Mostly Mustard

Dress: Sohomode

Shoes: I Love Billy

I wear this dress so often that sometimes I forget that I haven’t blogged it for ages, and newer readers will never have seen it.

It’s the first dress that I bought from Louise at Sohomode, and my obsession eventually led to my four gorgeous bridesmaids wearing Sohomode tea-dresses of their own.

It’s the most perfect dress – you can read my original review of it here – and it’s been a regular in my wardrobe throughout the seasons. Recently, I added a second tea-dress to my wardrobe, in a glorious green, and I’m toying with asking Louise to make me a third for winter. Surely three vintage tea-dresses isn’t overkill??

My obsession with mustard seems to be unabating, and I nearly died of excitement when I saw these shoes. After all, I’d managed to find yellow shoes (finally) but the ever-elusive mustard had proven to be a harder nut to crack.

And then, there they were. In patent “leather”. With bows. And ankle straps. And a squat little heel that I’d be able to stride across cobblestones in.

I bought them on the spot, of course.

26 thoughts on “Mostly Mustard

  1. That dress cannot be overworn or overshown! And it led u well to your gorgeous bridesmaids dresses! Not normally a huge mustard fan (though did just buy a grey black white and mustard Sheridan doona cover) but this is lovely and great for a beautiful balmy Melbourne autumn day!

  2. Oh my gosh! I think you just made me fall in love with mustard!
    It`s usually the colour I stay away from but…after seeing this dress
    and shoes…WANT! That dress is so pretty and those cuuuuute shoes…
    LOVE!! ^^<3

  3. i am so so so tempted to buy one every time i see your blog and you mention those beautiful dresses again… aaaah.

    first thing i will do when i get my new job will be to buy one! 😛 xo

  4. Lilli, I’ve seen the dress before and it is lovely but I must admit I took one look at the shoes and swooned! Oh my goodness, they are beautiful! 🙂

  5. Cute dress and shoes! So summery…which I wish was what we were experiencing at the moment! Also I LOVE the new bits on your blog. What are they called, buttons? Looks great!

    1. Thanks Corinne! I wasn’t sure if they were too overwhelming for the site, but I like ’em too!
      We’re kind of going into the coolers months, so I haven’t got long left to enjoy bare legs and floral frocks!

  6. If you wear them both often, I’d totally get another one! I want a Sohomode dress but am a bit wary of measuring myself as my efforts in the past have been a bit shabby…

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty dodgy at it too. You could try dropping into one of those alteration places & asking them if they’d measure you for a small fee?

  7. I love this dress, and I’ll admit that after seeing yours I had to go and buy my own! (Coffee coloured with swallows). The only problem is that in measuring myself I allowed too much room around the arms and as result its a bit gapey (fixed at present by wearing a cardigan or a shawl – I’ll have to have it altered at some point). Maybe an excuse for a second? I say get a third. Maybe something with red!

  8. I used to shy away from mustard/yellow but over the past year, I’ve been really drawn to these colours. Perhaps it is the massive amount of black/red/navy I have in my wardrobe that’s changing my mind. This is outfit of yours is perfection… and those shoes!! I must get my hands on them lol

  9. It’s difficult to wear cap sleeves; the ones on this dress play up your shapely arms. The colors and cut of this dress are lovely on you.

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