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Dress: DIY
So I actually ended up having a very productive day yesterday, and managed to not only start – but complete – my Macaron dress from Colette Patterns.
Look, I’d be the first to admit that my sewing skills are a bit dodgy. Both my Mum and my Nana were pretty consummate dressmakers (as my stash of formal dress would attest) but I’ve always been too impatient for the rigours of sewing.
But I saw this pattern, and I had a bit of a look online, and so many people seem to have made it with great success, so I thought I’d try my hand at it.
It was easy! (relatively!)
The instructions were perfectly well laid out, with lots of diagrams, and suggestions on how to do things right. And head down, bum up, it took me about nine hours (with breaks inbetween to make a sad little orange poppyseed cake) to make. Pockets and all!

I made a bit of a dog’s breakfast of inserting the zip, and if (actually, probably when, which is saying a lot) I make it again I’ll probably use a different fabric, because this one doesn’t look quite as marvellous as I’d hoped.

But still, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.

24 thoughts on “Dress In a Day

  1. AMAZING! I love it! I bought myself something similar from eBay a few months back and its a favourite dress! (check out day 3 of 10daydress challange on twitter – chattermonkey. I am attending a dressmaking course in July so hopefully I'll be confident enough to make my own after then!

    Well done! You're very talanted – also thanks for recommending sock dreams – my 2nd order arrived last night and I love them!

  2. Your dress is simply wonderful. I'd really like to buy online, but I don't know how to catch the right size… 🙁

  3. Cute. I've been thinking of trying to make some stuff myself. Seeing you do so well with this and how it turned out just makes me want to try even more.

  4. the dress is amazing. you did a great job and finished it in one sitting. well done. it looks so good!

  5. I wanna learn how to sew. I simply adore to customize my things, but that's so much you can do with my very basic skills (and a glue gun lol)
    Keep on your good work, it's so cool when we do beautiful things!:)

  6. That dress is so cute! I must admit this American doesn't know the phrase "dog's breakfast". So, had some kibble in a bowl? Me confused.

  7. Have to say I've observed some very non-wintery outfits in the last week!!

    As long as you're not too cold!


  8. Pretty gorgeous! I though the love heart yoke would be tricky! I don't like corners or pointy bits in my sewing, they don't tend to lie flat afterwards. Looks great on you!

  9. Lilli, THIS is gorgeous.

    Was going to comment on such a beautiful dress anyway & then I realised it was the one you were making yourself – well done! Love the high waistband, it's so flattering…and the shoes really set it off. Not bad for 9 hours work!


  10. I have this pattern and am planning on making it soon. Any suggestions on what fabric would be best for it? I have heard a few people say that fabric with a bit of stretch is better as it helps the top sit nicely. What are your thoughts?

  11. That dress looks amazing. I have no sewing skills whatsoever but I aspire to. Wendy Mullin, the designer behind American label ./[dBuilt By Wendy, just came out with a book of sewing patterns that seems really simple and cute. Her designs are similar to this dress and to your style in general, so it might be worth checking out.

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