DIY – Sheer Shoulders

Dress: DIY! (From “Macaron” @ Colette Patterns)

Shoes: Zu Shoes


So, I totally made this dress myself. In a day. And I only had to use the unpicker once.

This dress – and this incarnation of it – can be traced back to a dress that I fell head-over-heels in love with yeeeeears ago from Queen of Heartz Clothing.

The sweetheart neckline and sheer shoulders sent me on months of hunting for something similar (that I could afford) but the cheapest and cheerfullest (and most satisfying) way was to DIY using the fantastically straightforward “Macaron” pattern from Colette.

This is the second Macaron dress that I’ve made – The first used a much bolder palette – and I fudged the pattern a little so that there were no pockets, no contrast waistband, and sheer silk shoulders.

I’m looking a little crumpled here, and I think that for my THIRD macaron dress (and yes – there’ll definitely be a third) I’ll use a more wear-friendly knit fabric.

46 thoughts on “DIY – Sheer Shoulders

  1. I love this dress, so cute 🙂 I love Colette patterns too!
    I bought a couple of pairs of Luvees after reading one of your early posts. It’s only just getting warm here, so I haven’t tried them yet. Do you still wear yours? How are they holding up?
    Ashley x

      1. Yay, thats great to hear! I have three pairs, so I should be good for many summers to come 😀 I finally got to try them out, and they’re amazing! 🙂
        Ashley x

  2. It’s just breathtaking! You are so talented! How I wish I had the ability to sew up a dress in a week, imagine a day! I love the color of the material. It makes for such a feminine and delicate look. The sweetheart neckline suits you perfectly!

  3. I love this pattern! I have made it once but have plans to make another one. I wanted to make one using lace for the top section and a cute pink floral for the rest.

  4. Wow, that looks awesome! You are so talented, I wouldn’t even know how to turn a sewing machine on 😉

    Question for you, since I know you love Etsy – can you recommend any sellers who would custom make formal bridesmaidy dresses? I am to be a bridesmaid and half of us are in Aus and half in the UK, and they want them to be matching – Etsy is the only way I can think of making that work!

    Any links would be super greatly appreciated!

  5. Gorgeous! I scrolled down to check where you bought it so I could get one too. You did an amazing job. Now I guess I need to learn to sew (I won’t, but it’s good to have dreams)

  6. That’s fantastic Lilli, very very professional! I think a sense a talent somewhere.
    Sorry, I’m not intending to pry!, but have you lost weight? You look fantastic!! I’d really love to know your secret- really! 🙂

  7. OMG Lilly, you MUST have your own label. I spent hours today at Chadstone and this dress of yours is the best dress I have seen today. How I wish it was available in my size for purchase 😉
    maybe..soon we will be shopping at our own Lillipilli’s niche boutique here 😉

  8. Oh, that’s gorgeous! Did you cut a straight size, or did you make adjustments? I have the pattern, but it’s intimidating me. 🙂

    1. Hi Kris,
      I made the size 18, but I had to bring the bodice down a little. I was impressed by how easy the pattern instructions were – take the first steps and you might be surprised. I’m anything but a consummate dressmaker and I found it pretty doable.

  9. I love it. I really do. I went back to the original dress you made and remember loving the fabric but wondering (because I’m not much of a belt girl) what it would look like without the contrast belt. And lo! Lilli delivers. What fun. I hope you enjoy wearing it.

  10. Ugh this would have been perfect for a wedding I have this weekend. Typical! Wish I knew how to sew. It looks beautiful 🙂

  11. Hi Lilli, I know this is a very old post so you might not be able to help even if you want to, but I thought I’d ask…
    This post inspired me to buy the Macaron pattern – this dress is so stunning on you! I’d love to copy what you did with it (no pockets, no contrast waistband, and sheer silk shoulders) but I’m a beginner sewer and have no idea what kind of pattern alterations would be necessary. Do you by any chance remember how complicated it was to make these modifications? Many thanks!

    1. Hi CG. No pockets and no contrast waistband should be easy. Don’t bother cutting the pockets, and cut the waistband pieces from the same fabric as your dress (the pattern will have the pieces marked). I think you need to snip into the front panel of the skirt in order to insert the pockets, so just skip that step, too.
      With the sheer shoulders – From memory the pattern has the shoulders and sleeves self-faced (i.e. they get you to cut two sets of them, and they’re sewn together so it’s like they’re double layered) With the sheer shouldered dress I just cut one set, and finished the edges instead.
      I hope this is reasonably clear… you’ll probably find once you get started that it all comes together, but if in doubt don’t hesitate to drop me another line 🙂

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