Frocks & Frou Frou Frocks & Frou Frou Frocks & Frou Frou Frocks & Frou FrouDress: DIY from Colette Patterns

Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

 So, I’ve picked up a couple of new dress patterns in the last couple of weeks, so this might be the last iteration of my favourite Colette Myrtle that you see for a while.

It’s the first time I’ve done the pattern half & half like I did my whale print Moneta, but I flipped the halves around, so the pattern was on the skirt, and the plain fabric on the bodice.

The pear fabric is another Spoonflower purchase from Mulberry_tree who also designed the fabric I used for my Frockatoo. I used a ponte for the bodice because it was the only knit fabric I could find that was the right colour, but I suspect it’s a bit too heavy in comparison to the softer “modern jersey” in the skirt, and doesn’t quite have the drape that works best with the Myrtle pattern. I’m on the look-out for a softer fabric, and if I can find some that’s suitable I’ll definitely be swapping them over some time in the future.

 Frocks & Frou FrouThe green in the pear print is perfectly matched with the Swedish Hasbeens clogs that I bought two years ago, and have been too scared to try and break in. This summer though. DEFINITELY this summer.

Frocks & Frou FrouSpeaking of summer, it’s well and truly skirts-and-dresses weather so once again I’m looking for those perfect chub-rub cures and there’s a couple of new anti-chafing shorts that I’ve been road testing for you:

TSBeigeHiRiseFront2_3ce9816f-b98a-42da-8387-20fe32c206e8_largeThe first is the new hi-rise shorts from Canadian brand Thigh Society. These are a seamless short made of a breathable fabric that boasts 4-way stretch so they’re comfortable rather than constricting. They have a moisture-wicking gusset made from a fabric called Sorbtek, which keeps you dry, even on the stickiest days. In the past I’ve tried the shorter leg length and have had a slight problem with them riding up during the day, but the new hi-rise shorts have an extra 1.5″ in the leg, and I was delighted to discover that it’s enough to totally eliminate any ride up on me. I can wear them under skirts and dresses for several days at a time and they don’t stretch out at all. They’re seamless, so they give a smooth line under skirts and dresses and the lack of seams means it doesn’t show under close-fitting clothes.

long-legSonsee, my all-time favourite tights company, has just expanded their range to include slips, bras, and (hurrah!) comfort shorts. Like their amazing tights range they have a huge amount of stretch and recovery, and they fit up to a size 28 comfortably. Like Thigh Society they’re available in a beige and a black and both a longer and a shorter length. I had a bit of an issue with the shorter length riding up at the end of a long day, but again a bit of extra length made all the difference, and I can easily wear my long-length Sonsee shorts day after day without any issues. The fabric’s a little thinner than the Thigh Society but it seems equally breathable (though without the moisture-wicking gusset.

For a reminder of the other products that have been designed to help make your summer more comfortable go ahead and check out my chub-rub round-up from last summer.


9 thoughts on “Pear-shaped

  1. I caved and ordered three pairs of the Thigh Society shorts (if you buy 3 you get a discount!). I’ve been using Target bike shorts which work well under skirts but have a tendency to ride up pretty much constantly when walking. Sydney public transport and the current hot/windy thing the weather is doing calls for an upgrade. 😀 I also really want your shoes!!! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you sell, I’ve been following you for ages and love your outfit combos. 🙂

  2. The clog break-in is a killer. May I suggest if you are planning to walk in them for more than a few blocks, on your way to or from somewhere… take some trusty thongs in your bag. I wish i’d done that the first time, before I ended up with two bubble like blisters on both toes. Merry xmas!

    1. That is a very, very good idea. Someone else suggested soaking socks in rubbing alchohol then wearing them with the clogs around the house until the alcohol dried, which sounds…. smelly.

  3. I love the entire outfit–from top to bottom! You look absolutely divine! Shout out to all the “pear!” 😀

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