Where’s Ma Mojo??

Cardigan: Dream Diva (remixed)

I’ve been having such a hard time getting frocked in the mornings that I’m starting to wonder where my mojo’s gone!

It’s partly the ironing situation (i.e. I don’t have one), and partly that I’m sick to death of my winter wardrobe and want desperately to get back into my trans-seasonal and warmer weather gear.
Mostly though, it’s that I’m not dressing for myself anymore, so I’m overthinking every item of clothing I put on my body. I’m trying extra hard to look good when I leave the house just in case I run into The Ex, the future Himself, or worst of all the Pretender to the Throne. (i.e. my arch-nemesis who I loathe, which is quite exciting because I’ve never hated anyone before.)
So I spend so much time standing in front of the wardrobe going “I don’t know!” that I end up running so late I have to simply throw on the first ensemble that presents itself to me and hurl myself out the door.
Also – the fact that I have a whole wardrobe now means that my clothes seem to be expanding at a great rate. Especially the jeans.
The ones I’m wearing today haven’t been worn for a while – actually I couldn’t even find them on Frocks & Frou Frou so they may have been shelved pre-blog! I shelved them because they just got a bit too tight but they weren’t retired because I couldn’t bear to part with my first pair of Embody Jeans. Imagine my surprise when I put on what I thought were my Svoboda skinnies turned around and realised I’d fit back into the Embody’s instead.

Here’s a bit of pre-F&FF history for you: When I bought these jeans all those years ago it was also the first time I had the hairygodmother’s amazing blunt-fringe bob cut. You can even see it because Natalie put my picture up on the Embody Website… see if you can find me!
Also, because I promised a reader I’d put more photos of my accessories up, here’s a close-up of my earrings:
They’re from Epiphanie.

19 thoughts on “Where’s Ma Mojo??

  1. I truly dont think that an outfit you put together could look wrong but I totally have those moments too- usually when I want to impress someone (most recently when I knew I would see some people I hadnt seen in about 5 years). Keep posting pretty please as there truly are others who find your outfits inspirational.

  2. Thanks Sandra – I'll definitely keep posting. Plus it's getting warmer and I just bought an iron, so things can only get better!

  3. Look the look. Just checked the Embody website and you wouldn't happen to be the "Apple" in the what style am i?

  4. There's nothing like the ole "misery diet" (the "I've broken up with the love of my life and I can't eat" diet) for dropping a jeans size is there!

    I love those jeans and have been considering getting a pair for myself.

    You look hot, trust me, the arch-nemesis (hello you horrible evil person if you happen to be reading this blog) will be shaking in their considerably _less_ stylish clothes 😉

  5. I'm no where near as glamourous as you are, but I've had that same "blah" feeling about my clothes the last few weeks as well. I put it down to changes in routines and added stress. Last thing I need is to worry too much about what I'm putting on!!

    BUT I seriously think the weather has loads to do with it.

    I haven't done my washing for about 3 weeks because of numerous reasons, so that doesn't help (probably the same as your iron situation .. Reducing your wardrobe options really dampens your creativity!) I do honestly think that the weather is such a huge factor. The shops have such pretty colours in them, yet it's too cold still for such springy items.

    On an odd note, today when I managed to do a whole load of denims I found I had more jeans then I realised, yet I hardly wear them. Time for a cull I think.

  6. Ugh I'm with Deborah-lee. So many jeans and I only ever wear the one pair until they fray, then I get a new pair, but can never throw out the old ones. I still have the pair from my first year out of high school with zips going all the way up the sides. It used to give me burns if I stood near a heater!

  7. Inspirational as always, and I love those earrings!

    As sandramm1 said, an outfit you put together could never go wrong!

    You are just too darn stylish.

  8. I'm ALSO sick of my winter clothes. My friends seem to think it's weird that even though it's August and still cold I'm planning on what to get for summer. I've enjoyed doing the layering thing but I think I'm going to look at mainly getting frocks this time round.
    Anyway, what I wanted to say is when I have lots of things to go to and I know I won't have much time that morning to decide, I usually try and plan the night/a few days before hand. If the weather changes it can be tricky but usually it works out ok 🙂

  9. You look beautiful!

    I've been in Thailand for quite sometime that I have missed the winter wardrobe! We got to exchange place lol

  10. I thought you had dropped a size. You look great pre-breakup and post-breakup too.

    I just went searching and found you Miss Apple.

