Cardigan: Target
Dress: Sohomode
I’ve had my eye on the beautiful custom-made tea dresses at Sohomode for, oh, ages.

Originally, after discovering that I had procrastinated too long and that the fabric I’d had my heart set on was gone, I contacted the seller to ask if she’d make the dress in another fabric of my own choosing. I was told kindly, but firmly, that Louise sources her own vintage fabrics, and that she would not make the dress for me out of the fabric I’d chosen.
And I thought, well fine then.
But I kept coming back to the dresses, and the library of approved fabric choices… and then I spotted it.
It was called “late summer”, and it was in the gorgeous golden, mustardy tones that I have such a hankering for at the moment.
I made the order immediately.
And now that I’ve got the dress in my hot little hands I can’t imagine why I waited so long in the first place!

It’s probably the most beautifully produced item that I’ve bought on Etsy, and that’s really saying something, because the designers and craftspeople that I’ve dealt with in the past have been extraordinary.
Louise was a pleasure to work with; because the fabric was quite heavy compared to her usual fabrics she recommended that we make the skirt a little less full, and include pockets (pockets!) which all sounded fine to me. I put in a special request for the contrast piping on the bodice, then sent my measurements off and when the dress arrived few days ago it was perfect.
The dress has the wonderfully flattering wide neckline that I love so much, and the belt’s fully detachable, which means I can swap belts around, or wear it without for different looks. The bodice is fully lined with a lovely feature back that is going to be a dream to wear in warmer months.
And it goes perfectly with my Chie Mihara Shoes!

27 thoughts on “Harvest

  1. That is dreamy-gorgeous! Must say you're rave even just posing fo a pic bare-limbed, but he dress looks like it would work with tights and even a stocking top under 🙂

  2. This dress is wonderfully 50's and shapes the body in a great way! Congratulations on your purchase!

  3. This is a gorgeous dress. I think it would also look great with black opaque tights and heels.

  4. Hi, I am a recent follower of your blog and I love your style! Since you're a fashion guru-blogger, can you put to rest a question I've had since the whole huge belt thing became a trend? As a bigger girl, how do I pull off a large belt? Is it even flattering, or should I stay the hell away from them? I'd really appreciate your advice 🙂


  5. Ah my wish is your command! You look amazing! I loved her dresses – i have got my eye on one which will have to wait for a bit until I've saved enough pennies.

  6. Thanks Ellie – I like that idea! I'm going to keep my eye out for tops it'd work with.

    LOL, it's the pockets that make it, isn;t it Narelle? I love a good pair of pockets.

    Thanks Fiona 🙂

    Thanks TigressKitten – yellow's a new obsession of mine, I've never really worn it before.

    Thanks so much, Toni 🙂

    It's lovely isn't it, Anon? It's definitely my new favourite

    Thankyou, Papu. I wish there were more clothes in that 50's style. So flattering.

    I've got my eyes open for more coloured opaque tights, Charmaine… what colour would you suggest?

    LOL, I wish I knew, Kellies! I usually wear wide belts low slung on my hips because wearing them high draws too much attention to the *ahem* "shelf". I think it works when it's a full skirt or dress though.

    Thanks Elsiee & thirtiesgirl 🙂

    Oh, DO Monkey! Which fabric have you got your eye on?

  7. Great cut and detail, and perfect on you! I love prints! I love fashion! LOL

    xoxo Anika

  8. oh my god. That is superb on you! i've had her as an etsy favourite for ages, but haven't bought anything. Perhaps I definately should.

  9. oh my! such a pretty, lovely dress! suits you just perfectly

    Oh, how I wish we could all dress like this every day….

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