Gothic Lolita

Dress: Asos

Tights: Leona Edmiston

Shoes: Wittner


This is the Much Anticipated Asos dress from my last order.

I caved and put the order through irrespective of the lack of discount codes (damn you, Asos) because I was so terrified it would sell out in the meanwhile. Then I traded that terror for the worry that it wouldn’t fit/would be made of shoddy material/would be too short.

I am pleased to report that it is NONE of these things, and not only that, but it’s still in stock in most sizes so if you like what you see go, go, go!

The dress is fully lined, and made of a kind of suiting material that barely crushes, but does attract cat hair like nobody’s business. Of some surprise was the fact that it has an attached petticoat with a frill of tulle, so you get a most satisfactory fouf in the skirt. And the skirt is the perfect length, hitting just at the knees.

Look, it’s not perfect. The slash neckline constantly flips open, so next time I’ll wear it pinned with a brooch. The armholes are a bit too generous, and there’s a peek of bra from the side. The bodice itself is a bit loose in the shoulders but I’ve got a surprisingly narrow upper-half if you don’t take into account my big knockers, so that could be a fit quirk particular to me.

I really wanted to wear it out today, but it was chilly. After a bit of trial and error I decided to embrace the full-skirted look, and donned my rarely-worn City Chic ruffle jacket.

Jacket: City Chic


It’s totally Gothic Lolita, isn’t it?

40 thoughts on “Gothic Lolita

  1. oohhh i’ve been looking at that one. I would have been sold if it was in a red or navy but i’m contemplating the black.
    ps wallis has a 20% off code of ww0411. that marimekko print dress you linked will be mine (mwhahhahahah)

  2. Lovely!

    Would you mind saying what size is it?

    I want to buy a dress from Asos, but I’m worried about being too loose/tight. And I pretty much think we are the same size… lol

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I too have had a panic about the impending arrival of an Asos package. Everything looks so short. But it came today and looks fab. Phew.

      1. It was a midi length navy dress. I must scamper to find the link. The fit and fabric is terrific. I do like a lot of their frocks but I think many of them are more am tunic length than a dress length.

  4. Ooo I have been very tempted to buy that dress but although I’m the same size as you, my arms are not my best feature so I try to avoid cap sleeves.

    Today I bought those tights! And I also bought this GORGEOUS cream chiffon skirt with beautiful ribbon detailing from Forever New in Bourke St. It was very much your style and it was only 60 bucks, you should go see!

    Although Forever New is one of those irritating stores in which I fit into their size 16 in some clothes and not in others. Very annoying.

    1. P.S- You are one of very few people who can pull off tons of black without looking funeral. You just look ‘Melbourne.’

  5. Perfect! I actually like the flap open.
    I got another ASOs shipment yesteryday (the orange and blue stripped dress you linked to) and the black and white striped dress from the Curve collection. The striped skirt is perfect for all shapes, so if anyone is um-ing and ahh-ing about buying it, I highly recommend.
    The belts I ordered were another story. I ordered the same size as the pants I ordered but the belt won’t fit me. Irritating.

  6. I love this on you. You know what would look great with it? Some steampunk jewelry to capitalize on the Evo-Victorian look of the outfit.

  7. If you ever need a discount code for ASOS youre more than welcome to use my student discount code next time (just eamil me and i’ll send you the numbers n name etc) it’ll mean 10% off, and occasionally 20%!
    I think you’ve persuaded me to buy that same dress, its absolutely gorgeous, and it’d be a great addition to my wardrobe! xx

  8. Love it – it looks stunning on you, Lily. I think it looks great with the jacket and shows off you waist ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just bought this dress in cream from ASOS:

    It is also in the CURVE range:

    Whilst not lined it looks and feels fab. I wore it this week with thick, black tights, black boots and a fitted black blazer and had more compliments and questions about where my dress was from than I had in a long time (maybe ever). Even a girl on the bus on the way to work told me I looked great (and that rarely happens in Sydney!). It would also be perfect for warmer months.

  9. I love it! Especially paired with that sassy jacket! The only thing that would irritate me a bit would be the flopping neckline and you’ve provided the perfect solution for that little problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah – I’m hoping the floppy neckline might be just because it’s got a bit of leftover crease from when it was packed & posted. Maybe after the first was that’ll diminish a little :-/

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