Out of the Closet

Top: Liz Jordan @ Noni B
Vest: Target
Skirt: Portmans
Hat: Morgan & Taylor
On Friday my delicious housemate Joss and I had the very great honour of attending our first ever fashion parade!
I’d been invited by Chitra Mangma, the mastermind behind indie Melbourne label “Chitra’s Closet” which is described online as “ultra feminine” “colourful” and “vintage”, which all sound jolly to me.
The theme of the night was “The Cat’s Meow” and it promised to pay homage to the romance and fantasy of the 1940’s, with all its nipped-in waists, curvy silhouettes and fishtail skirts.
I got into the spirit of the evening with my most 40’s-esque outfit, hat and all, and I ended up feeling quite at home amongst the glamourous models, and Chitra herself, who was decked out on the most adorable ensemble from the top of her yellow hat and polkadot cravat, to the edwardian style ankle boots.
Looking back on my notes for the night they’re punctuated with “lovely!” and “gorgeous!” and “the buttons!” and “want!”.
Chitra’s put together a wonderfully timeless range of clothes for Melbourne’s winter season – little details like contrasting buttons, flashes of scarlet silk lining, scalloped edges and kick-pleats – then she gave them names like “Maggie Gyllenhaals Secretary” and “Demure Bodice Ripper” and sent them down the runway on a range of gorgeous girls of all shapes and sizes.
I particularly loved the use of colour, lots of reds & lilacs:
and the little details like the scalloped hem on a vest teamed with pleated cuffs on a long sleeved blouse set my heart a’racing:
I think the highlight of the night for me was the tailor-made “Napoleon Jacket” which is custom-made for each customer, and was pitch-perfect teamed with an amazing polkadot vest that I immediately coveted, but was sadly a once-off:
So, congratulations Chitra on a beautiful and stylish new season – it looks like it’s going to be amazing, thankyou for inviting me to be part of your special night. 
And an extra-special thankyou to Joss as well, who attended as my official photographer and did a stellar job!

19 thoughts on “Out of the Closet

  1. wow you look fabulous in that outfit.

    I just love the classic 40's looks..

    the little touches of cat's whiskers was a cute look also.

  2. I LOOOVEd your retro, glamourous outfit! I love vintage so I'm very, very happy to see someone as stylish as your wearing these beautiful clothes! Way to go, girl!:)

  3. Well that explains why there was a lovely young lady with cats whiskers in the shop when I walked past the other night!

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