwearability.

11 thoughts on “Three-Way

  1. I think that the shirt is beautiful enough for you to wear every day if it pleases you to do so.
    Love the outfit.

  2. I love your vest! I'm still searching for one that will fit me and be "fitted" without being tight.

  3. Modest Mom I am also endlessly on the perfect vest hunt! It changes up so many outfits! Lilli do you have any suggestions of where to find the darned things?

  4. LOL, thanks Sandra! Every day you say…?

    Thanks Luinae. I love a good patterned blouse – they're so easy to reinvent in so many different ways.

    Modest Mom & Hayley I shall have a hunt for you both!

    SingaporeSling I just bought an iron today! I may yet develop an appreciation for it. I do love the smell of freshly ironed clothing.

  5. You look super sassy lilli. And you've inspired to think maybe getting a vest that fits the twins would be and excellent idea for my wardrobe.

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