    I had never noticed before! x

  11. Every single thing you wear is gorgeous. If I over think things I too have a room full of rejections and I'm late to work. Think it happens to all of us at one time or another.

  12. Seriously, if this is you sans mojo I may have to lock myself in a room and cry.
    Or go out right now and buy myself skinny jeans.
    The latter option sounds much more fun!
    You look awesome!

  13. Oh Lilli if I had your wardrobe or style it wouldn't matter where ma mojo was. Alas, I have my own wardrobe, my own style (none) and my mojo (none).

    Was the weight loss intentional or accidental? Either way you look great.

  14. Good spotting, Egak! That's me!

    Thanks for that, Magdalena. (p.s. I'm *always* looking for handmade stuff!)

    LOL, you make me laugh Kenmore Bookclub. The jeans are great – They don't stretch out like so many other pairs of jeans, and the waistband doesn't fold over either (I hate when this happens). Keep an eye on the Embody Clearance shop on eBay http://stores.shop.ebay.com.au/Embody-denim__W0QQ_armrsZ1 they pop up on there pretty regularly at half the price.

    Deborah-Lee I'm not sure glamourous is the right word… heheh. I agree that the stores are full of so much nice spring stuff at the moment. I've even bought a couple of items though of course it's far too cold to wear any of it yet! I need to do a cull, too – even of boots. I have too many pairs of boots, too many belts, definitely too many pairs of jeans. You should do a cull of the denims, sell them, and use the proceeds to buy one really special item.

    Fiona, you are so my style guru. Zips all the way up the legs? Awesomeness. I'm surprised I've never seen you wear them!

    Thanks so much, Luinae!

    I like your pre-plan idea, Sarah. I may have to give it a whirl this week – see how I go.

    Thanks Elle-Ash. Thailand? How beautiful! I don't handle wet heat that well, it must be admitted but right now my freezing fingers and toes are saying "anything's better than THIS!!"

    Thanks Honeybunches & Chantelle.

    LOL, it's reassuring that I'm not alone, Lesa

    MissKit my darling, when are you going to let me take you shopping? We can hunt for skinny jeans together! Also owl accessories and toys for spoilt kittys.

    Hi D_H. Definitely accidental. I found that misery made me lose my appetite completely, the idea of food made me nauseas. And now I'm properly single I just don't seem to eat as much – I don't cook as much, I serve smaller dishes. I also don't seem to be going to the gym as much but that's going to change. Yes. It. Is. Tomorrow.

  15. Thanks for the comment! And you are just adorable–I just bookmarked about a thousand of your outfits in my inspiration folder.

  16. "Mostly though, it's that I'm not dressing for myself anymore,"

    Why not? Always dress for yourself! Have someone love you for YOU and your cute quirky style.

    This is also an easy way to deceive the "pretender to the throne" it's camouflage and repellent at the same time – the ultimate weapon.

  17. You always look fab. I've done the dressing-for-the-ex thing before. In fact, I can feel myself *planning ahead* for a party I know a particular ex and the pretender to *that* throne will be attending. And it involves a sudden dive back into pilates. Sigh. Well, at least it's *healthy*, I guess.

    Oh! Speaking of jeans, I took the advice you gave oh-so-long-ago on this blog, and finally bought up a pair of Svoboda jeans. I'm annoyingly curvy (as in, my hips are two sizes larger than my waist. Sounds great. Hard to dress), but I am IN LOVE with my brand spanking new Cece sailor jeans. They stretch out a little too quickly between washes to be perfectly ideal, but the fact that you can find my waist *and* my hips, and that they flatter my lon I still haven't managed anything from Embody yet, but I'm working my way up to it.

    For those looking for Svoboda, btw, they are having a massive ebay sale at the mo. Mass. Ive.

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