Dreamy Christmas!

Dress: Dream Diva

Shoes: Chie Mihara (via eBay)

Season’s Greetings, everyone! I hope you all had lovely days yesterday (or today, for those of you on the other side of the world!)

Yesterday was a big and pretty momentous day for me, with my side of the family coming together with The Sophisticate’s for what will hopefully be the first of many big blended family Christmasses.

We hosted it at my old digs in Southbank, which is why you’re enjoying a blast from the past in my backdrop – Ah, The Wall… how I miss your neutral palette and natural light.

I’m never one to turn down the opportunity to dress up, so when Jacqui from Dream Diva contacting me with a very generous offer to choose an outfit for Christmas I knew I wanted to pick something a bit special.

This dress reminds me  of the first formal dress that I bought myself – a midnight blue, floor-length strapless gown that made me feel like a princess – except obviously a bit more low-key.

The bodice fits wonderfully, and curves from a lower back to a higher front. It was snug enough not to need constant adjusting, and there was a strip of silicone across the back to help keep it in place without any uncomfortable boning. It did come with attachable straps, but they weren’t wide enough to disguise f-cup bra straps, so I just sucked it up and wore the whole ensemble strapless.

The fabric’s quite a soft satin – it also came in black, and a kind of greeny-blue that was lovely, but slightly too shiny to down-play. This blue is perfect to me, with just enough sheen to give the colour a glow without making me feel like it was inappropriate for a dinner-at-home scenario.

Underneath the skirt was a petticoat with a single layer of stiffened tulle to give the dress a bit of foof, and the belt is detachable and could be subbed out for another colour or done away with entirely.

I’m a Melbourne local, and went into Dream Diva to try the dress on in person, and I’m glad I did. The size chart would suggest that I’m a size 16, but I bought the dress in a 14, and it fit fine. In a few of the other items that I tried (the denim skirt for instance) I would have had to size up. The Dream Diva customer service is great though, so if you’re in doubt about what size you should get, shoot them an email.

52 thoughts on “Dreamy Christmas!

  1. The dress looks lovely on you! Unfortunately when I was in Dream Diva a couple of months ago they were incredibly rude to me. Makes me reluctant to go back.

    1. That’s terrible Sarah – there’s been a few readers who’ve said that. I’ve never had bad service from them, but hopefully someone will read my review and address that issue!

  2. Love it. I’ve looked at the website a few times, but never been sure enough with sizes to order (or they sell out of my size fairly quickly).

    Got to ask though – how do you manage to find a suitable strapless bra to wear with it? I’m an E (occasionally can get away with DD) and struggle with strapless bras as they tend to either permit a sag, or spillage.

  3. Hey , that is a fabulous dress, and looks smashing on you! I’m with the above comment..how do you find a decent strapless bra? I’m a EE and havent even considered a strapless dress ever, assuming I will find nothing to hold up the ‘girls’.

    1. That’s concerning! I’ve only had decent service there. Not usually as good as City Chic’s, but the prices are better, so I’m happy with the trade-off

  4. Yes, I’ve also avoided Dream Diva due to the service sadly…maybe the owner will read your post and consider it food for thought?

  5. You look amazing! I really love those earrings on you too. I can’t work out why you look so fantastic in strapless and strapless does nothing for me when we’re the same size and have similar proportions.

    Maybe you have better upper arms than me? Or maybe I just need to get a good strapless bra!

    I just went on a big splurge during their 50 per cent off sale and bought a sundress, a formal dress for a wedding and my first ever blazer!

    Blazers normally look like ten kinds of terrible on me but I think the three quarter sleeves and exaggerated shoulders make it work.

    Your hair looks absolutely beautiful too 🙂

    1. Ooh – I should go and try their blazer – I’ve never had much luck with them in the past; thanks for the suggestion!
      I have pretty wobbly upper arms – I think this dress looks particularly flattering because it’s so high at the front. I’ve tried other strapless dresses that are just straight across the front, and they’ve done nothing for me. Maybe give this one a try next time you’re in the store?

    1. Thanks, Katha! I was so glad to have it in my wardrobe. We’ve got a few weddings to come this year, and I’m looking forward to getting a bit of wear out of it.

  6. The dress looks wonderful on you! My sister bought the black for her xmas party and got rave reviews about it the whole night.

    I am a regular in Dream Diva and I find their service to be great! The girls I have come across are always willing to help and when something doesn’t look right on me they tell me the truth and try to offer me something else that might suit my shape.

    1. Thanks Kaitlyn, I’m usually pretty happy with the service at Dream Diva, too. The dresses are lovely, though I’m not such a big fan of their range of casual pieces.

  7. My jaw dropped to the floor Lilli. You look so beautiful and I can’t wait to see your wedding pictures. Strapless suits you so much, it has broaden your shoulders, giving you a beautiful hour glass figure. I wish you had chosen different shoes/heels with this dress but then the shoes are so *you* 🙂 Hope you had a lovely christmas.

    1. Thanks, Amna! I didn’t take a close-up shot of them, but the shoes actually go really nicely with my earrings. I don’t wear strapless very often, do I? I do like them – wish I could find a comfortable strapless bra!

  8. Chris just made some impressed noises over my shoulder when he saw that! (It was my second viewing – I came back to look at it again because it’s such a gorgeous dress.) Also, I used to think I preferred your hair shorter, but now I think I might have just been jealous because it looks amazing.

  9. Wow, Lill, j’adore! You look so beautiful!

    I went nice and fancy for Christmas this year, and was well rewarded for the effort with lots of compliments all day. I’m sticking to my resolution to spend more time and effort on my clothing, and it’s really paying off.

    So glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas, all the best for the New Year!

  10. Love the frock – very nice indeed!! Also would love to know where you get your bras. I am an 18DD and have a very hard time getting strapless ones.


    1. Hi Narelle, The strapless bra that I was wearing that day was the padded strapless bra from Triumph: http://www.triumph.com/au/en/284.html
      They go up to an 18G, and while it’s definitely not as comfortable as my regular bras, it was fine for a day. I’ve heard really good things about Ewa Michalak’s strapless bras though, and I’m pretty keen to give them a try once I’m off my spending ban. My existing Ewa Michalak bras are easily my favourite.

  11. Wow! You look just stunning in that dress. Thanks for the tip on the store – I popped down to Bridge Rd on Saturday and picked up some shorts and longer linen-ish pants. I hadn’t heard of Dream Diva before (and am a bit shy of small stores) but had a really good experience. Hope to get back there sometime for a frock!

  12. Lilli, you are a vision in this dress! You own this color! It looks so lovely with your skin and the strapless bodice is classy and sexy at the same time. This is definitely a dress I would be proud to own! Wishing you the best for 2012! 🙂

  13. Such a great dress on you! Probably would look great with a cardigan or a blazer over top as well for cooler weather!

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