Late Bloomer

Dress: Now @ Kmart

Cardigan: Glassons

Belt: Glassons

Shoes: Imagination


Surprisingly, I’m getting more wear out of this dress in these cooler months than I did in Spring and Summer. It’s like late-blooming roses, which I’ve developed somewhat of an obsession for.

Can I just throw it out there that it is IMPOSSIBLE to find cut roses that actually smell like roses? I fluked a bunch from the cheapie florist that sells $6 bunches at Flinders St Station, and since then I’ve been hunting fruitlessly for more.

Is there anyone out there who can recommend a good rose fragrance? I was thinking it was time to update my “signature perfume” (currently Lancome’s Poeme, for those wondering) and my go-to-girl for all things olafactory is busy in Canberra, so it’s all up to me to find one that lasts and doesn’t turn to nastiness on my skin.



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  1. Such a pretty outfit-love the roses! The cardi suits so well.

    Try Jo Malone’s Red Roses scent-pretty rosy but lovely! Try Mecca at melb Central for their perfumes-lots of interesting less common ones!

  2. I wear Stella by Stella McCartney which is a beautiful rose-based perfume. And my boyfriend bought me Nina Ricci’s perfume which is GORGEOUS

  3. Firstly, I adore your blog and your sense of style.

    I also love Stella by Stella McCartney. I also like Roses by Paul Smith.

    They’re both high, old fashioned summer in a bottle.

  4. Chloe Intense is quite gorgeous. I’ve very tempted to buy it, even though it’s a little mainstream for my tastes but it has that soft enveloping warmth which will be great for the cooler weather. Do give it a go – they have it at the Mecca shop in Melb Central.

  5. I adore rose, I wear pure rose or jasmine essential oil as a perfume. Alternatively, if you can find any (don’t know if they do it in your part of the world) Body Shop’s rose perfume oil – I have had so many compliments wearing it.

  6. Third-ing the Stella love. It has that classic rose thing going on, while still feeling very modern. It was my “I’m a real grown-up lady now” perfume when I decided I needed to move on (at least occasionally) from tge Origins Ginger stuff I’d worn for years.

  7. Lilli,
    You are so right about flowers not smelling like, well…flowers. I used to work in a flower shop, and it is because they have genetically mutated them to last longer, and grow bigger, but lost the scent in the process. Bah!

    I was on a rose kick a few years ago, and I found the Bvglari Rose Essentielle perfume. I have found that most Bvglari scents are great for my personal chemistry.

    Ok, on to the dress…way CUTE!

    I look forward to your blog everyday.

    1. My Nana used to wear Parisienne, so it’s a really lovely familiar fragrance to me – Oddly though, my personal chemistry makes it utterly UN rose-like!

  8. Paul smith roses is gorgeous. Thanks for this topic, I’m also looking for a new rose inspired, feminine scent. These recommendations are excellent. Also, the mustard cardigan you’re wearing is divine!

  9. I have a little bottle of the Body Shop’s rose oil which I use regularly and seems to have lasted me forever. It stays on all day as well.

  10. Rock’n Rose Perfume by Valentino, A rose scent, it contains muguet, bergamot and blackcurrant notes at the top, around a heart of rose and white florals including gardenia and orange blossom. At the base are notes of vanilla, orris and musk.

    Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette by The Body Shop – Top notes: Rose, floral, spice
    Middle notes: Rose, mimosa, orange
    Base notes: Rose, cedarwood, vanilla, musk

    Paul Smith Femme Rose Eau De Perfume Spray–The rose’s scent has been blended with Turkish rose oil and green tea with a sparkling halo of violet and magnolia flowers. A woody accord, with touches of cedar, provides depth and structure, which along with soft husks, give it an addictive quality.

    Also, LUSH has a rose perfume.

  11. Very cute!

    I’m one of those obnoxious women that tends to seek out things that nobody else has/wears, so my favorite rose perfume is Etat Libre d’Orange Rossy de Palma Eau de Protection. It’s rosy, but spicy as well with notes of ginger, black pepper, bergamot, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, benzoin, incense, cacao and patchouli. It reminds me of my childhood home.

