The Cold Shoulder

Whew! Thanks you guys! You certainly seem to like the sheer-shouldered dress from yesterday’s DIY.

I’m laid up in bed with a ghastly head cold today, so I thought instead of blogging my outfit-of-the-day (dressing gown and doona chic, FTW) I’d treat you to a Lust List of similarly sheer-shouldered frocks from The Interwebs:


The One That Started It All (the Queen of Heartz “Lola” dress)


A more contemporary take on the same – the Teal Sequinned Sheer Dress from Janey Clothing


That colour again! “Bianca” dress from Modcloth (but originally Queen of Heartz)


Maybe teal’s not your thing – Would you prefer a classic black sheer pencil dress from Jibri?


Or the slightly less dressy graphic print illusion bodice dress from eShakti (if we can get them to ship to Australia, that is)


This Florentina dress from Igigi‘s guaranteed to be of excellent quality, and the colour’s scrumptious


Or there’s the (relatively) Cheap ‘n Cheerful Ditzy Print Dress from Simply Be Clothing


I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for this Cobalt Lace Party Dress from Lucie-Lu


While this Mocha & Lace Pleat Dress from Dorothy Perkins is so on trend with its nude palette and pleated skirt


Hopefully you can find something that you like in amongst these! Has anyone else spotted a sheer-shouldered dress they’ve fallen in love with?

17 thoughts on “The Cold Shoulder

  1. Oh dear. As much as I love reading your blog my credit card cringes every time you post a Lust List 🙂

  2. Reading your last Lust List introduced me to eShakti and I ended up ordering a dress. Looks like loads of other people did the same because I got an email from them yesterday saying they were suddenly inundated with orders and my shipment would be delayed. 🙂

      1. Nothing exciting… I decided to get this one first to wear as an abaya — I’m tall & hourglass-shaped, & custom-sized abayas are usually twice that price, so I just had to get this! Later on I’m looking forward to ordering cuter dresses — maybe this one……or this one in teal……or either of these tunics [my husband loves these]…,

        They have so many cute things, it’s hard to decide!

  3. Son of a bitch! I have lusted over that Lola dress ever since it first popped up on Modcloth, but I always missed out on my size. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    Your DIY is lovely, I wish I could sew more than a button on!

  4. Gothic Lolita–loved that jacket and dress combo. You know what would look great with it? Some steampunk jewelry, to capitalize on the Evo-Victorian look of the outfit.

  5. These are all beautiful! You have such great taste!

    My favorite sheer shoulder dress (which I also own) is the Roxie Rhinestone dress by City Chic. I think it’s sold out but it’s pretty much the perfect clubbing dress.

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