Wide-Calf Boots: Boots For Broads II

Long Sleeved Top: Emerge @ Ezibuy
Vest: Barkins
Skirt: Sussan
Remember how I mentioned a few weeks ago how it was red boots that led me to Boots For Broads? Well, this is them!
Way back in 2008 when I first started the blog I had been hunting for months and months for red wide-calf boots. They’re a bit easier to find now, but at the time they were rarer than hen’s teeth even for regular sized calves.
When I found these – in November – I was so over the moon that despite the fact we were looking down the barrel of a long, hot, Australian summer I placed an order immediately.
I still love them. They’re my fabulous superhero boots, and of course, being custom-made they fit perfectly. The soles are pretty thin, and I had to buy some gel innersoles before I could walk in them for any extended period of time but I’m looking at having them completely resoled this winter, so expect to see them more often in the months to come.

12 thoughts on “Wide-Calf Boots: Boots For Broads II

  1. These boots were really a great finding! Last year I had a hard time finding a pair of boots that fit my calves, but it was really difficult!
    Your red boots are totally Superwoman, loved them.
    Do you know if Boots for Broads ship to Brazil? Have a nice sunday!:)

  2. I bought a pair of boots from BFB on your recommendation and they are a great fit, but I agree the soles are pretty much paper thin and mine are already coming apart and I've only been wearing them this winter…booh! The BFB ladies are lovely though, so I'm ok. I found another wide calf boot seller yesterday http://www.widecalfboots.com.au/ and I now am a proud owner of Rumble which are super comfy. I've got my eye on a red pair next.
    Thanks for sharing all your great shopping tips you're fab. xx D

  3. Hello from a new reader! 🙂 Those red boots look amazing – the colour of zip even matches perfectly. All in all, you're making me want to acquire some new boots in an equally stunning colour.

  4. I feel your pain! After coveting knee high boots for years I finally had a pair made when in Vietnam 2 years ago. I hated them the first time I tried them on, which may have had something to do with 44 degrees and 1000% humidity. Since bringing them home they have become the best things in my wardrobe and I wear them at least once a week in wnter. I was even able to get a flat heel and still have them look fab!

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