    On the cheaper end, but no less lovely is Flourish Bath & Body’s Pomegranate Rose oil.

    1. Thanks Frankie! I have to admit I like having one-off and rare things, but my body chemistry seems to change fragrance so dramatically that it’s barely recognisable anyway 🙂

  12. I adore this dress! Looks gorgeous.
    I am wondering if you have ever tried Trelise Cooper. Her size are really generous – and I know that you will need to rob a bank to purchase them (I too, once worked in children’s book publishing) – but they are so worth it! Keep an eye out for the sales.

  13. Rumore is, that Karl Lagerfeld is doing a ‘Book-Perfume’. But will it be necessary for those who are around books all the time? 🙂

  14. I recommend any of the lighter Jo Malone London fragrances. The orange blossom one is gorgeous and they can be mixed to create your own perfect fragrance. I love them 🙂

    BTW. Lilli you are very bad for my wallet. I just bought a dress from Wallis!

      1. It was a toss up between the Blue Triangle Print Prom Dress and the Red Vintage Poppy Prom Dress…after much deliberation I went the Poppy Dress.

        BTW – use promo code WW0411 for a 20% discount on all Wallis clothes (valid until 27 April) 🙂

  15. Another late response from me! I am a fragrance lover and went through a major rose phase a year or two ago. I have a giant bottle of Stella that I love, although it’s definitely a less complicated affair (for that reason thoroughly modern) compared to the multifaceted Poeme.

    As for some ideas that are a little harder to find or unusual I love Juliette Has A Gun ‘Lady Vengeance’ which is a clean modern rose, in fact a number of their collection is rose-based. I believe you can buy that at Kleins in Melbourne which is always worth a visit, or possibly at Mecca cosmetica.

    Another more complex rose is one by a London Designer named Ormonde Jayne – called Ta’if which is a hot dusky hazy number that combined the most distinct rose with a jasmine and other white florals. I It’s harder to find, but you can buy samples at the perfumed court if you want to test it out.

    My sister just bought a bottle of D&G Rose The One and I quite like it for a more subtle and daytime ‘tea rose’ type of fragrance. It’s quite pretty.

    Considering you currently wear Poeme some other fragrances that have similar notes and are also classics are Dior Hypnotic Poison (featuring white florals such as jasmine and tuberose as well as a rose) or Pure Poison (I prefer this one), Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, JPG Classique and of course the classic rose and violet combo of Paris by YSL.

    Good luck! A great site to get some inspiration is Fragrantica if you want to see some other recommendations.

  16. My first comment in your blog, I lust after many of your frocks from afar, and you have actually prompted me to try something bespoke! My perfume recommendation would be Lush/G perfume’s Imogen rose, beautiful true rose scent that reminds me of gardens when I was little. I hope you enjoy your quest! Xxx

  17. RE: Perfume. Please go to Jo Malone for all things floral. OMG. Gorgeous. Worth the price tag. They stay on all day. I am currently wearing ‘Verbenas of Provence’ by Malone. Lovely!

  18. ‘Poeme’ is my signature fragrance, so we might have similar tastes. I haven’t bought anything else for years now. I used to adore perfume, back when I still thought I was too fat to look good, so I may as well smell good!

    Also love ‘Dune’ by Dior, ‘Cinema’ by YSL and ‘Allure’ or ‘Coco’ by Chanel.

    Jurlique have a lovely line with a true roses scent, but I’m not sure they do an actual perfume.

  19. you have to try TA’if by Ormonde Jayne – it’s the most exceptional rose ever- so exotic you almost don’t recognise that it’s from the rose family- if you ask the nice girls at ormonde jayne i am sure they will send you a 2mls sample to try !

  20. Hey, I just found your blog while looking for “wide calf boots australia” and I am so glad I did. Amazing inspiration and you seem so down to earth which is nice! …and on the outfit wow! I have the same dress but struggle with styling it because of the high neckline and my big boobs!


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