Rugged Up Rainbow

Dress: Asos

Pashmina Scarf – Cashmere & Kaye

Belt: Forever New

Shoes: Melissa

It is screamingly hot in Melbourne at the moment, so it seems like a ridiculous time to be blogging about my new woollen shawl, right? Bear with me; despite the 40 degree heat, I actually have been wearing it!

I was delighted when Bettina from Cashmere and Kaye emailed me to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their unisex range of scarves, sarongs and pashminas. A few years ago my Dad came back from India with a Shahmina shawl which is absolutely sublime, but is starting to get too tatty to wear in public, so I’ve been on the hunt for a new pashmina scarf.

There’s always a surplus of “pashminas” in the shops – but the styles are often plain and drab, and there’s no guarantee of quality, or of ethically sourced materials.

Cashmere and Kaye have a lovely range of scarves and pashminas in a variety of designs, but the moment I spotted the “Inoui Priscilla” I knew it had to be mine. It’s wool not cashmere, so it’s a little less snuggly than my old Shahmina, but the rainbow stripes are woven out of silk, which gives them the most lovely sheen in the light. It’s actually a lovely enough piece that I’m planning to have it tucked away on my wedding day in case the evening has a chill to it.

It rolls up to a tiny little tube – about the size of a pocket umbrella, and the perfect size to fit in my (admittedly voluminous) handband.

And then it flows open to be a great big pashmina shawl, perfect for swathing around your shoulders. Especially in chilly air-conditioned cinemas when it’s hot enough to cook meringues outside, and cold enough to give you an immodest, um, perkiness inside. See? Told you I’d been wearing it.

14 thoughts on “Rugged Up Rainbow

  1. I’m glad you loved the scarf as Melissa and Sair love theirs. Will keep you in mind on my next trip to India.

  2. Wonderful! I love the scarf paired with the dress, you look so classic and elegant, and the rainbow adds that dash of originality…

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