Mix & Match

Cardigan: Sussan
Skirt: Tartanista
Stockings: Best & Less
A nice quiet one today – I’ve taken a few days off work, which is pure bliss.
Theoretically I’m supposed to be catching up on my reading, sewing my Macaron dress, making tomato relish and maybe an orange poppyseed cake.
Realistically, I’m just hanging about at home having some quiet time to myself before a packed and busy weekend.
I’ve been looking for ways to wear this skirt that isn’t too schoolgirlsy, and I think I’ve cracked it with this combination of plaid skirt and polkadot shirt.
BTW, the stockings I’m wearing? Fleecy. I kid you not, on the inside they feel like a pair of tracksuit pants – just the thing for these cool winter months.

16 thoughts on “Mix & Match

  1. You look gorgeous.
    I have been posting about you for 2days now. You are my new inspiration.

  2. Hey Anon – it's not supposed to match- it just has to "go" together.

    I think it looks great – pattern mixing is tough but you nailed it by staying in the same color family. Love it. I would be inspired to do the same if I wasn't pattern challenged – I live in solids.

  3. These photo's are just gorgous. The skirt is so cute – love it! Enjoy your days off.

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